They are feeding your children insects without telling you!

They are feeding your children insects without telling you!

If you are feeding your kids anything conventional, there are two ingredients to look out for. E120 and E904 are additives found in many food products which are obtained from insects.

There are currently more than 100 products containing these additives. Most of them are products intended for children.

European authorities in the field of food safety have devoted many scientific works to the examination of these additives, and have affirmed their impact on various health aspects:

- Hyperactivity in children;

- Allergies;

- Allergic reactions;

- Asthma;

- Genotoxicity.




E904 Shellac

Shellac resin secreted by the female lac bug. Used in confectionery products as a glazing agent, and to reduce moisture loss in fruit. Alternatives include plant waxes.

E120 is a red colouring obtained from the cochineal beetle. Fluid from the beetles is mixed with other substances (e.g. tin) to make it more colour-fast. The colouring is used in various well-known food products — chocolate, yoghurt drinks, etc. — as well as in pharmaceutical products. from Jun 25, 2013


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