U.S. Aegis-System in Romania Goes Active for Possible Attack on Russia

U.S. Aegis-System in Romania Goes Active for Possible Attack on Russia

According to several military-analysts, the United States has been expanding its ballistic-missile base in Romania. The U.S. military is modernizing its military-base in Deveselu and is planning to equip the base with the BGM-109 Tomahawk in direct violation of the Intermediate-Range Nuclear Forces agreement signed between Russia and the United States.

The Tomahawk missiles could be used to target military bases in Russia and can be equipped with nuclear warheads.

The Pentagon has relocated two destroyers to Romania that are equipped with the Aegis combat system and guided missiles, as well as the THAAD missile defense system. The move by the Pentagon points to a change from defense, to an attack ready strategy.

The move to expand the military base in Romania comes just months after U.S. President Donald Trump announced to unilaterally dissolve the INF agreements.


So far it is unclear what Russia’s response will be towards the expansion of the United States and actively targeting Russian land, but the options are wide open and could include the relocation of the Tu-22M3M long-range bombers to Crimea.  The options could also include a Russian first-strike against the radar installations in Romania; an option which was made explicitly clear by Russian President Vladimir Putin more than a year ago, when he told Press, gathered for his annual media question session, the US was moving toward being able to first-strike Russia and Russia would not stand for it.

The development in Romania involving the US radar facility and the new US attack posture, is extremely dangerous, for all the reasons you think. Making it all the worse, the TIMING of this action shows it was done with the clear intent to INTIMIDATE:

Russia expressed its view to the US that a war against Iran in the Middle East was in no one's interest, and perhaps the US should re-think what it's doing.  The US allegedly replied "Maybe you should start paying more attention to things that affect you and not mind our business" . . . and the radar system in Romania got turned on that very day.


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