Triple or Quadruple COVID-Vax Recipients Now Developing SORES -- **NOT** Monkeypox

Triple or Quadruple COVID-Vax Recipients Now Developing SORES -- **NOT** Monkeypox

Doctors in the United Kingdom say they are "baffled" as numerous persons who admit receiving either three or four doses of the COVID-19 "vaccine" are starting to develop strange, painful, sores all over their bodies.   

These are **NOT** Gay or bi-sexual men.  They are **NOT** people who engage in an "orgy lifestyle."   And all of them test NEGATIVE for Monkeypox.   This . . .  is something new.

The ***ONLY***thing any of these people have in common is they are ***ALL*** either Triple or quadruple COVID vaxed.  No other commonality -- at all.

The sores are developing on hands, then spreading to the rest of their bodies.

The male in the image above was fine seven days ago.  Then this appeared, and is spreading all over his body.

The sores are said to be extremely painful.  They are, as seen above, disgusting to look at.

Tests of the contents of the sores DO NOT detect any Bacteria.  Nothing from inside one of these sores grows in a Petri Dish, even after five days.

Tests also cannot see any Viruses.

Additional tests for Fungus, Mold, etc., are pending.

So far, no explanation of what this is, or if it is contagious human-to-human.

Some folks are already pointing to the Bible, Revelation 16:

The First Six Bowls of Wrath

1 And I heard a great voice out of the temple saying to the seven angels, Go your ways, and pour out the vials of the wrath of God upon the earth.

2 And the first went, and poured out his vial upon the earth; and there fell a noisome and grievous sore upon the men which had the mark of the beast, and upon them which worshipped his image.



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+1 # It’s obviously workingsupporttheblue 2022-08-28 16:39
Now Hal. Almost enough to 2 months!! Congratulations
+1 # Harder to cover/ 2022-08-28 13:19
Read account of insurance actuarial findings re:death shot….

…before it is scrubbed from the net.
+2 # I don't know how to save itPioneer 2022-08-28 13:37
I took some screen shots
+1 # RE: Triple or Quadruple COVID-Vax Recipients Now Developing SORES -- **NOT** Monkeypoxclove 2022-08-28 11:56
CV Vaxxx Pox
+3 # █▓▒░ It has been said that Jared Kushner is on the short list for the Son of Perdition title. ░▒▓█Palehorse 2022-08-28 11:43

Kushner continued: 'I think that there is a good probability that
my generation is, hopefully with the advances in science, either
the first generation to live forever, or the last generation that’s
going to die.'

And Satan said to Eve “surely you shall not die.”
+9 # 2022-08-28 09:34
Be careful, all you who think you know that things must happen first, before the Mark of the Beast is offered
Several times in Revelation a phrase appears like "after this I saw ..."
The word in Greek for 'after' is meta. Strong's G3326
This word also means "along with", and it is translated that way in Revelation twice as often as it is translated as "after".
It may be that John was trying to describe what he was seeing happening simultaneously, but he can only describe one thing at a time. Like Daniel 7 describes things on earth and simultaneously things happening in heaven.
Be not deceived.

# Yes! Assumptions were made THEN the translation done.KarGiver 2022-08-28 11:34
People are brainwashed to accept the scriptures exactly as-written or risk Hell for "adding to or taking away" from scripture, not realizing that meaning has ALREADY been altered by the assumptions that needed to have been made BEFORE the translation. They had to essentially figure out what the text was getting at and THEN wrap words around that ASSUMPTION. So, digging into the original yourself is always a great idea to see "what else" could this have really been getting at.
-5 # RE: Yes! Assumptions were made THEN the translation done.Eddamnit 2022-08-28 12:37
Satan's book casts an evil spell on those that read it.
It even says so right inside that very book.
+1 # 2022-08-28 11:12
Isn’t that the term Billy Gates has morphed his business world into….METAVERSE.

So, it’s not just an acronym from a PR board meeting, not a fictional trendy term….it is precise, chosen with intent, hidden in plain sight. It rests on us to accurately interpret his end game.
+1 # RE: Triple or Quadruple COVID-Vax Recipients Now Developing SORES -- **NOT** Monkeypoxstandingwave 2022-08-28 09:20
Those lesions appear to be similar to these:


Unfortunately, it is all too predictable how the media are playing it:
+1 # RE: Triple or Quadruple COVID-Vax Recipients Now Developing SORES -- **NOT** MonkeypoxRAFO 2022-08-28 09:18
Someone else below mentioned this…

I kept looking at these sores and thinking I’d seen something like them before, but where? Then I read the comment about radiation poisoning. Yes! Looks just like pictures I’ve seen of people burned/poisoned after Hiroshima and Nagasaki! Maybe shots setting up some people for radiation sickness depending on their level of exposure to RF/5G, etc.
+1 # Radiation Poxclove 2022-08-28 11:59
The vaxxxes contain uranium. It just came out this week after more tests were completed.
+1 # The AC has not even made his way to the world stage.MildB 2022-08-28 09:04
Be a Berean as it matters to Biblical personal responsibility..

2 Timothy 2:15 Study to shew thyself approved unto God, a workman that needeth not to be ashamed, rightly dividing the word of truth.

Acts 17:11 These (the Berean's)were more noble than those in Thessalonica, in that they received the word with all readiness of mind, and searched the scriptures daily, whether those things were so.

Now, concerning the topic and the Bible.

Its very easy to equate these things up to Biblical proportions, but I must remind you all that the "Restrainer" is still holding check "The Dispensation of the Gospel of Grace" till He be taken out of the way.

Then the last week of Danial will commence which indeed includes all such horrors and even more not yet imagined.

3 Let no man deceive you by any means: for that day shall not come, except there come a falling away first, and that man of sin be revealed, the son of perdition;
4 Who opposeth and exalteth himself above all that is called God, or that is worshipped; so that he as God sitteth in the temple of God, shewing himself that he is God.

