The Truth About Russia-Ukraine War - Supporting Ukraine doesn't make you a Patriot; Just a Useful Idiot

The Truth About Russia-Ukraine War - Supporting Ukraine doesn't make you a Patriot; Just a Useful Idiot

The truth about the war with Russian and Ukraine: The same corrupt Elite Globalists who orchestrated the Pandemic and Covid-19 are now pushing the world into World War 3. They do not care if millions die and economies are destroyed, it is all part of their plan.

The five minute video below lays it out.



# Video Compilation sourceplasmaglyphs 2023-02-24 15:50

The video posted by Mr. Turner is a compilation of several sources that are not declared...
Here is one source for the first section..

The First Casualty Of War Is The Truth
From Greg Reese

Another part is from "Ukraine on Fire" by Oliver stone,, used in part by Reese and credited at the beginning of the original linked above.

Hi. My name is Klaus Schwab. I was born during the Third Reich and raised in the Nazi Martha’s Vineyard named Ravensberg. My father (Eugen) was a major aristocratic Industrialist functionary within Hitler’s regime. He profited by supplying the Nazis with war materiel as they rampaged across Europe murdering millions. Including concentration camp victims and later US Servicemen. My family were devout Nazi ideologues who enjoyed attending Hitler’s rallies. This of course makes perfect sense, since in reality it was we German aristocrats who actually installed Hitler, taught him his genocidal ideologies, oversaw the execution of those policies and trained him in our bizarre Occultism that fueled it all. Those biologically “unfit” victims euthenized in my hometown of Ravensberg weren’t injected with Heaven Medicine by accident.

So that all shared, now surrender your national sovereignty and Bill of Rights by legally giving me the authority to forcibly inject your children with whatever I want. Look away as we finally roll-out the hidden Third Reich coup…but on a global scale. Be misdirected and preoccupied by stories out of Ohio and stupid grand juries in Georgia. Do nothing, just like the German people didn’t…as we illegitimately seized power and then ushered forth Hell on Earth during WW2. Don’t pay any attention to the WHO Pandemic Treaty starting on 2/27/23. You think our installing Biden as President was the end of your democracy/freedom? You’ve seen nothing yet.

Why isn't Klaus Schwab’s real family background being exposed? The world has less than 3 days left to hammer away on Klaus’s elite Nazi Industrialist War criminal father Eugen Schwab and all the eugenics good times/culling of the herd that went down in Klaus’s aristocratic hometown of Ravensberg. What about their whacked out Nazi Occultism and the weird shit of his grandpa? Boy, sure would seem pretty important to dig into all this if someone was serious about defeating Schwab’s Great Reset? But oddly now, right now…as Biden is about to literally surrender US Sovereignty and phase us into the Great Reset dictatorship that some in the media have fought to prevent for decades…you’ve suddenly gone fucking mute.

For those who want to get an inkling what the media has been ordered never to share, visit this promo clip titled Klaus Schwab’s Father & His Nazi Model Company produced by Johnny Vedmore. Better do so quickly before it’s removed. However, the real Schwab rabbit hole goes far deeper. Klaus Schwab is an evil motherfucker. Again, if any of you alt-media personalities aren’t frauds like Alex Jones…act on the Grandfather Spirits directive and immediately expose the Schwab family Nazi bona fides prior to the WHO Pandemic Treaty Meeting (2/27/23). How many times did Biden publicly take it up the rear from Schwab at Davos? Schwab’s daddy oversaw the murder of millions of civilians and even US Servicemen…by supplying Hitler’s war machine. But wait, it was never really Hitler’s anyway. It was the war machine of aristocrats like Schwab’s daddy. And all those crimes at Auschwitz came from their hearts…not Hitler’s noggin, obviously. Hitler’s been dead a long time, yet Schwab and his boys are still talking just like him.

