U.S. D.O.D issued a contract for COVID-19 Research to a company in Ukraine, 3 months before COVID-19 was known to exist

Dates on records are funny things; you can't get around actual dates.  The dates on records prove facts, and the facts are as follows:  The world first started to hear about a novel coronavirus in Wuhan China in early January 2020.  Yet it wasn't until February 11 that the records of the World Health Organization prove that new virus was named "COVID-19."

So with the official records proving this, why does United States Government data show that the U.S. Department of Defense (DOD) awarded a contract on  November 12, 2019 to Labyrinth Global Health INC. for ‘COVID-19 Research?’   November 12 . . . at least one month before the emergence of the virus, and three months before it was officially named Covid-19?

The findings do not end there. The government contract awarded on November 12, 2019 for ‘COVID-19 Research’ stipulated it was to take place in . . . Ukraine . . . as part of a much larger contract for a ‘Biological threat reduction program in Ukraine’.

Maybe that's one of the reasons the US is so interested in "defending Ukraine" from what Russia is now doing . . .  because, it seems to me, this information shows the US funded the actual creation of the COVID-19 virus, which killed millions worldwide, and paved the way for their far deadlier "vaccine"- from which millions more are now dying, and the US needs to make certain nobody finds out.

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