(The 3rd temple does not even exist yet so the desolation can not happen till then)

5 Remember you not, that, when I was yet with you, I told you these things?
6 And now you know what withholdeth that he might be revealed in his time.
7 For the mystery of iniquity doth already work: only he who now letteth will let, until he be taken out of the way.

8 And then shall that Wicked be revealed,

NOTE:Matthew 24:15 "When ye therefore shall see the abomination of desolation, spoken of by Daniel the prophet, stand in the holy place, (whoso readeth, let him understand:)
21 For then shall be great tribulation, such as was not since the beginning of the world to this time, no, nor ever shall be."

SIGN: Christ, Jesus
# RE: Triple or Quadruple COVID-Vax Recipients Now Developing SORES -- **NOT** MonkeypoxBowlsarefilling 2022-08-28 07:46
+2 # Too many questions, too little infoCloudNebula 2022-08-28 06:46
There should be reports of these sores occuring in the US as well as elsewhere in the world. Has anyone here seen this happen to anyone they know? if it's localized to the UK then it might be some other cause, or some unique combination of factors to bring this about.
Also, which vax did these people take? is it different than the USA?

Could you provide your source please, Hal?
# They have a lot of CCTV & 5GMildB 2022-08-28 08:11
covering populated areas.

Covid metal containing shots + 5G =

Atomic Radiation sickness is very close to this?

5G EMF Waves and Radiation

Electromagnetic fields (EMFs) are invisible areas of energy caused by electromagnetic radiation being emitted. There are ionizing and nonionizing EMFs. The latter describes low-level radiation, or emission of energy through space and objects. Sources that transmit these waves include phones, computers, Bluetooth devices, power lines and even microwaves. Meanwhile, ionizing EMFs have much higher radiation, with sources including sunlight and x-rays.

Health Concerns Over 5Gsource

That said, some experts voice concerns. In 2017, doctors and scientists launched a petition to stop the 5G rollout in the EU, citing cancer risks. One worry is that since 5G is so new, there hasn’t been time to properly test whether it’s safe. There’s also a lack of scientific analyses on the potential impacts of densely concentrated areas of 5G in populated cities or on chronic 5G exposure, some experts say.

5G’s potential impact on more people also means more diversity, and certain genes play a role in radiation sensitivity, experts say. One 2021 study, for example, notes genetic effects of EMF depend on factors such as frequency, intensity, cell type and exposure duration, and the types of gene expression affected “are consistent with findings that EMF causes genetic damages [3].”

Additionally, many of the government-approved rules on RF were established in the late 1990s and based on limited research. Scientists now don’t think the issue is so clear, and some aren’t staying quiet. To date, more than 3,500 physicians across preventive and environmental medicine, toxicology and other specialties have united against 5G, citing main associated risks of nonionizing radiation—according to peer-reviewed scientific literature—including cancer, cellular stress, genetic damage, reproductive changes and deficits and neurological disorders.

“Action must be taken now to reduce human exposure to nonionizing radiation to as low as can be achievable, including a moratorium on the introduction of 5G,” says Anthony B. Miller, M.D., professor emeritus at the Dalla Lana School of Public Health of the University of Toronto, in a 2020 statement from the Physicians Health Initiative for Radiation and Environment and the British Society for Ecological Medicine.

[3]Lai H. Genetic effects of non-ionizing electromagnetic fields. Electromagn Biol Med. 2021;40(2):264-273.
+3 # Maybe this will do it...sixshots 2022-08-28 05:12
A suitable punishment for liberals. They blindly took the vaxx their evil masters gave them. We will see better days ahead.
+3 # 50% of ConservativesLoki 2022-08-28 08:27
Half of all conservatives took it, too.
+1 # Christians TooKali K 2022-08-28 16:07
There were pastors/priests (wolves in sheep's clothing) who were encouraging their church members to get the shot as well. Probably members of the Clergy Response Teams.
+1 # RE: Christians TooEddamnit 2022-08-28 19:19
The church and the government are one.
+2 # NIH 1.5 Million Dollar Grant Team to Isolate Covid Virus Get's LAB Raided by the FBI and all research confiscatedOccamsRazor 2022-08-28 05:04
-1 # Don't cha just love anachronism?almachius 2022-08-28 04:19
The reign of the Beast hasn't come yet.
+4 # Not the Mark but beta testing the MarkGold3084 2022-08-28 04:14
The vaccines are not the Mark but beta testing for the Mark. Satan is not all knowing so has to do experiments before he unleashes the Mark. If the vaccines were the Mark there wouldnt be so many people not taking it. When the Mark comes it will be the same coerssion as with the vaccines but also threats and even execution and torture.
# RE: Not the Mark but beta testing the MarkTexasWolf 2022-08-28 14:07
Agreed. It was a trial run. How many will blindly accept it to travel or see a game? How many will resist?
+3 # Execution a releaseLoki 2022-08-28 08:31
Execution will be a release from having to endure the great tribulation.
+8 # RE: Triple or Quadruple COVID-Vax Recipients Now Developing SORES -- **NOT** MonkeypoxTexasWolf 2022-08-28 01:15
It's their bodies trying to purge the spikes.
+1 # OR A REACTION TO ITS INGREDIENTS + 5G being put on line?MildB 2022-08-28 08:20
Heat causes this type of skin damage.
+1 # They are bent on killing us because they already have our replacements.JFY 2022-08-28 00:27
You vill be replaced, und you vill be happy.
-1 # 10 Plagues - RepeatSparkyTaz 2022-08-27 23:10
What has been, it is what will be, And what has been done, it is what will be done. So there is nothing new under the sun. Ecc 1:9.
Exo 9:9
“It will become fine dust over all the land of Egypt, and will become boils breaking out with sores on man and beast through all the land of Egypt.”
Jer 16:14
“Therefore behold, days are coming,” declares the LORD, “when it will no longer be said, ‘As the LORD lives, who brought up the sons of Israel out of the land of Egypt,’
Jer 16:15
but, ‘As the LORD lives, who brought up the sons of Israel from the land of the north and from all the countries where He had banished them.’ For I will restore them to their own land which I gave to their fathers.
-The countdown to a Greater Exodus is happening in real time. There is hope for the remnant of the 12 tribes of Israel. (Hint: it is more than the 1 tribe of Judah/Jews.)
-It is not about the is about a hope of deliverance and redemption from the foul and ghoulish empire of the NWO, WEF, Klaus Schwab, George Soros, and their minions.
-13 # RE: 10 Plagues - RepeatEddamnit 2022-08-28 00:31
YHWH is evil, one os the Wicked One's many disguises.
+18 # It could likely be thisJessiebeaner 2022-08-27 22:43
kaposi's sarcoma lesions…..a function of an immune system that is not functioning well.
This could get very ugly.
+5 # RE: It could likely be thisFaith11 2022-08-28 01:27
The first signs of Kaposi's are usually cancerous legions. This is all linked, I read cancer is skyrocketing
+5 # Spreading throughout the bodyMan of the Atom 2022-08-28 00:25
They do look like metastatic tumors.
+8 # "It's Happening" 2022-08-27 22:01
But "Very Few Shall See and Understand," as "We Go Deeper Into The Tribulation Prophecies."
-1 # RE: "It's Happening"Woulf 2022-08-28 03:19
Let's "hope" this is the "head" wound. If so, "stand ready to repel boarders".
+1 # █▓▒░ Bowls of Wrath ░▒▓█Palehorse 2022-08-27 21:59

