U.S. Blind-Sided by Surprise North Korea Missile Launch; MAJOR PROVOCATION

U.S. Blind-Sided by Surprise North Korea Missile Launch; MAJOR PROVOCATION

North Korea has made a surprise missile launch from an undeclared base; sending shockwaves throughout the US, South Korea, and Japan military establishments.   The launch is now being called a "major provocation" and brings to light yet ANOTHER geopolitical "crisis" for the USA.

According to Intelligence sources in a position to know, North Korea fired a KN-15 (Pukkuksong)-2 Missile, mid-range, nuclear- capable missile  from the Sino-ri - missile operating base at Nodong.

The Sino-ri base has never been declared by North Korea. It also does not appear to be the subject of denuclearization negotiations between the United States and North Korea.

The Sino-ri missile operating base and the Nodong missiles based there fit into North Korea’s presumed offensive ballistic missile strategy by providing an operational-level first strike capability.

The missile's flight distance is now confirmed to have been 420km / 260 miles - and it flew due East from its launch point.

It seems timed to send a message to the USA, as the envoy to North Korea was in South Korea for meetings as the launch occurred.

The most serious aspect of this launch is that the US, South Korea and Japana had no prior knowledge this launch was going to take place.   It happened by complete surprise.

If this type of surprise can happen for a test, then common sense says it can happen for real.



North Korea made the test to overwhelm US.

The US wants to focus on Iran . . . that's why Trump tried to pacify North Korea.

But Iran is for China, what Israel is for US in terms of geopolitics.

North Korea is China's puppet . . . so this missile launch by North Korea this morning is REALLY China pulling strings to warn US from both tariffs on China and war with Iran.

US is now in a tough spot, fold . . . . or all in?

We are being backed into a corner by our adversaries.  Things are becoming extremely dangerous now.  Far more so than at any time in the past.

FWIW: "Acting Defense Sec. canceled his European visit.  Sec. of State canceled his Germany and Greenland visits.
Bolton has canceled any visits"

Please, America, prepare for war.  Suggested preps can be found here.