Temporary morgues are being opened across UK to deal with surge in deaths

Temporary morgues are being opened across UK to deal with surge in deaths

Dead bodies are being stored in makeshift morgues to deal with a backlog of deaths over the winter months as the United Kingdom National Health Service (NHS) struggles to cope and hospitals reach full capacity. Temporary mortuary sites are being opened up across the UK in a bid to deal with increased demand following a deadly Christmas/New Year holiday period.

Some sites that were erected to compensate for the number of Covid-19 deaths during the pandemic are now reopening their doors again. Others installed include one at a council gritting yard in Salisbury, Wiltshire, and another at a former landfill site near a nature reserve in Wollaston, Northamptonshire.

It is estimated around 4,000 more Brits died than normal towards the end of the year - with a combination of flu, Covid and hospital and ambulance delays all blamed. As a result, the refrigerated units - some which resemble shipping containers - are being used to cope with the current winter death rates.

In Northamptonshire, Wollaston Mortuary, which was used during the pandemic, has been ‘reactivated’ as part of the county's 'death management activation plan'. Named The Leys, it consists of two large cold rooms with mortuary-level racking, an office, and a covered reception area for discreet transport to and from the site.

It was used to support both the Northampton and Kettering General Hospitals with mortuary capacity during the height of Covid and has since been reopened due to seasonal demand. The mortuary, which is monitored 24 hours a day, is owned and managed by both West and North Northamptonshire Councils.

The Wollaston Mortuary site manager, who wished to remain anonymous, said the site reopened this winter to cope with deaths over the festive period.

He said: “We reopened our doors to cope with the festive period, over the last two or three years we have done so. The mortuary here can hold up to 200 bodies and we will stay open as long as we are required to do so, which will probably be about another six weeks. In this time, we will stay in contact with the two hospitals so we know what is going on and how long we will be needed to stay open for.”

Sadie Nightingale, head of coroners and West and North Northamptonshire registration service and excess deaths county lead, said that the festive bank holidays affected the opening times of funeral homes.

She said: "There’s been a four-day bank holiday followed by a three-day bank holiday. Opening times for funeral directors have been tricky.

"During the previous two winters, The Leys facility in Wollaston has opened to support both Northampton and Kettering General Hospitals with mortuary capacity during the height of the Coronavirus pandemic. Winter is a time when respiratory illnesses increase, and this year it has been predicted that there will be a higher number of illnesses circulating.

“As such, The Leys reopened last week to support the county’s health system. This enables the management of capacity and care for the deceased within the North and West Northamptonshire areas with compassion and respect. We would like to thank Wollaston residents in particular for the way in which they responded to the site opening in previous years and their ongoing support.”

Death rates are naturally higher during the winter, with added pressures from flu as well as Covid. The Leys originally opened in April 2020 on a site that housed a former tip owned by former Northamptonshire County Council.

Since the opening, the site has been activated several times for eight-week periods and the facility has also been used by neighbouring Bedfordshire and Milton Keynes. Currently, Northampton General Hospital mortuary has space for 146 bodies and Kettering General Hospital has room for 103 after additional racking was installed to increase capacity.

The Leys temporary body store will increase the county's capacity by nearly 200 as it reopens with 184 refrigerated spaces and 12 frozen plots. Temporary morgue units are typically fitted in a 40ft shipping container and can hold up to 35 bodies each.

Near Salisbury, Wiltshire, bodies are being stored at makeshift mortuary on a council gritting yard as Salisbury District Hospital’s on-site mortuary has reached full capacity. The hospital has confirmed an additional mortuary has been installed 15 miles away from them on a council gritting yard site.

The mortuary refrigeration unit has been installed at the back of a grit depot to store the dead bodies in and it is currently under 24-hour surveillance. The hospital has confirmed the additional site will remain open as long as it is needed.

A spokesperson from Salisbury District Hospital said: “We can confirm that we have opened additional mortuary capacity to accommodate an increase in need across the local community. Our mortuary service operates to the national standards treating the deceased and loved ones with dignity and respect at all times regardless of location. All our additional capacity provides privacy and has 24/7 security.”

The Royal Liverpool Hospital said it has opened two temporary systems.

A spokesperson for Liverpool University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust said: “It is common practice for mortuaries to have purpose-built temporary systems available. This ensures that patients continue to be treated with dignity and respect, in facilities which are equivalent to a permanent mortuary, during periods of increased demand. Two of these systems, which meet standards set out by the Human Tissue Authority, have been deployed at the Royal Liverpool University Hospital.”