Gods judgment is largely composed of three series of
sevens: the seven seals, the seven trumpets, and the
seven bowls. God's wrath is described in Revelation
16:1-21 through seven bowls or vials.

What needs to happen before these “ seven bowls” are poured
out upon the earth?

John sees seven angels bringing seven plagues, which are the last,
because, with them, God's wrath has been concluded (Revelation
15:1). In response to God's command, seven angels release seven
bowls of wrath on the earth.

Those who bore the mark of the beast and worshiped its image
suffered painful sores, according to Bowl 1 (Revelation 16:2). Those
following God are completely immune to the effects of the first bowl,
but those following the Antichrist are not.

So are the events in this article the result of the first Bowl being
poured out by God?

Before this happens we will experience:
* The seven seals broken, by Jesus in heaven
* The seven trumpets
* The mark of the Beast
* The worshiping of the image of the Beast
+4 # RE: █▓▒░ Bowls of Wrath ░▒▓█Sheepinator 2022-08-27 22:23
Thank you....items in the book of Revelation are laid out in sequential order. We should stop cherry picking items that fit, when it's not yet their time. Order of operations.
+1 # Well said. The AC has not even made his way to the world stage.MildB 2022-08-28 08:26
DITTO. Be a Berean.

2 Timothy 2:15 Study to shew thyself approved unto God, a workman that needeth not to be ashamed, rightly dividing the word of truth.

Acts 17:11 These were more noble than those in Thessalonica, in that they received the word with all readiness of mind, and searched the scriptures daily, whether those things were so.
+2 # Ukrainian-American LabAngelaKrueger 2022-08-27 21:48
home of the ProVoker N.Carolina.Started this
# Thorns and Thistles!Truthseeker9902 2022-08-27 21:38
To know what will happen in the near future, when "The great and terrible day of the Lord" happens. You have to ask yourself why only thorns and thistles grew outside the Garden of Eden up until Noahs flood and after the flood Noah was able to grow a vineyard? Think about it!
+6 # Pastor RichardFreercw 2022-08-27 21:31
It could be the fallen angel DNA in the cringe that mixes with the shots, and it will change your body and with it, you now have nonredeemable DNA in you, REPENT while you still can.
+1 # ChoiceLoki 2022-08-28 08:34
They have to offer you a choice. The bio-chip with fallen Angel death or execution. Choose wisely, choose execution. Death is preferable to eternity in the lake of fire.
# RE: ChoiceEddamnit 2022-08-28 12:20
The Wicked One always gives you choices but all choices serve him.
To save your soul you must not choose what Satan offers.
+1 # Plagues of EgyptAngelaKrueger 2022-08-27 21:21
started in Europe
+7 # Gregg W said it.Doug Brown 2022-08-27 21:11
Worth reiterating. I think he could be right.
He said we could be far more involved in the
chronology, or sequences, in the book
of Revelation than we could ever think,
or imagine.
I've often wondered the same thing.
+5 # Mark of the BeastOccamsRazor 2022-08-27 21:05
I Really think the Mark of the Beast is still coming. I think it will be an allegiance to some totalitarian financial system. You see Europe willing to sacrifice their entire population to this new beast financial system. They won't cooperate with the BRICS, they want their own financial system. No one was able to buy and sell without the mark of the beast. But to do this, they had to do obedience, swear allegiance to a system that was going to murder others who did not. This is how power corrupts, when others don't want to go along, the powers that be get filled with violence and try to place those people into subjection. They are doing it for their own egos, to bring honor and glory to themselves rather than the Creator. Through their sourceries (drugs that dumb down the population or pacify them) they have a parasitic draw on the productive capacity of the people through taxation. Grifting Schemes Undreamed Of. Later on the ones that took the mark of the beast are tormented (not sure about tortured) but maybe exposed, made to feel shame for the schemes and how they misused /abused trust and murder to enrich themselves. (Psycho/Socio)Paths.
-1 # CBDCLoki 2022-08-28 08:40
Read up on the CBDC (Central Bank Digital Currency) soon to be rolled out in the U.S. and in any countries with a central bank. Paper money's going bye-bye, as are millions (billions, eventually) of people. Start with wiki and go to the Fed's webpage and read about it. They already rolled out public comments on it months ago.
+3 # And the vaxx doesn't fit that how?LilBirdie 2022-08-27 23:44
Everything you just said is what happened when the vaxx rolled out!
Couldn't go to work, people lost jobs, couldn't go shopping....
Friends family and others turned from unvaxxed and shunned them.
The roll out of the vax fit that pretty closely.
+1 # All most.MildB 2022-08-28 08:34
But the "Restrainer" is still holding check till He be taken out of the way.