For example, during the recent World Government Summit Schwab said (paraphrase), “Whoever controls the technology of the 4th Turning will rule the world!” Jesus Christ, I thought I was listening to Hitler give a speech in 1939. Who’s supposed to openly talk like that in the 21st Century after nearly a century of representative democracy dominating the planet? These elites are literally the Blue Blood families of old that were toppled and are still wallowing in the morass of 19th Century Social Darwinist horseshit. Apparently because most Humans aren’t genetically fucked-up sociopaths/psychos that steal every thing we fucking see…we’re genetically unfit and require liquidation. (LOL) Do you guys really believe that a penniless Austrian artist from Vienna was the first to come up with this shit and then somehow miraculously installed himself on the throne of a foreign country?

Video Link:

+2 # Hal is right about this265th RRC Plumber 2023-02-24 06:48
here is the proof - mis-information is the US Government motto.
when everything is a lie, it is difficult to sort out truth.

yes, its two hours long - but well worth the watching and learning how YOU and everyone in America and the world has been manipulated by the US Government through controlling the media.

I urge you to sit quietly when you can focus entirely on this documentary - and think about past events as you watch it. I did, and it is awesomely accurate in all details - and makes total sense - from what I know happened in the past that caused me to wonder at the time but - without any reference to tie things together - just added to my collection of facts I observed. NOW, I know..............
+2 # RRclaero 2023-02-24 03:53
A lie is typically 90% truth, but Greg Reese is a Lost Soul.

These are the signs of the End Times.
Deception, Falling Away, and The Man of Sin revealed ( Anti Christ), not long to go, The Chrislam Church just opened in Abu Dhabi.

2 Thessalonians 2:3

1Now we beseech you, brethren, by the coming of our Lord Jesus Christ, and by our gathering together unto him,
2That ye be not soon shaken in mind, or be troubled, neither by spirit, nor by word, nor by letter as from us, as that the day of Christ is at hand.
3Let no man deceive you by any means: for that day shall not come, except there come a falling away first, and that man of sin be revealed, the son of perdition;
4Who opposeth and exalteth himself above all that is called God, or that is worshipped; so that he as God sitteth in the temple of God, shewing himself that he is God.
5Remember ye not, that, when I was yet with you, I told you these things?
6And now ye know what withholdeth that he might be revealed in his time.
# Reese presents Factsplasmaglyphs 2023-02-24 13:38

Where is your evidence that counters the claim against Reese's presentation of historical details from just a few years ago?

You should refer to presentation from George Eliason to see the history of Ukraine..

Ukraine Militant factor.

# SumbitchCoylesm86 2023-02-23 23:58
The symbol at 39 seconds for "right sector"... That's the stupid little decepticon symbol that zylensky always has on his chest on all his sweaters and crap.
+1 # Christian Tribulationists Listen Up !plasmaglyphs 2023-02-23 21:00

The enemy's of Christ are reading your scripts and manufacturing events to match your end-times expectations...
Resist the Devil and he will flee.

We are in the times of Great Deception.. The America's were the Wilderness of Rev. 12 and the Brendan Voyage is one of our clues, among many, that helps identify this.. The Dragon pursued the remnant of God's People and made war with them aggressively after the 1000 years of being restrained.. The Doctrine of Discovery remains as one of its weapons against the Habitat of the Saints..

Don't remain ensnared by the Scofield deception and other insertions of error..

We are on an alternate timeline following Reagan's survival,,, and now we have a new weapon to keep our warfare from being carnal,,, shining the light of truth across digital platforms.

# The Land of the Saintsplasmaglyphs 2023-02-24 13:20

The Brendan voyage set out for the Promised Land of the Saints in 564 AD.. Images depicting that voyage put him in contact with the Peoples of the Americas.
The Americas had been a land of refuge for millennia. The (docu-video): The Lost Warriors of Carthage , present abundant evidence of pre-Columbus contact with the East..
Columbus referenced information, from the Brendan voyage, for his voyage..

The book: He Walked the Americas, contains the stories of Christ-like contact in the early AD period ofthe Americas.. Those clues are an important read.. Not only were the Americas well know before Columbus,, they were potentially much much more..
Have you ever compared the description of the Millennial Kingdom period to the descriptions & appearance of pre-columbian Meso-American & Native American peoples & cities & pyramids?? Even the late arriving pilgrims benefited from contact with natives.. Many clues that would characterize the Americas as anything other than untouched by Christian missionaries have been buried because that would invalidate Doctrine of Discovery claims..