What "officials" are saying, however, does NOT match what the general public is thinking.   Far and away, the general public is of the opinion that people are dying BECAUSE OF THE COVID-19 VACCINES!    As the mRNA within those so-called "vaccines" continues to grow and operate inside the people who took the jab, those people are dropping dead.  The public is quietly judging that the vaccines are what is causing so many deaths.


# #VAIDSCraigSummit 2023-01-15 14:30
Vaccine Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome. Destruction of the immune system by the Shots. Jabbed cannot fend off viruses and their variants, cancers, pneumonia, sepsis, you name it.

Death from multiple, seemingly unrelated causes: the perfect bioweapon.

+3 # We know what is really going on here, don't we?watchmann 2023-01-15 00:59
Ukraine War is just a distraction.

We know what is really going on here, don't we?

NG191 Death Protocol: Upcoming UK Depopulation Cull, Whistleblower Nurse Kate Shemirani Sounds Alarm

+3 # 1,642 Elderly patients MUST BE Euthanized PER DAY, in order for Hospitals to get/keep their gov't funding. If they go below that number of deaths per day, they lose funding. If they go above those numbers they get more money.watchmann 2023-01-15 01:01
1,642 Elderly patients MUST BE Euthanized PER DAY, in order for Hospitals to get/keep their gov't funding. If they go below that number of deaths per day, they lose funding. If they go above those numbers they get more money.
+2 # If you don't think this is going on in the USA or Europe or Australia too, you haven't been paying attention.watchmann 2023-01-15 01:03
If you don't think this is going on in the USA or Europe or Australia too, you haven't been paying attention.

Its happening already.

This is why Ivermectin is NOT allowed inside Hospitals.

They have no intention of saving your life......they want you DEAD.

1,642 patients killed per day is just for tiny England.
-3 # DOWNLOAD NOW!!!!!!!SpyGuy 2023-01-14 21:54
+2 # Even if you show them all this infoChappyusa1 2023-01-14 21:34
They, the dumb sheeple, still will not get it. Let's hope more libtards die than any other.
+1 # Nuclear fallout shelterMp 2023-01-14 20:25
Limies know their ass is toast.
+6 # Remember ReaganGold3084 2023-01-14 15:39
Reagan once said there is nothing more permanent than the temporary government program. What's the bet that these temporary morgues become permanent mmmm
# Source Articlegpfla 2023-01-14 14:48
Temporary morgues are being opened across UK to deal with surge in deaths
+8 # Flu & Covidbeattle55 2023-01-14 14:35
Um sure, Flu and Covid infections are the cause -NOT! and if someone dies now from a bacterial or viral infection, safe bets on they were vaccinated and have no immune system.
+7 # Those that turn against righteousnessacturner067 2023-01-14 14:25
Those that do not hearken unto the word of God shall not have peace, and no peace hath we today.
The death rate will increase much more than we see now here in the USA and the rest of the world for they lusted in witchcraft and wondered after the deceiving beast. It is only fitting that the world suffer from such a plague for the people forgot him that came to save us from such evils only to fall back and do the traditions of men, worship idols, and images of man. Come out of Babylon and Egypt my people or you shall die in their sins. Look upon Christ and be saved.
# Unfortunately the evil conspirators who forced the killer jabs upon innocent people, DID NOT TAKE THE JABS THEMSELVES!watchmann 2023-01-15 18:26
Unfortunately the evil conspirators who forced the killer jabs upon innocent people, DID NOT TAKE THE JABS THEMSELVES!

No one on Capitol Hill was required to take the Kill Shots.

Ditto for White House.

No Pfizer or Moderna employees were required to take the kill shots.
-4 # DOWNLOADSSpyGuy 2023-01-14 14:24
DONALD TRUMP AND JEWS- Donald Trump's Jewish Cabal

+9 # Nope. They’re still blind, deaf and dumb.Adiff5466 2023-01-14 13:52
Took my teenaged daughter to Chic-fil-a for a salad after dance class today. While she got us a table, I stood off to the side waiting for our lunch. As I’m standing there I hear a man who appeared to be 65-70, talking to an elderly lady about the guy who recently dropped of a heart attack on the field (Damar? Sorry I don’t keep up on their names). I shook my head as he explained that he heard on the radio that he was hit between heart beats, causing the electrical failure of his heart. He said it’s rare but that’s what happened. I literally shook my head in disgust but I don’t think he noticed or he thought I was shaking my head over the tragedy of it. Nonetheless, the older population gets their info from NPR and the nightly news — as my parents do — and no matter what evidence you provide, it will never be enough. Not until Lester Holt reports it at 7pm will it be “true”.

