UPDATED 2:29 PM EDT -- EDITORIAL OPINION: "Trans-Genders" Should Be Euthanized. ALL OF THEM

UPDATED 2:29 PM EDT -- EDITORIAL OPINION: "Trans-Genders" Should Be Euthanized.   ALL OF THEM


It is time for society to step-up and accept the fact that so-called "trans-gendered" people are so mentally ill, there's no fixing them or saving them.  Society should begin Euthanizing them.

It seems to me to be irrefutable that "trans-genders" are severely mentally ill.  They literally deny the most basic fact of their own existence: their sex.   

There are only two sexes, male and female.  On rare occasion, through birth defect, some small, limited, number of humans are born with both sets of genitals.  We call them Hermaphrodites.

The process for factually determining a person's sex is simple: Look down the front of your underwear.  If you look and see a penis and testicles, then factually, you are male.  If you look and see a vagina, then factually, you are female.   This is the most basic biological fact in nature and it is irrefutable.

Now, some people THINK that, despite having clear genitalia, that somehow they are NOT the sex that they truly are.  When a person denies reality to this extent, that tells me, such people are, in fact, severely mentally ill.  They deny factual reality.


They want to "make pretend" like children do, and now, they demand that all of society play "make pretend" with them.   

The trouble begins when society refuses to act like children by refusing to play make pretend. 

The mentally ill "trans" then rebel against reality and against society.  They throw an actual temper tantrum.   Only when THEY throw a temper tantrum, THEY head out and shoot a bunch of innocent children in a Religious school in places like Nashville, TN as we all got  to see this week.

It seems to me, this temper tantrum is an attempt to FORCE their sex delusion upon everyone else.  In so doing, they show themselves to be not only severely mentally ill, but also the most self-absorbed, self-centered, and selfish, spoiled brat children imaginable.

THAT is what I think "trans-genders" actually are: Selfish, spoiled brat, children, in adult bodies.

More and more, we're seeing how this mental illness manifests itself publicly.   Below is a brief video of a trans-gender walking outside, in public, with a massive dildo inserted into its anus, fully visible on public streets:  (WARNING - GRAPHIC VIDEO OF DEVIANT CONDUCT - If you choose to play this video, you cannot un-see the sickness.  Viewer discretion is strongly advised.)


Of course, we all got to see the farthest extension of this trans-gender mental illness at a school in Nashville, TN this week, when a biological female, who THOUGHT she was male, threw a temper tantrum because the world wouldn't make pretend with her, and she slaughtered three, 9 year old children, and three adult staff at the school.

Instead of decrying this hideous, murderous, conduct, a group calling itself "Trans Resistance Net" put out a statement saying the SHOOTER is actually the victim!!!!!!   Here. Look:

And more violence, it seems to me, is likely on its way.   Posters are circulating the Internet for a "Trans Day of Vengeance" on April 1.   I kid you not.  "Vengeance."   Here. Look:

It's not limited to this rally either.   Check out the Twitter post from the Press Secretary of the Governor of Arizona:

The above tweet is from Josselyn Berry, Press Secretary for Arizona Governor Katie Hobbs!  Here, look at the twitter profile:

I think the tweet above is Stochastic Terrorism. (Stochasticadjective TECHNICAL  randomly determined; having a random probability distribution or pattern that may be analyzed statistically but may not be predicted precisely.)

By embracing this mental illness as if it is just another person living their own way, it is ENABLING the deviancy further.  I also think it is increasing the likelihood of severe violence when normal people refuse to play make pretend with these deviant, deranged Trans-gendered!

Oh, and severe violence is the emerging theme of the whole "trans" cult.  Look at the meme that this "thing" says he/it wants - the steamrolling of traditional families:

They are openly saying they want us normal people DEAD.

Lest you think this is somehow isolated, look here: violence is very much more likely from these people, look at the t-shirts they're wearing:

Did you catch the words at the bottom?   "Or else . . . ."  

You know, they'll shoot us!

It amazes me that when parents of school children started attending Board of Education meetings to put a stop to the indoctrination of young kids into gay and trans cults, the FBI began accumulating a database of "Traditional Catholics" as if we were the problem.  Yet the FBI does absolutely NOTHING about what appears to be the fastest growing segment of violent actual terrorists in the world: Trannies!

I SAY . . .

When a person acts-out in public, saying they are "trans-gendered," they should immediately be locked in a mental institution so as to attempt to repair their mental illness; their denial of biological reality.   If it cannot be repaired, these people should, under laws I wish to see enacted, be euthanized.   

I advocate introduction of laws to euthanize irreparable trans-gendered deviants.

I think they are simply too unstable, and too demonstrably dangerous, to continue to be free in society.  Euthanizing them, in accordance with the law, would not only be societal self-defense, it would actually merciful; it would put them out of their misery.

Oh, and I'm not the only one opposing this trans-cult-evil.  A father of one of the shooting victims in Nashville, is saying similar things:

He's right.

Additional thought:

You know, maybe my advocating for laws is a useless approach.  It occurs to me that the Chief Mental Heath Officer of my country, is "Admiral" Rachel Levine of the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS). 

Admiral Levine is . . . . a man . . . . who dresses up as a woman.   

Oh well, it now seems to me that all is lost. . . . . . . . . .



The Press Secretary for the Governor of Arizona has RESIGNED over the tweet published above.


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