TWELVE (12) HOUR WAIT to pay $15. Per Gallon for Gasoline in Ukraine

TWELVE (12) HOUR WAIT to pay $15. Per Gallon for Gasoline in Ukraine

The Gasoline Crisis is becoming worse inside Ukraine every day.


+1 # 2 Months AgoForrest Mosby 2022-05-20 13:40
I moved the wife from an 18 mpg SUV to a 44 mpg sedan….she hasnt ADMITTED it was a great idea but the attitude over the change has gone and I figure another .25 a gal and I might get a ‘well done’….maybe lol
# RE: 2 Months AgoPaul Lambert 2022-05-20 18:32
It is natural for women to recoil on a primal level at the notion of losing some material benefit, regardless of the logical reasons behind it. It is a kind of a compliance test, however. She will be upset with you at first, but if you put your foot down, she will get over it and end up respecting you more for it in the long run.
-1 # BETWEEN A ROCK AND A HARD PLACE?Rick Geise 2022-05-20 12:18
Hopefully you didn't overpay for a home which requires a long commute to work and are unable to work from home?
-1 # IS THE "AMERICAN DREAM" OVER?Rick Geise 2022-05-20 12:23
Those who own and control the fiat currency supply intend for those of us who are able to survive the depopulation agenda to live in a cracker box in one of Their cities and rely completely upon Their public transportation.
# Yep !oldschool 2022-05-21 16:20
The American Dream is over. The next slogan will be ; "Living the New China Dream !"
+2 # Doesn't look like a war zone to meDummyemail@ 2022-05-19 22:51
From looking at that video, one would never know that a war was going on in Ukraine?

What city was that Video taken in?
-2 # Special OperationGregg W 2022-05-20 10:17
That’s what this is from Russia’s point of view. The West, as usual, makes this out to be way more than it is.

And they will exploit this to make it the start for WW3! What a bunch of psychopaths.
-1 # article about bioweapons in ukrainelola rutherford 2022-05-19 22:30
# Gary Hines and Old SchoolForrest Mosby 2022-05-19 21:12
Both called it…said it diff but same thoughts…people are going to lose their ever-loving minds when they cant go get in the car and go somewhere…forcing a modern American non-feral drone-especially a woke one that has its rights- to sit at home for more than 24 hrs, with maybe short food and power too high for air conditioning and you have war material on your hands….
+5 # DeliberateDolph 2022-05-19 20:40
As a caller said last night, When everyone is broke and hungry they will beg for the mark of the beast. Read the Bible for tomorrow's headlines.
+1 # Beware ! Beware !oldschool 2022-05-19 20:28
When the gas goes to $8 $10 $12 and up there will be panic. People will begin to lose it. Civil unrest coming, People will be getting hungry (famine). Looting, robbery, violence, you name it. ,,,,,,Beware !
# The Sanctions BackfireDolph 2022-05-19 20:27
Yesterday saw powerful Islamic leader Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan declaring that his NATO nation cannot abandon Russia, with him stating: “This is a strategic issue for us, strategic relations…We cannot abandon them or break them”.

Joining Turkey’s declaration of support for Russia against the Western colonial powers, this report notes, this morning it saw Deputy Prime Minister Alexander Novak revealing that about half of Gazprom Export’s 54 foreign clients have opened Ruble bank accounts to pay for Russian gas—a revelation joined by European Commissioner for Economy Paolo Gentiloni revealing that a sixth package of European Union sanctions against Russia has been blocked—a revelation that follows Swiss banks unfreezing over $3.4-billion of Russian assets—is an unsurprising move as the lion's share of Russian raw materials is traded via Switzerland and its nearly 1,000 commodity firms that are not controlled by the Western colonial powers—and today it sees the Asian energy giant India’s Oil and Natural Gas Corporation moving to purchase additional stakes in Russian oil and gas fields from the Western colonial firms that plan to leave the country, with them stating: “The war will not last forever, nor will the sanctions...We must move to secure our energy supplies...We understand the risk and we are willing to take the risk”. (Sorcha Faal)
-4 # RE: TWELVE (12) HOUR WAIT to pay $15. Per Gallon for Gasoline in UkraineRockyMountainBeerMan 2022-05-19 19:43
You shiddy slickers still sucking at mommy's teat :-D

*moons you*

-1 # InfrastructureJohn Jones 2022-05-19 18:34
If there is infrastructure for civilian gas(refining, transportation, etc.) then there certainly would be enough to supply the Uke military. Why is Russia not playing to win?
+1 # PlannedSrmay72 2022-05-19 20:05
Monkey pox, new diseases daily, to me I think it's all a plan to bring in reset. See NWO can now blame Russia for releasing all these diseases. There is NO GOOD GUY BAD GUY BS THIS IS THE EVIL ANTICHRIST SYSTEM BEING ROLLED OUT. WHEN WAS THE LAST TIME SENETORS AND PRESIDENTS VISIT A HOT WAR ZONE
# RE: PlannedNotthemama 2022-05-19 21:06
Just heard that of the 12 suspected Canadian cases of monkey pox, 6 are presenting with genital lesions, kinda makes the argument that most of us should be safe.
-1 # Gay diseaseGold3084 2022-05-20 00:50
Gay disease spread through guy's semen !
+7 # Russian successes todayLauraL 2022-05-19 18:19
No wonder US military is suddenly willing to talk to Putin:
The Russian and allied forces made the largest advance so far, smashing the Ukrainian lines in Donbas, reaching as far as Soledar on the Lysychansk-Bakhmut highway.