Throughout the America's and across the world there are clues of our planet's actual history, documented in symbols, Legends and on stone, in the form plasmaglyphs.. Those clues and the people who preserved the ancient-witness' accounts were marginalized & worse by western s$ciences' influence, which instead pushed the uniformity principle & evolution myth,, which is falsified by the evidence of extreme catastrophe described by all the world's ancient cultures..
The great deception of Gradualism is a modern myth and many of America's Christian leaders have overlooked these clues in their argument that ancient texts are a useful tool for reconstructing human history..
Ancient Legends are a cryptic representation of actual events in solar system history which humans witnessed endured & survived.. Details within legends are now validated by plasma-lab experiments which have demonstrated that many rock carvings depict high-energy electrical discharge, comparable to aurora, in the plasma environment of near-earth space,,, but at an intensity 1000 time greater than present displays... The intensity was such that people had to hide themselves in caves and behind rocks to avoid being harmed by intense radiation.

Those results and clues from space-probes and lander's falsify the gradualist's foundation, the long clock and the Uniformity Principle, which has been applied across all fields of s$cience.

The Biblical story's of great catastrophe during the post-garden period are the content of all the world's legends. They contradict the claims being pushed through modern academia as solar-system history..
The Garden Period is made possible by a different type of sun than we not experience. Many ancient legends speak of a former sun that ruled the heavens before the present.. Saturnian traditions are based on that period and the chaos which followed.. A brown dwarf star would provide the environment described in the Bible.

The church of Rome adopted symbols and traditions of the pagan peoples and turned them into the holidays practiced as christian celebrations,,, but why would that be done?
The traditions of men are an abomination with God..

Great deception has spread across the world and when it came to the America's it applied the "Doctrine of Discovery" to secure its claim over the land and its occupants and the brutality which followed fit the Dragon of Rev. 12 too well to be overlooked..

The truth will set us free.

# PlasmaDolph 2023-02-23 21:59
You live in a dream world.
# Plasma Dead WrongDolph 2023-02-23 21:41
Revelation C.12 takes place in Israel. You have a wako view of the end times. Sorry.
# Produce your evidenceplasmaglyphs 2023-02-24 13:22

I've shown you my evidence,, now show yours.

-4 # Klau$ can Kiss it !!!plasmaglyphs 2023-02-23 20:01

America's Great Reset will be restoration of Our Constitutional Republic, backing away from the hijacking by international interests.

+3 # MachineMachine 2023-02-23 19:16
A gun behind every blade of grass.
+7 # Americans are pussiesChappyusa1 2023-02-23 21:28
Will never happen. Americans men lost their manhood and grown into a pussy. That's right I am call all of them pussies.

until I see them stand up as a man, otherwise all bullshit words and weak girlymen
+2 # RE: Machinedaniel_martin 2023-02-23 19:34
There wont be any grass
+8 # Pardon the hell out of me birbsupporttheblue 2023-02-23 17:02
Who gives a rats ass what Klaus Schwab wants or as he says “vat vee see” wants or believes. He is a piece of human excrement that needs to be properly disposed of. He is a worthless boy banging homo that needs to be castrated and hung in the public square. Fuck him and his rump ranger partner Harari.
-4 # NEOCONS HOME ADDRESSES - Don't Let These Evil Men Start WW3!!!SpyGuy 2023-02-23 15:37
NEOCONS HOME ADDRESSES - Don't Let These Evil Men Start WW3!!!

These NEOCONS are extremely evil men, Satanists, who are pushing like mad to start World War 3!!! Don't let them do it!!! You still have the freedom to deal with these men before they destroy Iran, and Russia, and the whole world too-- make Jesus be very proud of you, for He cares, and he doesn't want the world destroyed, and he wants all men to come to repentance and be saved, He really does!!!
# I hear HELL is getting hotterjameschrls 2023-02-23 17:12
For people like you
+2 # RE: NEOCONS HOME ADDRESSES - Don't Let These Evil Men Start WW3!!!JFY 2023-02-23 17:04
How much does the Federal Bureau of Incrimination pay these days?
+2 # RE: NEOCONS HOME ADDRESSES - Don't Let These Evil Men Start WW3!!!johnadair 2023-02-23 16:46
Neocons? They are ALL in on it. Two-thirds of the government is controlled by so-called liberal Democrats. They want us dead by any and all means.
+1 # "Throw Your Right Arm And Up Saying" 2023-02-23 15:04