Yes, there are a few people starting to put 2 and 2 together, but not nearly enough to make a difference. In my travels I stopped at Rite Aid today too and over the loudspeaker, they were pushing the Pfizer Covid jab for your children and right after that, the shingles jab. You know, just to cover the bases and make sure EVERYONE gets inoculated and inoculated OFTEN.
+5 # Old farts know better too...Snowbear 2023-01-14 20:09
I'm going on 74 and have not had any of the covid poison shots. Nor have I taken any flu shots in decades. All designed to kill us. Unfortunately, my wife, daughter and son in law all got the shots. "The government would never lie to us!" ....what a crock. They also plan to get our 5 yr old grandson shot up with the poison. They don't listen to a word I say and won't even read the articles or watch the videos of all the people around the world dying. Wonder what could cause all those people to fall over dead? Unexplained. Uh huh...Please watch over people like this, dear Lord Jesus.
+6 # Oh yes!Gregg W 2023-01-14 15:24
I was also in a Rite Aid yesterday. While waiting in line for a prescription. I heard a lady say she was "here for some vaccines" (plural!). I also stood there shaking my head. She was probably in her 50's to 60's. It killed me to think how deceived she was.
+5 # Heaven help us...Adiff5466 2023-01-14 16:12
I wondered if those ads actually spurred anyone to action. Guess that’s my answer. What angered me the most was the fact they were pushing the booster on the little ones — as long as they had their first two, you can go online and register for the next! But you’re right. It’s such a deception. And Jamie Waldon could be right... “they loved not the truth so God sent them a strong delusion”. When he said that, it made everything else make sense. The fact that no one will hear statistics or believe their own eyes. We think they’re just “dumb” or brainwashed, but it seems there is something more to this delusion.
+3 # "That whenever any Form of Government becomes destructive of these ends, it is the Right of the People to alter or to abolish it, and to institute new Government..." 2023-01-14 12:45
Not much else to say IMHO:
They are being lorded over by murdering, lying psychopaths.

The thing is the dumb fuks gave up their guns!

"That whenever any Form of Government becomes destructive of these ends, it is the Right of the People to alter or to abolish it, and to institute new Government..."
+3 # JUST ONE MORE?Plowboy 2023-01-14 12:18
I expect that the next inevitable NFL or NBA player to drop dead on national television will be the straw that breaks the camel''s back, so-to-speak, regarding public opinion regarding the injections and trust in the maI'm stream medical system?
+1 # RE: JUST ONE MORE?selah 2023-01-14 20:02
Ah, but surely the elite have a vax antidote for those that are worthy of being saved in their eyes.
+1 # Normalized SuddenlyTerraHertz 2023-01-14 16:11
Except there have been hundreds of sportsmen drop dead in the last year. MSM doesn't mention it to the NPCs unless they cannot avoid it due live video.

Rather than 'breaking the camel's back' I expect it to become normalised. There will be some official rules added in sports, re how long to break from play upon any 'died suddenly'. And the NPCs will come to believe things were always like that.

The stupidity and gullibility of the average person continues to amaze me.

Another factor is that the clot shots seem to make people gradually more stupid. Microclots in the brain perhaps? Early stage CJD from prions in the spike?
+2 # NoGetsum 2023-01-14 14:08
Most Americans are just too stupid. I was at lunch yesterday with my mom and there was a group of 6 women sitting next to us talking about covid , boosters and the protection they provided...these women were totally obvious to what's really happening....this is the norm...not what you read here. As long as Americans have their phones, internet and TV, they will never wake up.
-1 # May look familiarGetsum 2023-01-14 11:36
+7 # Majority of public knowSBGlett77 2023-01-14 11:17
How long before this bursts into mainstream news ?? They will of course try the gaslighting for as long as possible. However, the Hamill incident and Lisa Marie Presley has really intensified the public awareness of the previously-clueless.