This is a development that no one expected to happen today.

The Russians used Popasnaya as their central advance and occupied Druzhba, Trypillya, Vladimirovka, Stryapivka, Nova Kamyanka and Troitskoye. Information speaks for other areas as well.

In the morning the Russians occupied the town of Toshkinvka next to Severodonetsk and Dovhenke northwest of Slavyansk!

This means that 16,000 Ukrainians have been stranded in Severodonetsk-Lysychansk while an estimated 9-10,000 Ukrainians have been trapped in Zolote-Hirske.
+2 # Yes, the advance to the West of Ukraine will be soon if that is what they want to doMan of the Atom 2022-05-19 18:32
I posted this elsewhere but it is interesting - the first use of destructive ray weapons in history is about to commence.
+1 # RE: Yes, the advance to the West of Ukraine will be soon if that is what they want to doJFY 2022-05-19 19:48
The first public use...
+2 # RE: TWELVE (12) HOUR WAIT to pay $15. Per Gallon for Gasoline in UkraineEddamnit 2022-05-19 18:10
May they could drive to Russia and buy some cheap.
+2 # RE: TWELVE (12) HOUR WAIT to pay $15. Per Gallon for Gasoline in Ukrainehal4511 2022-05-19 18:03
And I thought $4.25 was bad ...
+1 # Waiting in Line and $ 15Garyhines 2022-05-19 17:53
Hi Hal I just mentioned this in last video $ 15.00 ga for gas bring here to the United States with $ 15.00 and waiting 12 hours .get ready for the United States to crash and burn even $ 10.00 will be bad .get ready for the fun to begin .
-1 # RE: Waiting in Line and $ 15Eddamnit 2022-05-19 18:12
Some friends that I work for suggested an electric bike.
I think I can see that is where this is headed.
# Good readsurvivor 2022-05-19 17:52
# HonestlyJohn Jones 2022-05-19 17:48
Honestly it is hard to believe any gas is available or people ate living in any sort of "normal" way.
+3 # KievJohn Jones 2022-05-19 17:49
It's like all the cleptocrats going to Kiev like it's summer camp.
+4 # Who is paying ? 2022-05-19 17:29
The EU is paying for the Ukraine civilian government.
The EU members are paying for the refugees.
The USA is paying for the Ukrainian military wages and weapons.
And this is NOT a proxy war ?
And nobody voted for this war - it was decided by ?
+1 # RE: Who is paying ?JFY 2022-05-19 19:45
it was decided by ?

The WEF and their owners.
# RE: Who is paying ? 2022-05-20 07:06
We all are paying - with the trillions printed and given to the people who own the government.
+3 # I Can't Drive 55 !!!Redlist Renegade 2022-05-19 17:15
I'm sure that all of those people are saying to themselves about now "This Really SUCKS !!! I can't drive 55 blocks to the damn gas station while sitting in a really Slow moving line all day and night long without running out of gas in the process" !!!
+1 # RE: I Can't Drive 55 !!!JFY 2022-05-19 19:44
If schwab gets his way, you won't have to worry about owning a car. Und you vil like it!
+3 # RE: I Can't Drive 55 !!!Forrest Mosby 2022-05-19 17:29
Quoting Redlist Renegade:
I'm sure that all of those people are saying to themselves about now "This Really SUCKS !!! I can't drive 55 blocks to the damn gas station while sitting in a really Slow moving line all day and night long without running out of gas in the process" !!!

I was commuting to Bragg on my first tour there during the a-rab oil embargo…after that 55 crap went into effect my (usual)17 hr trip went to more than 24…I had to start stopping for rest breaks…55 is REALLY slow
+1 # Coming To A Julio StoreForrest Mosby 2022-05-19 16:45
Near you….People be getting mean quick now
# This is going to put a crimp on...iCanWalk 2022-05-19 16:45
....their summer vacation on the Black Sea.
-1 # RE: This is going to put a crimp on...JFY 2022-05-19 19:41
The way things are going, a lot of ukrainians are going to need a Russian visa just to go the beach on the Black Sea...
# Arcadia Beach, OdessaiCanWalk 2022-05-19 16:57
Quoting iCanWalk:
....their summer vacation on the Black Sea.
+14 # RE: TWELVE (12) HOUR WAIT to pay $15. Per Gallon for Gasoline in UkraineGunner 2022-05-19 16:44
I will stay the hell home seriously before I sit in line for hours and pay anything close to $15 a gallon. I am just fine keeping my ass at home.
+1 # Save the fuel for when you'll need itMan of the Atom 2022-05-19 18:29
That sounds like a plan to me too.


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