Trainloads of additional Russian Armor Arriving against Ukraine - Giant Escalation Coming - Zelensky Assassination???

Trainloads of additional Russian Armor Arriving against Ukraine - Giant Escalation Coming - Zelensky Assassination???

Videos of Russian trains arriving with additional armored war machines, have been published on various social media the past three days and one thing has become clear: There is a GIANT escalation coming against Ukraine - and maybe NATO.

One such video, below, shows armor, on a train, as far as the eye can see:

This new echelon of armor is literally more than DOUBLE what Russia initially sent to Ukraine, before the Special Military Operation began.  If all of it is going into Ukraine, then Russian army strength in Ukraine will increase three-fold!

The Ukrainians can't manage what Russia already has there, never mind three times more.

As things stand right now, July 24, 2022, Ukraine is losing the war very badly despite all sorts of weapons, ammunition, and intel, being supplied by the US/EU/NATO.   A new deployment of this scale by Russia will be a literal steamroller, and it will roll through the rest of Ukraine like a hot knife through butter.


US To Assassinate Zelensky?

Rumors are now exploding that the US has decided to assassinate Ukrainian President Zelensky; he's not useful to them anymore.

The rumors began after US National Security Advisor Jake Sullivan made a remark at the Aspen Conference this weekend.   That conference is basically a get-together of spooks and intel people.

At the conference, Sullivan remarked "I have concerns about the safety of President Zelensky's life."

When a remark like that, gets made by a guy like Sullivan, it is a signal . . . a projection . . .  of what has been decided.  It tells the intel community that Zelensky's end is nigh.

Speculation surrounding Sullivan's remark is already off the charts.   There is speculation that the US will kill Zelensky, likely while he is meeting with the top Generals of the Ukrainian Armed Forces.

Taking them all out with a missile strike is a simple task for the US, and it can be BLAMED on Russia!

That . . . .  that right there . . .  is RUMORED to be the new plan.

They kill Zelensky and maybe a couple of his top Generals, which will instantly implode the Ukrainian government and its armed forces.  There would be immediate chaos.   What's left of the Ukrainian armed forces would disintegrate within hours.

Then, the RUMORS say, Sullivan and the Intel Community come out with all sorts of  (ahem) "evidence" allegedly (ahem) "proving" it was Russia that did it.   

The mass-media in the west will dutifully make it the top news for a week or more, to lock-into the public mindset that it was Russia that did it.

This leaves Russia holding the bag of blame, making them a pariah state in the mind of the general public.

The conquest of the complete rest of Ukraine will be a simple task for Russia at that point but here's the rub:

What Russia will "conquer" will be a rump welfare state.  A failed land area, incapable of supporting itself.

The whole thing will have to be reconstructed and that will be a gigantic financial burden upon Russia, not to mention the saboteurs, terrorists,  and troublemakers that the west will undoubtedly utilize to make things all that much harder for Russia.

The "war" will be over.   Russia will have won.   But the victory will be made as sour as possible by the West.


 Hal Turner Analysis and Editorial Opinion

In my personal assessment of the situation, everyone has about 8 days until things go very HOT!

July 31st  -Aug 1st is the transition point into the next phase.   In fact, I am on record as saying I believe between July 28 and August 5, there __could be__ a nuclear exchange - not a full blown nuclear holocaust -- between Russia and the US/NATO.

Right now, I assess that the Special Military Operation "Z" will intensify to levels of ferocity and speed yet unseen.

I personally perceive that the Deep State (NATO) forces will begin operations overtly and also with increased violence. It is my personal belief the US will cross "the line" via the proxy, Ukraine, and that action could start at any time now.

From August 1st to the end of this year the world will experience turmoil, disruption and violence that has not been seen since WWII.

Anyone with half a brain knows that Ukraine will never win this war.

There will never be peace. Russia will never be able to trust any so called security guarantees that NATO/US may come up with. Too many red lines crossed, too many broken promises.

Russia does not want to be an occupying force in Ukraine, but Ukraine, if it continues to exist AT ALL,  cannot be left to it's own devices. Ukraine will end up being a buffer as a military no-man's land between Russia and an encroaching NATO.  An uneasy truce if anything.



1. If you live in the US or UK brace for possible attack.

2. If you live in any nation on the Russian "Unfriendly" list prepare for massive shortages and disruptions.

3. Wherever you live, get your preps in order NOW.

Note: Possible attack modes could range from Cyber, EMP, Nuke attack and or Tsunami Bomb attack. Therefore, all coastal areas, decision making centers, financial centers and military installations of the UK and US are at risk.

Prepare for possible loss of:

Electricity, Banking, Fuel, Internet and Cell Phones.

Of course, food and medical services availability will be GREATLY affected.

This is not a drill...

This is not a game.

May God protect the innocent and may the wicked...get what they deserve.

Best of luck to all.



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