The Biggest War Battle on European Soil Since WW2 is HAPPENING right now - almost not a peep from the Main-Stream Media!

The largest war-fighting battle on European soil since WW2 is RAGING right now - today, June 8, 2023 - and not even a peep from the West's  so-called "main stream media!"

According to battlefield sources, Ukraine's first attack on Zaporozhye is almost repulsed.

A lot of Ukrainian soldiers are laying down DEAD in the minefields. They were simply driven forward by their commanders without properly preparing the passages. They say the picture is terrible, the enemy has a lot of DEAD or seriously wounded just lying on the battlefield.

It is likely Ukraine will regroup and drive a few more waves to the slaughter.

The Russians say "Our boys are ready and charged."

One Russian source said, “we are not sleeping, we are waiting!”

SO FAR . . .

From June 4th to June 8th, Ukraine has lost close to 400 armored vehicles, 115 tanks and close to 5,000 personnel on the Zaporozhye, Artemovsk (i.e. Balhmut), and Southwest Donetsk Tactical Regions. The intensity of the enemy attacks have decreased, however, a whole army in the reserve is waiting to attack. This will not be the end of their attacks. So far, no settlements have been lost (some changed hands but are back under the control of the Russian Armed Forces).

Importantly, in no instance, has even the first line of Russian defense been breached, and remember, on the Zaporozhye and Southwest Donetsk fronts, there are 5 lines of defense. Ukraine is targeting areas west of the Ugledarisky Tactical Region (nearby to the Velkya Novoselivka Tactical Region); as these regions are the least defended, however, geographically hard to conquer. This is primarily around the villages of Novodonetskoye and the Vremika Ledge.

To compensate for failures, the Armed Forces of Ukraine (AFU) attempted a counteroffensive on the Artemovsk(i.e. Bakhmut)/ Berkhovka area; they were subsequently wiped out. Enemy militants now resort to shelling of residential areas of the Belgorod, Russia, Region.

 It is likely that Ukraine will attempt to cross the Left Bank of the Kherson River under the backdrop of the New Kakhovka Hydroelectric Dam being blown up; they have strengthened groupings with fresh reserves from Lvov and Zhytomr, Russian forces are pre-emptively striking accumulations of Ukraine manpower.
The battles are raging.  Hundreds are dying.   But since the mass-media is simply not reporting what's taking place, people of the West have no idea at all how bad things are, or that the US and NATO will likely find out they have LOST . . . this week.   Unless, of course, they create a false flag designed to get directly involved in the war, and bring on World War 3.
The general public, being clueless, will be blind-sided at the outbreak of such a war.  They will be afraid, and looking to government for safety and answers.   The same government that LIED to them for 2 1/2 years over Trump/Russia Collusion.   The same government that LIED to them about COVID-19.   The same government that LIED to them about the COVID-19 vaccines, which are still killing many of the people who took them.
The next two weeks could very well see the outbreak of nuclear world war, and a change to all our lives that will never return to "normal."



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