3 Let no man deceive you by any means: for that day shall not come, except there come a falling away first, and that man of sin be revealed, the son of perdition;
4 Who opposeth and exalteth himself above all that is called God, or that is worshipped; so that he as God sitteth in the temple of God, shewing himself that he is God.

(The 3rd temple does not even exist yet so the desolation can not happen till then)

5 Remember ye not, that, when I was yet with you, I told you these things?
6 And now ye know what withholdeth that he might be revealed in his time.
7 For the mystery of iniquity doth already work: only he who now letteth will let, until he be taken out of the way.

8 And then shall that Wicked be revealed,

NOTE:Matthew 24:15 When ye therefore shall see the abomination of desolation, spoken of by Daniel the prophet, stand in the holy place, (whoso readeth, let him understand:)
21 For then shall be great tribulation, such as was not since the beginning of the world to this time, no, nor ever shall be.
+1 # It sure rhymesOccamsRazor 2022-08-28 05:20
The scriptures said that those who didn't take the mark of the beast couldn't buy or sell anything. I didn't take the clot shot, but I can still buy and sell. So until they get their 'electric money/cryptocurrency' as the defacto standard for their one world order, and everyone in Bill Gate's "Smart City" must use that form of payment, wave your chip embedded hand over this payment processor. I think we are still a years out from that, maybe a decade or so. I'm sure it's coming. You'll see the Hollywierd starbelly sneeches take it first and make it as in-vogue as a nose ring for teen girls. Actors have been increasingly politicized. Companies have been practicing banning people off their platforms who's opinions they don't like. The pot is starting to boil. BlackRock CEO was talking about forcing people's behaviors. The Davos crowd want's total control. They are still trying to dissolve Nationalistic Identity, Gender, Religion. They have a ways to go but it is accelerating. A world wide energy crisis water and food rationing would facilitate transition and coerce cooperation. Slowly farms and land are being transferred into the hands of the New Overlords. A self sufficient lifestyle and fervent prayer is the only way anyone can avoid becoming a desperado and swearing allegiance to a dehumanizing order diametrically opposed to God.
+3 # The vax isn't the MOTB...l8d8nn8 2022-08-27 20:54
The RFID chip is the MOTB, not the vax; however, they will work in tandem along with 5G.
+17 # Jesuscowgirl 2022-08-27 20:53
only one comment ... Jesus , God help us.
+2 # irish monksrugerwild 2022-08-27 20:39
do not forget who saved and translated the bible
-3 # The Vikings?almachius 2022-08-28 04:17
+7 # Vaccine Director Links mRNA -> MonkeypoxFaith11 2022-08-27 20:36
Covid Vaccine Director suggested link between Monkeypox outbreak and mRNA vaccine was locked out of Twitter! A friend that works in the media was told that they are preparing for an outbreak of something wasn't told exactly what. Nevertheless, they are they have small housing facilities popping up along the East coast. Keep your distance from the vaxxed, in case they can shed this stuff
+2 # This looks like India's Tomato Flue that has emergedOccamsRazor 2022-08-27 20:27
-1 # cannot believerugerwild 2022-08-27 20:25
really trump haters on this site please leave go to facebook or twitter leave us thank you
# WhyNathan 2022-08-28 12:18
Why is everyone in this country so concerned about Trump? We need to focus on the future not dwell on the past. We need a man to stand up and risk his life to lead us in battle against these evil Globalist / satan worshipping / demons.
-1 # RE: WhyEddamnit 2022-08-28 13:16
The only way to win is to not lower yourself and participate in this evil system.
You can not save this world, you can only save yourself.
# you lower yourself everyday you wake upNathan 2022-08-28 13:29
Pull your head out of the sand, you lower yourself and participate in this evil system everyday you crawl out of bed, until you get back in bed at night. As far as saving yourself good luck with that quest. Many before you have attempted to do the same and only end up separated from God for eternity. I suggest relying on Jesus Christ to save you.
-1 # RE: you lower yourself everyday you wake upEddamnit 2022-08-28 13:44
Jesus is my brother.
# Jesus is my GodNathan 2022-08-28 14:47
If Jesus is not your God, then you are lost and separated from God the Father until Jesus becomes your only true God. If you die without Jesus, you will be eternally separated from God.
-1 # RE: Jesus is my GodEddamnit 2022-08-28 19:18
You are a lost soul.
# Is Jesus your God or not ?Nathan 2022-08-29 01:22
answer the simple question yes or no.

Is Jesus Christ your God ?
-1 # RE: Is Jesus your God or not ?Eddamnit 2022-08-29 02:10
Seems I already answered it.
# no you didn'tNathan 2022-08-29 11:21
all you said is Jesus is your brother, not the same thing.
# your true colors are exposedNathan 2022-08-29 11:24
your unwillingness to confess Jesus Christ as your God shows us who you truly serve.
-1 # RE: your true colors are exposedEddamnit 2022-08-29 11:30
Get the behind me Satan.
Your tricks are old and transparent.
+1 # Eddamnit is exposedNathan 2022-08-29 11:41
I expose you Eddamnit for what you truly are.

A man that refuses too confess Jesus Christ as his only true God.

That makes you a follower of Satan.
-2 # RE: Eddamnit is exposedEddamnit 2022-08-29 11:43
Of all the time I've spent with him he has never demanded anything of me.

