They're Using the "COVID" Playbook All Over Again; This time, it's "White Lung Syndrome" to Steal the 2024 Election

They're Using the "COVID" Playbook All Over Again; This time, it's "White Lung Syndrome" to Steal the 2024 Election

The Communist Chinese and their closet-commies of the U.S. Democratic Party, are using the COVID-19 Playbook all over again, ostensibly to steal yet another Presidential Election, this one scheduled for 2024.  This time, they're using "White Lung Syndrome."

Think back to the year 2019 and how "COVID" developed.   In December, 2019, a mysterious disease broke out in China which was allegedly falling people at a horrifying rate. 

Videos were released from inside China showing everyday, average, people, walking down a street, standing at a bus stop, or sitting at their desk in an office, keeling-over and dropping dead.  THIS, we were told, was the new "novel coronavirus" from bats, and it was allegedly killing people at a rate not seen since the 1918 Spanish Flu.

The World Health Organization (WHO) declared a Pandemic and then the onslaught of fear, tyrannical controls, and a PHONY "vaccine" all took place.  People were told to stay home, don't go to work, to school, sporting events, concerts, large social gatherings.  Social distance 6 feet apart.  Wear masks.

Of course, absolutely NONE of these things could (or did) prevent the spread, but they were all done anyway, to the destruction of the US economy, and wrecking of personal finances of millions of families who couldn't work and couldn't run their family-owned businesses.

Fast-forward to the so-called "vaccines" and we found that the brand new mRNA in these so-called vaccines, contained a mistake; it caused human bodies to replicate a "spike protein" and it turned out that the spike protein itself WAS the danger of the new coronavirus.  Instead of teaching human bodies to fight the spike protein, the so-called vaccine instructed human bodies to actually make it on their own!

Hundreds of thousands of people were made sick, were injured to the point of being permanently disabled, or outright died.   Instead of stopping the vaccine distribution, they INCREASED it to kids.  Then the real damage happened; young kids dropping with heart attacks on high school and college athletic fields.  Adults continuing to drop dead from a myriad of strange "excess deaths."

And anyone who dared blame the vaccines, was viciously assailed.  Doctors were threatened with loss of their medical license.  Lawyers trying to sue were threatened with loss of their law licenses.  The killing went on.

Then, like magic, the whole thing just went away.  Instead of finding out this new disease was "the most deadly since the 1918 Spanish Flu, we found that the survival rate was actually 99.9% for people under 65 and 99.7% for people OVER 65.  Put simply, it was no worse than a typical, nasty, flu season.

All the lockdowns, closing of businesses, vaccinations, were never needed.   But they did serve a single purpose: To cause the 2020 Presidential Election here in the US, to use mail-in Ballots, under the guise of not spreading the new "deadly" disease.    

The result: a man who could not garner more than a few dozen voters at any campaign rally, Joe Biden, allegedly got 81 million votes and won the Presidency, against another man, Donald Trump, who had overflow crowds at every rally, day or night.

Put simply, COVID-19 was the method used to steal the US Presidential Election in 2020 through rampant and brazen election fraud. To this day, that fraud is being covered-up. 

The fact that more votes were cast in places like Pennsylvania, than there were registered voters, was concealed.  In California alone, only two of that State's counties, included BOTH legally required notices on the ballots.  Under California law, ballots that did not contain both notices "cannot be voted and cannot be counted" in any election.  But they were!

And despite legally invalid election ballots being cast in all but two California counties, all the votes were counted, and Biden was awarded the Electoral Votes from California.  That single state's electoral votes put Biden over the 270 electoral votes needed to win the Presidency, and all those electoral votes were invalid because the ballots in California were illegal in all but two counties.  Without California's electoral votes, Biden did not have the required 270 votes and could not be President.  But he is.

To me, this proves Joe Biden was NOT lawfully elected and is NOT lawfully serving.

In Georgia, similar shenanigans took place at the State Farm Center in Atlanta.  An alleged "water main break" shut down counting at that arena.  And after the voting observers were all sent home, a bunch of Democrats went into a counting room, slid boxes out from underneath a table, where they had been concealed by tablecloths, and started feeding ballots into counting machines again!  All caught on security video camera!

One worker was shown on camera as taking counted ballots OUT of the rear of the counting machine, and re-inserting them into the front ot be counted again!   She did this over, and over, and over again. It appeared to most rational people that this was brazen fraud, yet anyone who points this out, is grabbed-up and arrested by Law Enforcement, and, like former President Trump himself, now faces criminal charges for allegedly trying to alter the outcome of the election.

The victims of the fraud are the ones being criminally charged!

Similar situations existed in Arizona, New Mexico, Michigan, Wisconsin, and elsewhere.

Which brings us to November of 2023.

Media is already reporting that a strange sickness is befalling children in . . . . China. 

Gee, China again.  A respiratory illness allegedly caused 7,000 to go to hospitals in Beijing last week, and another 13,000 to go to hospitals in Tianjin.  They're calling it "White Lung Syndrome."

Unlike COVID, which took from December into January to reach the USA, this time, they're already reporting the strange new disease is ALREADY hitting kids in Ohio and Massachusetts. 

Gee, a full month earlier than the COVID scam from back in 2019.

How convenient.

Another "COVID-19-type" respiratory illness, originating (again) in Communist China, hitting (again) a year out from another US Presidential election.  Same playbook, folks!

How long will it be before they demand masks and social distancing, again?  How long before "lockdowns" again?  How long before they start telling us "We need to use Mail-in Ballots for the Presidential election" again?

Same playbook as 2019.  Run by the same people who stole the 2020 election.

Wake up.  Your being set up for another election steal.

Only this time, it might be a good idea to have your guns cleaned and loaded.  Stealing our elections is, in fact, stealing our country.  And since the courts and Congress showed that fighting such theft via peaceful, legal, process is utterly useless due to their corruption, the election thieves this time may have to be stopped by other means.





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