At the 9:30 AM opening of the New York Stock Exchange today, Tuesday, January 24, a number of VERY LARGE stocks suddenly PLUMMETED at least twelve percent (12%) triggering Regulatory Halting of trades in those stocks.  Huge corporations like Exxon, AT&T, Verizon, Wells Fargo Bank, Morgan Stanley, and also some 40 other stocks on the S&P 500, all had to be HALTED by market regulators. Something big seems to be up . . . 

Let me take just a moment to remind you of COVERT INTEL which I reported to Subscribers on January 15.  That COVERT INTEL said:

I don't know what to make of this, but the subject is one which is important, so I'm passing this along to all of you, just in case.

I was contacted this morning by a source in the financial industry.  Below is PRECISELY what he told me:

"Almost a Trillion dollars has hit the blockchain in just 72 hours as the Federal Government has a big announcement to make on January 20, about the Banking system, over possibly an issue of solvency.

The S&P this week will likely see 20-40% falls and banks all get their share prices hit as the rumors start to circulate over what is about to happen."

The original link to this COVERT INTEL story is HERE

Of course, none of that actually took place during the week it was forecast . . . but here we are, the very NEXT week, and WHAM, this . . . . "Glitch???" hits the markets at the opening bell.

If it wasn't for the fact that I had gotten Covert Intel which I reported to all of you on January 15 (Story Here) I would just chalk today's moves up to a "glitch."  Somehow, though, given what I reported on the 15th, I don't think today's move was a glitch . . . at all.

The stocks that were suspended from trading briefly today include:

When trading RESUMED, the stocks all __seemed__ to "bounce back up" but right now, no one knows WHY they plummeted and no one knows WHY they rebounded so fast.   Did the markets "cancel" the sell orders? We don't know.   Where those sell orders invalid?  We don't know.

What if they were, in fact, all valid???????    We just don't know.   The people in the markets who know . . .  aren't saying anything.  That bothers me a lot. 

If they could point to a glitch and say "here's what caused it" that would be good.  Them not saying anything seems to me, to be bad.   

As most of my regular readers know, I went into hospital Monday for Angioplasty, to deal with new clogs in my coronary arteries.  I reported to my readers that for a month or so, I've been getting pains in my chest similar to the ones I got before my first heart attack, and I went to my Cardiologist who told me we had better go in with a camera and take a look.

I got that procedure done yesterday.  I was on the operating table for two hours as Docs probed my heart arteries, found serious new blockages, and ultimately had to insert a now-second stent in my Left Anterior Descending artery to re-establish good blood flow.  They also had to Angioplasty several other arteries to stretch them with a balloon-type device, to get them flowing better.  So I had real heart issues . . .  again.

I was released from hospital around 9:00 AM today, and was on my way home when all this stuff hit with the Stock Market.

Now, I admit I am behind the curve as far as looking into what's really going on, because of my hospital situation, but no matter how you view it, glitch or otherwise, this is serious.

I am reaching out to my Intel contacts and will report what I am told on tonight's radio show beginning at 9:00 PM eastern US time.




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