Only the Wicked One demands to be called "God".
# wowNathan 2022-08-29 11:47
I leave you with this last request. please call out to Jesus Christ to save you from eternal damnation.
-2 # RE: wowEddamnit 2022-08-29 11:49
You are just repeating the same lies that have been told for centuries.
-13 # RE: Triple or Quadruple COVID-Vax Recipients Now Developing SORES -- **NOT** MonkeypoxEddamnit 2022-08-27 20:22
All disease comes from Abrahamism and its false god.
+6 # RE: Triple or Quadruple COVID-Vax Recipients Now Developing SORES -- **NOT** MonkeypoxPastorK 2022-08-27 21:12
Quoting Eddamnit:
All disease comes from Abrahamism and its false god.

All disease is the result of sin.
-4 # RE: Triple or Quadruple COVID-Vax Recipients Now Developing SORES -- **NOT** MonkeypoxEddamnit 2022-08-28 00:29
You are so blinded, so brainwashed you can not even see what is in front of you.
-7 # RE: Triple or Quadruple COVID-Vax Recipients Now Developing SORES -- **NOT** MonkeypoxEddamnit 2022-08-28 00:25
Sin is serving YHWH.
-1 # demon boyLoki 2022-08-28 08:41
....says satan.
+1 # RE: demon boyEddamnit 2022-08-28 12:31
It is ironic that you say "Says Satan" when you are the one named after a false god.
-1 # RE: demon boyEddamnit 2022-08-28 12:27
YHWH is Satan.
+10 # To Clarify, PastorKLauraL 2022-08-27 22:27
I'm sure what you mean, when you say "all disease is the result of sin" you are not claiming that God makes people sick because they sin.
You are saying that when sin entered the world death entered with it as well as all suffering, including illness.

Please correct if I'm miscontruing. thanks
-5 # RE: To Clarify, PastorKEddamnit 2022-08-28 00:27
The evil god of Abraham does in fact make people sick.
It is proudly recorded in the writings of the Abrahamic religions.
+9 # SadSrmay72 2022-08-27 20:12
Went on my weekly shopping, OMG HICKVILLE indiana many still wearing face diapers. I so want to walk up to them and say , EXPERTS SAY ALL YOU THAT TOOK THE MARK, WILL BE "DEAD" BY 2025 ! THEN THE HOLY SPIRIT REMINDS ME TRYING TO EXPLAIN THE TRUTH TO UNSAVED PEOPLE, IS IMPOSSIBLE! Jesus tells us that's why he spoke in parables. If they only knew how close they are to death they "might" forget the masks.
Most everyone knows someone that died or sick, my boss helps coach little league football, they make them all take a several hour test on first aid for heart attacks in children. Local high-school hired a you principal 4 days on job and rushed to hospital for immune dease, NEW AIDS , caused by the vax he had to resign he might not get out of the hospital. I commented a couple weeks back that one funeral home had 12 bodies in the freezer just one day. When I drive by the funeral home almost always has a funeral. I know so many now that see they messed up bad. Folks please get ready mentally . Everyone you know that took it will likely be dead in 3 years. God help us.
Maybe that's why we haven't seen a ww3 yet, they might be ready to flip the switch and as the song goes LET THE BODIES HIT THE FLOOR!
+9 # Man, this is SADJessiebeaner 2022-08-27 22:49
I take no joy in watching this happen to people we tried to educate and help; people who reacted with anger and disdain; people who……..

Many people are rejoicing in watching the jabbed suffer and/or die.

Yes, they were asses, and brutal in many ways…..even deadly.

I don’t want to be who they are.
I don’t want to find anything but sadness in watching all these people die.
+3 # 3/4Pioneer 2022-08-27 22:37
Of mine and my husband's family will be dead then.
+6 # Without A Culture OrForrest Mosby 2022-08-27 19:56
Electron microscope reading on what causes this, it will be impossible to diagnose…Planned that way?
+8 # RE: Triple or Quadruple COVID-Vax Recipients Now Developing SORES -- **NOT** MonkeypoxJFY 2022-08-27 19:44
Offhand, I would have said that it was some form of weaponized herpes, but if they have not managed to grow anything in the lab yet, then maybe it is some form of binary bioweapon that needs a recently released reactant, or maybe some sort of EM-activated effect of the vax contents.

It would be a good idea to carry out a GIS overlay of where the affected live & work and the nearest 5G installations to see if they match. It would only be a correlation, but it might be a starting point for further research.
+17 # Notice that...TerraHertz 2022-08-27 19:28
It looks just like monkeypox. What an interesting coincidence. Almost as if someone knew this was coming, and arranged the monkeypox 'gay plague' scare for obfuscation and misdirection reasons. So the media could say those with this syndrome and blaming the vax, are just lying gays? Delaying public understanding of the horrible reality a little longer.

But no, Klaus, Gates, Fauci, etc wouldn't be that evil, surely? (They are.)
+3 # Oh lookTerraHertz 2022-08-27 19:54
Oh look, more coincidences...
Fears grow over tomato flu outbreak as health officials give first warning over symptoms
+3 # Michael Snyder bookStarDawg 2022-08-27 19:22
“Lost Prophecies of The Future of America: is just as Heidi Baker saw. She was shown that people with nice clothes and nice vehicles would suddenly be in need of food, and that is precisely what has happened.

Unfortunately, this is just the beginning. Another pandemic is coming that is going to be much worse, and according to John Paul Jackson it is going to involve “sores on the skin”…

There is coming another pandemic. It’s not the day after tomorrow but it is coming. And this one is a serious one. This pandemic – the problem is that, the first one that was coming wasn’t going to be that major, and that people would kind of make light of the next one. But the next one is not going to be that light. The next one is going to be a very stunning issue and there is going to be a lot of people – I didn’t see but in a way it looked like a chickenpox type of thing again or like a smallpox type of thing again, where there are sores of the skin that take place. I’m not a doctor, so I don’t know what to call that. I don’t know what they symptoms might be called, but there were sores on the skin that erupted because of this issue.


