Turkey Stabs Russia in the Face

Turkey Stabs Russia in the Face

The government of Turkey stabbed Russia in the face today in two ways . . .

First, the Turkish government publicly stated "We stand for the territorial integrity and sovereignty of Ukraine. We have confirmed our decision in principle not to recognize the annexation of Crimea."

Crimea is not "annexed."  In 2014, the people of Crimea, which was an "Autonomous region" in Ukraine, VOTED in a public referendum, to leave Ukraine and rejoin Russia.  The vote tally was 96% in favor of leaving Ukraine!

The Referendum was conducted according to all international established norms, including paper ballots, clear plexiglass ballot collection boxes, citizens who voted had their index finger dipped in indelible ink to show they cast a vote.  The Ballot boxes were under video surveillance and there were outside observers at all polling places.

The West (i.e. NATO and the USA) claim the vote was "illegal" and they claim the vote was "rigged" . . . well, some people think they should know, given how THEY rigged (stole) the November 2020 Presidential Election here in the USA!

Nevertheless, the Russian Duma, their version of the US Congress, passed legislation accepting Crimea back into Russia and that's that. Crimea is back home with Russia, some 54 years after then-Soviet Leader Nikita Kruschev "gave" Crimea to Ukraine.   For the prior 300+ years, Crimea was Russian.

The second way that Turkey stabbed Russia in the face today was its declaration that US Navy Destroyers would be allowed to enter the Black Sea for "Humanitarian" purposes, and that Turkey would not enforce the military vessel limitation of the Montreaux Convention upon such "Humanitarian" vessels; but WOULD enforce that same Montreaux Convention upon RUSSIAN vessels if war breaks out between Russia and Ukraine!

Some folks find it difficult to describe a US Navy Destroyer as a "Humanitarian" vessel.

Turkish Treachery

As history has shown time and time again, the Turks betray.  This time, they've betrayed Russia in favor of a broke, militant, Ukraine, whose military troops are encamped around Luhansk and Donetsk with NAZI Swastika Flags flying over the camps!

Intelligence video of a Ukraine Army camp outside of Luhansk, shows the Swastika flag flying prominently over the camp:

The Ukrainian Army is encamped, awaiting the order to attack Luhansk and Donetsk.   Thousands of Ukraine Army troops are in these camps along the border of both states, and at more than one of the camps, those Ukrainian soldiers are flying the Nazi Flag:

Here is the video from which the image above was grabbed.  This video, taken by Russian Intel, shows the flag flying over a Ukraine Army encampment.  THIS is who the US -- or more accurately, the Biden Administration -- and NATO, are backing!  This is what's running Ukraine nowadays!

Someone should ask Joe Biden why he and his Democrat Party are cozying-up to actual NAZIS in Ukraine?   Maybe ask Nancy Pelosi in the US House of Representatives, or maybe Chuck Schumer in the US Senate;  Why are Democrats sending troops, and planes, and guns and ammunition to the Government of Kiev Ukraine, when that government's own troops are serving under NAZI flags?

And what about General Mark Millie and the Joint Chiefs of Staff?  They're all gung-ho to side with Ukraine; why are they siding with open NAZIS?

How about guys like Retired General Ben Hogan, who's been all over social media whining about Russian Aggression . . . hey Ben, why are you trying to drum-up support for NAZIS in Ukraine?

Nice people, these Generals!

But who can blame THEM, when their own Secretary of Defense, Lloyd Austin, supports Ukraine too?   Hey Secretary Austin: Why are YOU (of all people) supporting white supremacist, LITERAL NAZIS in Ukraine?  

Inquiring minds want to know!

As for so-called 'Russia aggression" it ought to be clear to any rational person that the Russians see this as having to fight Nazis all over again. 

Can anyone blame Russia for standing-up to a Nazi Kiev government, which is trying to conquer Luhansk and Donetsk?   

US Embassy Attaché Colonel Brittany Stewart laid a wreath and paid tribute to the grave of Right Sector Neo-Nazi militant Vasily Slipak. Russia defeated Nazism in WWII, unfortunately it has to fight this ideology again 75 years later.

And here is that same military attache' wearing a "UKRAINE OR DEATH" patch from the Ukraine Army, on her U.S. uniform, which, we believe, is against US Military regulations!


Readers should also know that this same Ukraine government CUT-OFF FRESH WATER SUPPLIES to Crimea by building a Dam across the freshwater supply canal!  They started with a temporary Dam as seen below:

And later completed the Crime against Humanity by erecting a permanent Dam to stop all water flow into Crimea:


Cutting-off water to people is not only a recognized Act of War, it is also a Crime Against Humanity, yet the US Government is backing this criminal Ukraine regime and sending our soldiers to salute their Nazi memorials.



Late last night, just hours after the Commander of Ukraine Armed Forces announced to Agence France Press (AFP) that Ukraine had decided against a forcible taking of Luhansk and Donetsk, meat processing and packing plants inside Donetsk . . . EXPLODED and burned down.

and here:

So it is clear that not only did Ukraine cut-off water to Crimea, they're now cutting off food supplies to Luhansk and Donetsk.

What kind of MONSTERS infest the government of Ukraine that cut off water and food?  Who would do things like this to their fellow human beings?


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