The Union, that is the "united States" is Rupturing - Texas is now Empowered to "Levy War"

The Union, that is the "united States" is Rupturing - Texas is now Empowered to "Levy War"

The Union, which is the "united States" has begun to physically rupture under the criminal, traitorous, and illegitimate Biden Presidency.  Texas has declared it is being "Invaded" and other state Governors are now entering into Compacts with Texas to repel that invasion.   As of today, 25 January 2024, the map below shows the states which are rupturing and coming to the aid of Texas:

In his written declaration, made yesterday, the Governor of Texas pointed out that he has previously invoked the "invasion" clause of the Constitution for the united States, (Article 1, Section 10, Clause 3)  because over six million illegal aliens have flooded across the border since Joe Biden seized power in the stolen November, 2020, election. The invasion clause appears below:

That number of people, the Governor pointed out, is more than the actual population of thirty-three (33) U.S. States!  Texas, quite literally, __is__ being "invaded."

Texas, he points out, has the right to defend itself under that clause and now, other states have begun coming to the aid of Texas, as shown on the map above.   Governors in those states have made clear their intentions:

Governor of Montana:

Governor of South Dakota:

Governor of Oklahoma:

Governor of Missouri:

Governor of Virginia:

Governor (Spox) of Florida:

Governor of Florida:

What these states are doing is "entering into a Compact" with Texas, and because Texas is actually being invaded, they have the right under the supreme law of this land, to do exactly that. 

In fact, Texas now has the right to "levy war."  Maybe they should.  Maybe they should send troops into Mexico to put a stop to these cartels and migrant caravans?  Or would it be more effective to send those troops to Washington, DC, and cleanse the nation of the political filth infesting that Capital city, which is directly responsible for what is happening at the southern Border?

Texas is already using force against the feds, it has seized Shelby Park, a location where tens-of-thousands of illegal immigrants stream through every day.  The Texas National Guard is already using force to keep the feds out of that park because the feds are failing to detain those illegals, and instead is letting them enter the country!

We are actually witnessing, with our own eyes, the coming break-up of the United States because of our illegitimate, traitorous, President and his wretched, filth-ridden, ignorant, corrupt political party, the Democrats. Stolen elections have consequences.


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