Of course those that follow my websites on a regular basis already know that John Paul Jackson is not the only prophetic voice that was warned about such things.

For example, Sonja Craighead was shown that “plagues of infectious diseases” would come and that they would “kill many”…

God has shown me terrible sickness, infections, cancers and other disease will increase in America. Plagues of infectious diseases will spread throughout America that will be resistant to what medicine has to offer. God showed me that America will have at least a few new infectious disease that has never been to our land that there will be no known cure for that will disease and kill many.


And prophet Sadhu Sundar Selvaraj from India was shown that the next pandemic that is coming “will make this coronavirus look like child’s play”. During a very unusual supernatural experience in late 2019, God gave him a very ominous message regarding the next major outbreak…

“Another great wind is going to sweep all over the world.”

And when He spoke the word “wind,” it was made for me to know this. Another great wind, worse than coronavirus pandemic is going to sweep this whole world. The world is shaken with fear and trembling because of coronavirus, but the word of the Lord came to say, another, worse than coronavirus, is going to come. When that comes, it will make this coronavirus look like child’s play.


After what we have already been through, it is difficult to imagine another pandemic that will be far worse.

But according to Sadhu Sundar Selvaraj that is precisely what is going to happen, and like John Paul Jackson he was also shown that this next pandemic will affect the skin…

So when this great wind comes, it will sting people like a hornet’s stinger. When a hornet stings a person, a person feels hot, with fire-like sensation and swelling like boils appears on their bodies. In the same manner, when this wind stings a person, that person will feel hot like fire over them, and their temperature will rise above 100°F, above 38°C. So, the feelings will be hot like fire burning all over their body, and fever will shoot up in their bodies, more than 100°F, and boils will develop all over their faces and bodies, especially in the chest area. These are the physical symptoms when this virus stings.

Now doctors and scientists will be baffled and perplexed at not being able to discover at all any medicine or vaccine for this. This morning I read in the news, a scientific report about this coronavirus, that the scientists are still trying to understand the DNA of this virus. And they say, a vaccine will still a long time away. So there is no medicine; there is no vaccine. And by that time they claim that they have found something, this hornet will come to sting. But this time, the doctors and the scientists will not be able to discover any way how this virus works, and they will not be able to discover any medicine or vaccine.

+3 # Sadhu Prophet "Millions Perish"Faith11 2022-08-27 20:44
Sadhu said a mutation would occur that people would have a rash on the face, torso and people would have a fever, and it would sting like a bee sting. Yikes! That million upon millions would perish. No cure will be found. The first pandemic is nothing, compared to what is coming. That people will be utterly terrified of it! One interesting point he made, that even if you stayed in that wouldn't stop people from catching it. How the heck can that be ? This is just a thought what if it's being TIME-RELEASED in the vaxxed? Oh my, just when you think it can get any worse!
+1 # █▓▒░ Sadhu ░▒▓█Palehorse 2022-08-27 22:54

You have jogged my memory as I recall watching
a video of him saying something to this effect.
But it may have been in reference to the scorpion
stings brought on by the flying creatures released from
the pit.

Do you have a link to such a video?
+4 # Time releaseWill2livefree 2022-08-27 21:49
According to all the information found concerning metals in the vax and self assembling Nanos, it is possible that the activation is frequencies, like magnetic.

Another possibility would be actual reaction to toxins in the vax. Body expelling the toxins. Kind of like a fever rash.

Just a thought.
# RE: Sadhu Prophet "Millions Perish"PastorK 2022-08-27 21:16
Quoting Faith11:
Sadhu said a mutation would occur that people would have a rash on the face, torso and people would have a fever, and it would sting like a bee sting. Yikes! That million upon millions would perish. No cure will be found. The first pandemic is nothing, compared to what is coming. That people will be utterly terrified of it! One interesting point he made, that even if you stayed in that wouldn't stop people from catching it. How the heck can that be ? This is just a thought what if it's being TIME-RELEASED in the vaxxed? Oh my, just when you think it can get any worse!

