The Shooting Has Begun: Pro-Russian Forces Shoot Down Ukrainian Army Combat Drone

The Shooting Has Begun: Pro-Russian Forces Shoot Down Ukrainian Army Combat Drone

Pro-Russian forces in breakaway areas of Luhansk and Donetsk in eastern Ukraine, have shot down a Turkish-made combat Drone being operated by the Ukrainian Army.  Shots have now been fired.


# RE: The Shooting Has Begun: Pro-Russian Forces Shoot Down Ukrainian Army Combat DroneSteveAU2 2021-03-15 08:46
NATO AWACS (Boeing E-3D Sentry AEW1) in the air over North Sea right now. Callsign NATO32.
+1 # RE: The Shooting Has Begun: Pro-Russian Forces Shoot Down Ukrainian Army Combat DroneRockyMountainBeerMan 2021-03-14 23:36
When will they ever learn?
+4 # A Long Time WaitingPalehorse 2021-03-14 23:29

Russia cast off the yoke of communism that was placed over their nation, by the Zionist central bankers decades ago. The central bankers have yet to quell their outrage, and seek to bring Russia down because of this.

Russia has regained their Christian values and the satanic central bankers have a blood lust to avenge the losses inflicted upon them by Russia's move against them.

They have wanted a war with Russia by what ever means they can muster up. And for how long now?

This all boils down to that.
+1 # FascinatingDoug Brown 2021-03-15 01:43
Your thesis is incredible.
Makes a grest deal of
+4 # Ukraine 2021-03-14 20:56
Fireworks & American Public basically just clueless !!!
+1 # Prophecy about DonetskPboyd35227 2021-03-14 20:19
Wasn’t there a prophecy about a nuke going off in Donetsk a few years ago
-2 # Old photo?Shasta 2021-03-14 19:59
Hal, something is wrong with this OLD photo. It's winter time there now and there is NO green grass there.
# LocationBergio42 2021-03-15 05:09
I think this might be a photo Armenian downing of a Turkish drone.
+4 # RE: Old photo?Newsdesk 2021-03-14 22:24
There's even green grass in Alaska right now. Not everywhere is southern California.

Nature adapts to the climate elsewhere and grows anyway.

While tonight is in the 30's in that area, it has been in the mid forties and will hit 50 tomorrow. Grass grows.
+3 # Winter temps near the inland seasSBGlett77 2021-03-14 20:33
Not that I know myself, but I did check out the average cool-season temps in Crimea, another close inland-sea bordering area, and it is 45 deg F. We usually even have green grass in Ohio if the Winter is fairly mild or there was snow cover, so I think green is a possibility.
-2 # ShhhhSrmay72 2021-03-14 20:30
Global warming, du. GOSH.
+3 # RE: The Shooting Has Begun: Pro-Russian Forces Shoot Down Ukrainian Army Combat DroneAnthony Schneider 2021-03-14 19:56
May God help us all.
+6 # And let me add.....BanjoDoug 2021-03-14 19:33
..... If this escalates beyond the Ukrainian border, the number one stategic move is to initiate EMP weapons over the enemies land mass, ie like the US lower 48 states..... This is not a far fetched conclusion.

The deep state & neo-cons have wanted a war with Russia for a long time. They may use this Ukrainian war to move to The Bear Territory.
+12 # The American PublicDoug Brown 2021-03-14 19:29
The American public has been
so dumbed down, wrapped in
information propaganda. A tight
little safe cacoon, and
eagerly will accept
the explanations
CNN provides, if war results.
Which is:
Russia is the aggressor.
We are the victim.
We are protecting the poor
Ukrainian people from the
Militaristic Russian.
+8 # If escalation occurs outside of this area.....BanjoDoug 2021-03-14 19:27 will be because the US & Israel have initiated it....

And if Russian land is attacked DO NOT BE SURPRISED if the continental US is attacked thereafter.

This has all the foundational elements to start WW3.
+2 # If nuke war starts .....all get nukedNHydg 2021-03-14 22:49
Tactical response in an actual nuke war by major nuke powers is that once it should start .... EVERYONE will get a couple so as when it is over EVERYONE is on an EQUAL ground ......... EVERYONE will use sticks and stones in the next one.
-9 # russiaTarget Zero 2021-03-14 19:38
It would be impossible to attack the U.S. mainland. We have so many jets, etc as defense.
+3 # Attack on US mainlandShropshire Lad 2021-03-15 04:29
Russia has advanced weapons such as nuclear torpedos and hypersonic missiles to attack the mainland, ready to use. Their equipment is well made by state armament manufacturers, whose priority is quality, rather than the US arms corporations whose goal is just making money for themselves.
+6 # RE: russiaNewsdesk 2021-03-14 22:22
Right. Impossible to attack the US Mainland.

Just like it was impossible on 9-11

OOOOOPS. Wait. What?
+4 # Russian doctrineSBGlett77 2021-03-14 20:44
Russia has a revised doctrine of first-use of nuclear weapons if their nation is attacked. We have no defense against close-in SLBMs, not to mention a couple of hypersonic long-range cruise missiles they have fielded.

Thanks to the work of Dr. Bearden, we also strongly suspect the Russians have made great and lethal advances into scalar wave weapons which use interference pattern targeting. If this is true, we are just plain toasted, and there is no defense against such weapons - only an equal offense, which the researchers do not think we have.

I defer to Lambs Servant - May God help us all.
+2 # FIRE WORKSTarget Zero 2021-03-14 19:02
Fireworks just might possibly start flying, like they did in the Balkanian Wars of the 1990's


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