But at some point in the U.S and U.K., the media which is paid off by big pharma advertisers and government public service message revenues, will have to realize they are going to totally lose all credibility. At that point they will have to decide whether they are going to try to survive and keep their jobs as a funded State Media outlet which nobody believes, or as an actual news source. Of course, in the U.K., they are already about 90% State Media + gossip about the royal family anyway. But either way, the reality is, Mr. Irrelevance is right now knocking on the media's door.
+3 # NeverGetsum 2023-01-14 11:24
They own the media,,the truth will never be broadcast.
+3 # Fool me once...MissinD60s 2023-01-14 10:23
Unless I see verifiable proof that such a crisis exists? I call BS. I already saw this movie, three years ago...

Ed Dowd's numbers (2,400 dead/5,000 disabled per day) are real. This attempt to cover up those deaths/disabilities, or recreate the original panic will fail, IMHO.
+3 # RE: Temporary morgues are being opened across UK to deal with surge in deathsebelfer52 2023-01-14 10:22
whether or not the vax is killing directly or not, the clevland clinic study proved that each covid vax increases the individuals chances of getting covid. obviously the vax is a huge issue and getting worse
+2 # Look at Dowd’s informationJessiebeaner 2023-01-14 11:31
Then, you couldn’t possibly qualify these death rates by saying “whether the vaxxis killing them……”
GOOD GRIEF ALREADY. What level of evidence do you need?
And is your comprehension of death data sufficient to make such a statement that calls into question the veracity of the data that Dowd has uncovered?????
Just sayin……..
+4 # RE: Temporary morgues are being opened across UK to deal with surge in deathsBren1776 2023-01-14 10:22
The public is correct in assumptions.
+6 # Dare we think the censored view?Lexie 2023-01-14 10:16
Yes, we absolutely must consider the vaccine is the primary cause. The British authorities prefer we believe the utter drivel that spills out of their collective gobs. The uptake of the vaxx has dwindled but I'm certain there are those in this land still clueless.
-2 # But the article said...dnhq3behbnsaksasa 2023-01-14 12:25
... there is always an uptick in deaths in the winter months. Which is true. Plus its a particularly bad flu season.
+2 # Ed Dowd and the data he has revealedJessiebeaner 2023-01-14 11:35
Will eventually be seen as the “warning shot across the bow” that solidified the information that many courageous doctors and researchers were predicting.
GOD BLESS ED DOWD and his superb ability to do the death data analysis he has done.
+3 # Sound like...gpfla 2023-01-14 09:24
This is reminisce of hospitals being full in January 2019.

Either it's the bio jab causing this or another hoax to require more mandated jabs and government control.

I just don't know.
+2 # Tell ya one thing...Adiff5466 2023-01-14 13:58
I have NEVER seen the amount of spraying in the sky as I have the last week. They’ve aerosolized something and are hitting the skies hard with it. Get this, it was so bad last Sunday that the sun was almost completely hidden behind the filthy “clouds”.

And there was a time this was being discussed on the news.
+7 # Buckle up...WilliamtheResolute 2023-01-14 08:52
They will stay open "as long as needed"...I anticipate about four more years according to the legitimate scientists who analyzed the vax.
-2 # ArkDitka1985 2023-01-14 08:44
If your ark isn't done by January 29th mid day you will be
+4 # RE: ArkJFY 2023-01-14 11:41
Look, if you're going to be throwing out a date like that and mentioning that there will be dire consequences if one isn't ready by then, the least you could do is explain what is so special about that date.

You don't expect everyone to instantly know what you're talking about, right?

Please inform.
+1 # AAAaaaawww ..."come on , man"NHydg 2023-01-14 14:04
You've been on the site long enough know we get the weirdos that come on and make Off Hand comments ........ and ........ wow .....tha site does really get some weirdos ...........
+1 # RE: AAAaaaawww ..."come on , man"JFY 2023-01-14 15:01
Quoting NHydg:
... and ........ wow .....tha site does really get some weirdos ...........

Well yes, yes we do. And then some. Makes it kind of interesting though...

But it kind of gets you peeved when they show up and throw around dates like that. He/she/it is most probably baiting but it's better to ask and see if there's an off chance that they actually know something.
+5 # Another datesetter?Getsum 2023-01-14 11:27
Have you learned nothing about setting doomsday dates yet? And what exactly is a personal arc?
+7 # RE: ArkThe Deplorable Renegade 2023-01-14 09:23
What’s supposed to happen on Jan. 29?
+1 # RE: Arkmizzy777 2023-01-14 08:55
+1 # a bitmizzy777 2023-01-14 08:53
more info on that date.
+1 # RE: Temporary morgues are being opened across UK to deal with surge in deathsGunner 2023-01-14 08:33


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