Do you have a link for Sadhu?
# RE: Sadhu Prophet "Millions Perish"Faith11 2022-08-28 03:18
The Sadhu's video of his prophecies are on YouTube, however some may have been removed due censorship.
+1 # It might bePioneer 2022-08-27 22:33
On Angel TV somewhere if you can't find it on YouTube. I remember when he preached that and he said that it would happen in the year 2022. I distinctly remember that.
+34 # Glad I am No Vaxoak2022 2022-08-27 18:58
Every day something new pops up making me grateful to Almighty God that I just said no to the Vax.
+8 # I can remembertrimmer 2022-08-27 18:58
When it was just hair that grew on your palms.
+3 # Oooh....pmoore67 2022-08-27 21:22
Good one.
+14 # SorceryUasns 2022-08-27 18:57
Isn't there information that the term 'sorcery' in the bible means pharmaceuticals?
+5 # And the "mark"pmoore67 2022-08-27 21:25
If you look up the two definitions for mark in Strong's Concordance you will see it does line up with a shot, and also don't forget that the entire arm is a "hand" biblically.
+7 # YesPioneer 2022-08-27 22:29
The ancient Greek language used hand for the hand of the whole arm.
+1 # Potions and BrewsOccamsRazor 2022-08-27 20:54
remember all those old movies where the witches were over a Culdren making some strange brew out of eye of newt, skin of frog, etc..some demonic inspired recipe. Then when you take it, you go into a coma like snow white. Alchemy and these old 'pseudo-sciences' were probably just demonic inspired concoctions. Some worked like a charm, other's didn't work so well.
+5 # YesSrmay72 2022-08-27 20:30
+6 # PharmakeaKarGiver 2022-08-27 19:32
Is the Greek word translated as sorcery and that is, indeed, where we get the English word pharmaceuticals. I'm not sure if I transliterated it by the standard, but that's the basic idea. You can always go to and enter a scripture and hit "Tools" to see the Greek or Hebrew (New or Old Testaments respectively).
+14 # I am NOT a 5G Tin Foil Hat guy..... But.....BanjoDoug 2022-08-27 18:48
It just occurred to me that this may be a side effect (on fully vaxxed folks) after being exposed to some very high frequency RF..... like a full 5G does....
+1 # Tin Foil Hat CrowdLoki 2022-08-28 08:46
Yep! Welcome to the tin foil hat club.
+10 # Trump wants full creditgbhaywood 2022-08-27 18:40
Trump wants full credit for the 'wonderful' vax. He should get the credit, don't forget. The death dart and lockdown happened under Trump.
+18 # He took bad adviceoak2022 2022-08-27 19:01
He took bad advice from evil people.
+2 # I hate to tell you.PR 2022-08-28 01:31
I like people who don't take bad advice.
+2 # True...Loki 2022-08-28 08:47
True that.
+12 # Still bragginggbhaywood 2022-08-27 19:04
He is still bragging about 'his' vax. Give him the credit he wants and deserves.
+7 # And....pmoore67 2022-08-27 21:27
Watch him take the fall for all those deaths, he needs to get ahead of this right now or he will fall hard.
+5 # He knowsSrmay72 2022-08-27 20:41
The only ones that see the evil are us that never got it. Many don't see 80% of Americans got at least one shot. Many experts tell you even one destroys . So you see when you try to talk to these .... they can't carry on a conversation without spacing out. Trump still brags BECAUSE HE "MNOWS" EVEN ONE SHOT TPTB CAN SOON USE MIND CONTROL TO MAKE THEM DO WHAT EVER THEY WANT , WELL THE ONES STILL ALIVE.
+32 # Triple VaxLassieLou 2022-08-27 18:36
Talked to my cousin last week.She told me she'd been in intensive care for several days,because of a pulmonary embolism,and was still on oxygen. I feel really sad for her,going thru this now,as last year she was so proud of herself for getting her third vax & was trying to convince me about how "I needed to do this for my kids & grand kids" So sad they don't get it
+15 # Fauci et alPastorK 2022-08-27 18:35
need to be interrogated, not interviewed, interrogated to learn what all was put in the COVID-19 cocktail.
# RE: Fauci et alWoulf 2022-08-28 05:20
Extraordinary rendition + Direct Action.
Cry havoc and let slip the dogs of war. Or the Woulfs, just saying.
+8 # Interrogated 2022-08-27 20:24
…with no option to “plead the 5th”.
They must be coerced to reveal the entire scheme, then held accountable for their own participation in this evil.
-3 # Stanley PlotkinJane C 2022-08-27 18:58
Yes, like the interrogation they did with Stanley Plotkin a few years back on what he knew about what went in the vaxes.
+25 # RE: Triple or Quadruple COVID-Vax Recipients Now Developing SORES -- **NOT** MonkeypoxGunner 2022-08-27 18:18
Seriously Good Lord in Heaven!!! WTF have these vile demonic pukes pulled with all of these murderous Clot-Shots?? I am so thankful I have NOT gotten a single one of these damn death dart shots.
# They have made certain that all who took these shotsJessiebeaner 2022-08-28 05:25
Will die of cancer, on a very short time line.
This covid shot campaign will accomplish, on a dramatically shortened time line, what the polio shots accomplished since the late 1950’s. Those shots unleashed sv40…..and somewhere around 64% of solid tumors since then, contain sv40. That bioweapon was too slow for the goals of these demonic beings.
We now have a far more effective killer of mankind…….
+5 # RE: Triple or Quadruple COVID-Vax Recipients Now Developing SORES -- **NOT** Monkeypoxhal4511 2022-08-27 18:10
And the second Angel poured out his vial upon the sea, and it became as the blood of a dead man: and every living thing died in the sea.
+1 # RE: Triple or Quadruple COVID-Vax Recipients Now Developing SORES -- **NOT** MonkeypoxWoulf 2022-08-28 05:12
I wonder if the Fukushima meltdown started that part. A "star" and a "nuke reactor" have a lot in common.
+6 # WOW is all I can sayDogsncars 2022-08-27 17:42
That’s crazy. I have a son that was forced to get vax when deployed over in Saudi Arabia they told him if he didn’t get the fax they would throw him out and he would have to find his own way home to the US and sally won’t let you travel without a VAX pass he has been feeling like crap since the shop and we’re just hoping that he doesn’t end up with this shit or die
# Miraclescodeblue 2022-08-28 17:52
A God who can restore sight to the blind can certainly heal our loved ones from the vax. I have been praying the passage, "if you drink any deadly thing it will not harm you." for my loved ones who were fooled into taking it. I am way past being mad at them for not taking my advice and pressing into God for their complete restoration and deliverance.
# RE: WOW is all I can sayEddamnit 2022-08-28 12:43
Get in bed with the Devil and don't be surprised if you wake up in hell.
Your son sold his soul.
# It may not be a cureMan of the Atom 2022-08-28 00:39
... but on the Mike Adams site vitamin C and NAC (N acetyl cysteine) were said to slow down the effects.Likely there is no cure for genetic changes.
# Vaccine Detox Might Help Your Son's HealthFaith11 2022-08-27 20:59
Please listen to this interview this is about a top doctor that is a total genius. She has collaborated with other top experts around the world to help detox people from the vax. The interview covers the science aspect of it, but it is well worth listening to. This doctor's work may very well save tens of millions of lives . The interview begins around the 20 minute mark . They have a website of where you can buy the products. The doctor has worked on this arduously in order help all of humanity to try to detox the vax.
+15 # RE: WOW is all I can sayGunner 2022-08-27 18:21
Folks fuck the govt and fuck the military. Get out if you are a prisoner or NEVER be foolish enough to sign on the dotted line. Enough is Enough seriously. I have zero respect for this govt and all of those that are compromised in the military... Patriots? Do they even exist? We are so pathetic and impotent.
-10 # Only your sonNathan 2022-08-27 18:01
Only your son is responsible for allowing a stranger to inject something into his body.
Unless he was held down and forcibly injected against his will. Otherwise he gave his consent and probably even signed documentation stating his consent to be injected with an experimental bio-weapon. So please refrain from casting blame on someone else for the condition your son will soon be in, it's nobodies fault but his own.
+1 # RE: Only your sonEddamnit 2022-08-28 12:41
+12 # Gotta call B.S. on thatdherriott 2022-08-27 18:58
Easy to say when you're not in that position. Yes, some may have refused and jeopardized the rest of their career by doing so but at least didn't get the dart. Most however under those circumstances will fold and follow orders. Our outrage should be at the dicks in the government doing everything they can to fuck up this once greatest nation on earth.
-1 # Truth HurtsNathan 2022-08-28 02:59
I'm sorry if hearing the truth hurts you but anybody willingly allowing someone else to inject an unknown substance into their body, deserves what happens next.
# Re ibelievecodeblue 2022-08-28 17:45
That's harsh...many good people did this. Someone who took it under duress is not the same as someone who knowingly committed evil. If they had called it a gene therapy, people might have been alert, but they called it a "vaccine" and many were fooled. You should leave judgment to God.
-1 # stop blaming everybody else for your stupid decisionsNathan 2022-08-28 18:17
Own up to your stupidity, stop blaming others for your very poor judgement on whether or not you should let this stranger inject this solution into my body or not ? you decided to allow it, now, live with the decision.
+11 # RE: Only your sonwendy 2022-08-27 18:10
I would never say that about another person
I am unvaxed and neither I nor u r in ANY position to condem or judge! Watch YOUR p's and q's because HE hears all
-2 # That makes youNathan 2022-08-28 11:38
And that dear Wendy makes you a liar because you are unable to speak the truth too someone else when it needs to be told.
+16 # WowBoss 2022-08-27 17:48
Your son and you and your other family members are in my prayers.
+19 # The first thing I thought of.Gregg W 2022-08-27 17:41
Yep. I immediately thought of that Bible passage.

