Three men reveal why they REALLY use sex robots -"Better than real women"

Three men reveal why they REALLY use sex robots -"Better than real women"

LOUNGING on a sofa in a leather corset and holding a can of beer, Kristal is Nick's perfect woman.  

So she should be, as the truck driver forked out over £6,000 on the silicone sex doll, who he calls the ultimate "boy toy."

Blonde Kristal is one of many carefully crafted dolls to hit the market in recent years and Nick is among a growing number of men ready to splash the cash on a plastic partner.

Every part of the dolls can be custom-made – from hair and eyes to the shape and texture of their nipples.

Buyers can even choose from a gallery of 11 different vagina styles and shapes, including 'neat' and 'tight' options, and varying clitoris sizes - but they'll have to fork out an additional £80 if they want pubic hair.

With several 'doll brothels' popping up across the world, including a shop named "The Dolly Parlour" in Greenwich, London, men are getting the chance to try before they buy.

The phrase "digisexual" was coined by experts at the University of Manitoba as a term for men who are turned on by things you can turn on.

Critics have blasted them as creepy and weird. One campaigner suggests they could lead to dwindling sex lives and even violent behaviour towards real women. 

But what is it that drives men to make the disturbing decision to use sex robots? Sun Online spoke to three doll owners to find out.

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  • This commment is unpublished.
    Dave · 13 days ago
    Freaks that make freaks squirm! You really have to have a screw lose to go to a plastic brothel. A sure sign that the times are incredibly short. The 6th trumpet sounded, and the hoards are now invading.
  • This commment is unpublished.
    DontWatchTV · 13 days ago
    Have you talked to an American women lately? They can only regurgitate what they've heard on MSM (main stream media) or social media.

    And it's not just about sex. These robots are being programmed to talk and carry a conversation. It's just a matter of time before they can cook breakfast, too.

    Modern society is being designed to destroy all forms of personal relationships. It is being attacked by race, by gender, by income, by political bias, and by generation. You will feel alone, even in your own home. You communicate through a medium that is completely monitored and censored. The contents of all forms of communications, public or private, are now grounds for job termination or cause for permanent unemployment. You won't have the courage to speak the truth; you won't have the courage to be disliked.

    Thoughts of revolt and revolutions will be nothing but dreams.
  • This commment is unpublished.
    Uncivilized Women · 13 days ago
    American women have become more 'plastic' in recent decades, and plastic dolls have become more attending to American men. Ironic, eh? That's where the feminist movement has taken us. What have we gained? Women fight to kill their offspring, are mean, vile, wear vagina hats, use profanities and obscenities worse than truckers, are slutty, and even for the few that aren't...they join in with their support of the women who do all of these things with their donations to their causes and voting and watching their movies and buying their CDs. Funny, the very same women that complain about the 'homewrecker' that destroyed their marriage will fund the 'entertainment' (TV, music) that nurtured the homewrecker to become such.

    I'm not MGTOW, but I sure understand why the movement exists and is gaining in numbers. I doubt few young men will have much of a chance today finding a Proverbs 31 women of God...maybe 1% exist...if that.
  • This commment is unpublished.
    Paul Lambert · 13 days ago
    It is not the sex dolls in themselves that disturb me, but rather the broader sign of our times in which men are beginning to dislike women. MGTOW is another manifestation of that. I am not on board with MGTOW or the use of such dolls as an elaborate form of masturbation, but I acknowledge that the interest does not come out of nowhere.

    Men's dwindling interest in meaningful long-term relationships with women is one sign of a declining civilisation. I put this squarely at the feet of feminists and of perversely unfair family law in the west.
  • This commment is unpublished.
    Red Pill · 13 days ago
    any sex outside of marriage is only a perverse form of masturbation
    • This commment is unpublished.
      Wanker · 13 days ago
      Everything has a PRICE. One is free, the other will cost you your b@@ls. Just ask Amazon chief Jeff Bezos how much its gonna cost him??
  • This commment is unpublished.
    Robair Victor · 13 days ago
    Our Creator(s?) designed and made Male & Female, and all was good on Earth until they grew-old and eventually died; --so it was necessarily 'Back to the drawing-board', -for these white-humans being pure of mind only understood the notion of 'devoted love'! What to do the Creator pondered, -drat, how do i make them understand the life iv'e given them is terminal, -hence the need for procreation. By Jove i think i've got it, -all they need is is the urge for 'sexual-lust' so as to assure that most will fall into the idea of connecting their 'insies' & 'outies' which are to be fitted with sensual nerves connected to their brains, ---and yes, that should work just fine to induce procreation for perpetuation of humanity; --but what if some should become obsessed with this new found desire... Oh well, -that is for them to figure out how to manage, i can't control the entire herd...