+1 # Heilsupporttheblue 2023-02-23 17:13
+6 # HUNTER CLEAN-UPDean Easterling 2023-02-23 14:27
Maybe Russia should assign something like HUNTER CLEAN-UP teams to track down and clean up this mess before we all go up in smoke.
+1 # WWIIIVercinge 2023-02-23 14:20
Nudelman’s Delusional Bubble
February 22, 2023

Br. NATHANAEL (American orthodox monk of Jewish origins):

Mirror Mirror on the wall who’s the most deranged of them all?
Vickie Nudelman!
The de-facto president of a fractured Ukraine since 2014!
How does a psycho like this arrive at such influential sway?

Vell, she’s Under Secretary for Political Affairs, a powerful position at the Department of State.

Only hateful Jews like this bitch hauls their ample backsides up the official ladder one rung at a time to make it upstairs. [Clip]

[VIDEO - Jewish Aaron David Miller question : “The article was on is that the logic, according to these officials, is only when Ukraine shows Russia it might lose Crimea, will Putin get serious about negotiating.”

Jewish Victoria Nuland answer: “So, I’m going to go back to the way I framed this before, which is that there is an, a drone base in Crimea where the drones that the Iranians have given Russia are being launched from. There are command-and-control sites in Crimea that are essential for, uh, Russia’s hold on all of the territory including the land bridge. There are mass military installations on Crimea that Russia has turned into essential logistics and back office depots for this war. Those are legitimate targets. Ukraine is hitting them. And we are supporting that.”]
+4 # Think long and hard. NO GOOD GUYS.foldurrrr 2023-02-23 14:13
If you see Ukraine as a pupppet here,yes. But if you are really rooting on Russia to nuke us,well...think on that as you witness your family roasting in an oven of fire called a house,after a SARMAT hypersonic nuke kicks off over your town.
No smiles......only horror.
+1 # Architects allMANYROUNDS 2023-02-23 13:54
Another word they have reassigned the meaning of. So now Murder, theft, and world destruction are wrapped up in one word. Architects. All they do will be thrown into the fire.
+4 # RE: The Truth About Russia-Ukraine War - Supporting Ukraine doesn't make you a Patriot; Just a Useful IdiotRAS4334 2023-02-23 13:40
And supporting Russia will get you a knock on your door from the gov when the war does break out.

You're a fool if you support Russia and don't see the duality here. Support no one. There is no more good side. Create communities with individuals with similar mindsets and buckle up for the coming tribulation. It has not even started yet.

Watch pastor Steven Andersons After the Tribulation to get the timeline straight from the Bible with no hard to follow mumbo jumbo. The truth is we have not started the trib. There is no pre tribulation rapture. Gods people are going to endure 3 and a half years of tribualtion that the Bible tells us will be the worst period in history leading up until this point.

Prepare in every way you can. We will all be there soon it seems like.
# Steven Andersonclaero 2023-02-24 03:46
False Teacher
# ReferencesScottd 2023-02-23 15:13
Hi. Can you give me a bible reference so I can read about it? Thanks
+8 # RE: The Truth About Russia-Ukraine War - Supporting Ukraine doesn't make you a Patriot; Just a Useful IdiotGunner 2023-02-23 13:35
At the end of the day it's all about MONEY & GREED!
+2 # RE: The Truth About Russia-Ukraine War - Supporting Ukraine doesn't make you a Patriot; Just a Useful Idiotbogwon 2023-02-23 16:34
Quoting Gunner:
At the end of the day it's all about MONEY & GREED!

helps to shine light on the time Jesus got mad at the money changers in the temple. Theres a message in their somewhere me thinks. Especially when its the only time Jesus showed anger to my knowledge.maybe he was trying to tell us sum ting wong with money men
-1 # 2023-02-23 14:03
In 1976 ABBA entertained us with the truth…It’s a rich man’s world…



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