We could be further along through the events of the Book of Revelation than we think.
+9 # Yes...KarGiver 2022-08-27 18:53
...I used to be super quick to assume we "know" this or that about this vision John had 2000 years ago in a culture that isn't anything like our own with a language that doesn't resemble our own. We know less than we assume we do, generally speaking.
+2 # book of RevelationBoss 2022-08-27 18:08
I, too, find it difficult to figure out if Tribulation has begun. I went to Revelation 16,v. , in the English Standard Version, annotated by Rev. David Jeremiah. There is no comma as in Hal's message above. So without the comma, it seems to me, that two requirements for the sores are needed: mark of the beast and worship of the beast. You are correct in that the plagues are toward the end of tribulation...
# Revelation is not necessarily in chronological orderMan of the Atom 2022-08-28 00:44
Steve Gregg of "The Narrow Path" on radio is the most rational Bible teacher I have ever heard on radio or TV and he has mentioned this.

Also, look at the ending where it says the book is sealed up until the time of the end ...
+1 # RE: book of RevelationDanel Riqar 2022-08-27 18:44
So then we need to define "worship".
In my best assessment, it means obedience.
Did any of you "obey" the government and get your vaccine?
+11 # RE: book of RevelationBowlsarefilling 2022-08-27 18:42
The bowls of wrath are at then end of the Tribulation. What is happening now is not that. The antichrist in not on the public stage yet and there is no mark which requires worship. The bowls of wrath come down from heaven after people have repeatedly refused to repent and turn to God and honor His ways. (Rev 9:20-21)

Clearly, we r in the birth pangs of Matt 24. We do not know how long they will continue until the antichrist steps out onto the world stage and starts the Tribulation years with a 7 year peace treaty. (At least that is my reading of scripture). We have time now to seek the Lord. Let's use this time of still reletive calm to seek His face, turn away from our evil ways, and agree with Him wholeheartedly in His leadership over our lives. The Cross proves He is the only One worthy to give and entrust our whole lives to.
+2 # It is Ludacris...Doug Brown 2022-08-27 19:47
Not just Ludacris, but preposterous,
assuming we know the exact order,
or the chronology,
of Revelation events. We do not.
I've read Revelation repeatedly in
JBPhillips, Amplified, NKJ, KJV, with all
the appropriate and supporting
commentary. Everyone guesses.
Everyone seriously "Knows,"
Everyone is dead serious.
Sorry to disappoint, but Bible
prophecy is not an exact science.
Who the anti-Christ is, we do not know.
Listen to 7th Day Adventist teachers.
they think they know...positively.
Listen to Catholic eschatology expository,
they think they know, too.
Listen to good, old time, Baptist
preachers, they also are convinced
of their specific chronology.
It's up in the air folks.
Is there a Rapture?
We do not know.
Does the anti-Christ arrive prior to
the Tribulation? Or after? Again, we do not
The hubris and arrogance of baby
Christians who are adamantly convinced
their specific reading is accurate.
Takes much patience.
We do not know.
Even on Hal's site such is
expressed with regularity.
Here is a fact:
Jesus Christ is God.
His time-table has deliberately been
kept obscure.
Does this keep us from loving him, no.

That he deliberately keeps us in the
dark? No. Faith is what counts.
We trust his impeccible timing.
+1 # RevelationBoss 2022-08-27 19:46
That is what I think too; we are not at the start of Tribulation. Does not v. 14 of Matthew 24 indicate that the Gospel needs to be preached to the entire world? How close are we to doing that? God bless. Pray.
+1 # RE: RevelationWoulf 2022-08-28 05:07
By satellite and social media. It covers most of the planet now.


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