They Cannot Hide It Anymore: China Refuses All Communication with U.S. - THREE Weeks Now!

They Cannot Hide It Anymore: China Refuses All Communication with U.S. - THREE Weeks Now!

Since the end of high level meetings between the U.S. and China which took place in Vienna around May 10, China has cut-off all communication with the United States.

Chinese officials refuse phone calls, meetings, and any dialogue with American representatives says one high ranking State Department official.

This has gone on since the meetings in Vienna around May 10, which means it has now been THREE WEEKS since the two governments spoke with each other.  Heck of thing for the two largest trading partners on the planet.

So . . .  Who was it from the US that went to Vienna, met with China and clearly did something that smashed relations?    None other than, Jake Sullivan.

The US national security adviser Jake Sullivan and top diplomat from China, Wang Yi, had two days of intense meetings in Vienna.


Now, I have long viewed Jake Sullivan as not only a pencil-neck geek, but, to be candid, I view the guy as having the intellect of a flea.

What he did is not yet known to me, but I expect to find out in short order.  When I do, I will report it.

In the meantime, the American people should know that relations between the U.S. and China are having a very large problem, and Beijing has cut off all contact.

When the talking stops . . . . well . . . . you know what generally comes next.  



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