*****TODAY IS THE DAY ****** (Allegedly)

*****TODAY IS THE DAY ****** (Allegedly)

***** TODAY is the day *****

If, as we reported earlier this week, Big Shot Officials are going into the "Hotel" (i.e. Bunkers), we ought to be able to see some signs.  In my original report (HERE) I revealed that a senior Aide to a `sitting US Senator for 25 years, was told earlier this week to pack bags and be ready to leave for "the Hotel" Sunday, March 5.   The phrase "the Hotel" is government-speak for the nuclear bunkers.

She was also told not to reveal anything to anyone except for close relatives to tell them she would be out of the loop for awhile.   The aide told her sister.   The sister told me.

Anyone near Green Briar in West Virginia? That is a Hotel where the US built underground nuclear Bunkers for the US Congress back in the 1950's but it is allegedly decommissioned now.   Any significant helicopter traffic there?

We know Sen. Fetterman from PA was admitted to a "hospital" for . . . (ahem) "Depression" so he's out of public eye.

We also know that Sen. Fetterman's wife took the kids and left for CANADA!!!!! So they're far away.

We know Sen. Feinstein was allegedly admitted to hospital for Shingles even though the only treatment is a prescription for Valacyclovir and being sent home, so SHE is out of the public eye.

We know Gov. DeWine of Ohio allegedly broke his leg in East Palestine and he's out of the public eye.

Last Wednesday, Gov. Newsome of California left the state on "Personal travel" and hasn't been heard from since. No idea where he is or when he'll be back.

I was told last night that Newsome was sent to the DENVER AIRPORT Continuity of Government facility underground there, but I cannot verify that.

I was also told last night that all the other Governors are being sent to various facilities and they are NOT being told where the other Governors are. CANNOT verify that, either.

Either way, TODAY is the day a lot of these folks are supposed to be traveling, so do we have any info on any of it?

If they're traveling today, my guess is the SHTF tomorrow.

Any info will help, guys!


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