U.S. Deploys MASSIVE Number of Military Planes 4:30AM This Morning over CONUS; Middle East Getting **MUCH** Worse

U.S. Deploys MASSIVE Number of Military Planes 4:30AM This Morning over CONUS; Middle East Getting **MUCH** Worse

The armed forces of the United States deployed an unprecedented number of military aircraft over the 48 continuous United States at about 4:30 this morning for an unknown reason.  Most observers have **never** seen this many MILITARY planes flying over the Continental United States (CONUS) ... ever.

Social media "lit-up" about this early this morning, with some social media users proclaiming "SOMETHING BIG IS HAPPENING - WW3- STAY VIGILANT AND PREPARE FOR THE WORST."  The map above shows **only** the military aircraft over CONUS this morning.

Thankfully . . . . nothing happened.  At least not yet, as of the writing of this story at 9:58 AM EDT

Over in the Middle East, things seem to be spiraling out of control, headed for a very fierce regional war. 

Bahrain announced the Israeli ambassador has left the country, Bahraini ambassador to Israel has been recalled, and economic relations halted with Israel.

Iran's Defense Minister, Mohammad Reza Ashtiani this morning said  "The Aqsa Storm operation showed that the destruction of the Zionist regime is imminent."  "If this war and the crimes of the Zionists against humanity do not stop, they will soon receive a heavy blow in the region and beyond."  "Freedom-loving people and Muslims around the world will not be patient much longer."

Iran's president says the US is the 'main cause' of 'Israeli crimes in Gaza.'

In another country, Iraq, Chief of Staff of the Iraqi Hashd al-Shaabi, Abu Fadak: "Regional conditions herald war, and we will be with Palestine as a government, people, and as the Hashd al-Shaabi. We emphasize the high readiness of all our fighters in the various sectors and formations and their full readiness to defend the country’s sovereignty and national borders." Hashd al-Shaabi has over 300,000 fighters who are experienced in urban warfare, they defeated ISIS.

The Kingdom of Jordan informed Yemen that it will not allow its airspace to be used against Israel. Saudi Arabia also opposed Yemen's request to use its airspace against Israel. But they do let Israeli airplanes use their airspace.

In Gaza, UNICEF reports - Situation in Gaza is Catastrophic "Relentless bombing, a massive increase in the displacement of children and families, and no safe places."


This morning,  HAMAS issued an official statement:

'In the name of God, the most gracious, the most merciful

Press Statement

The White House’s statements regarding working on an international regional consensus to manage the Gaza Strip after the end of the Zionist aggression on Gaza are rude and unacceptable statements, as the free Palestinian people are not the ones upon whom guardianship is imposed.

We say clearly that the attempts of blatant intervention by the United States to impose a new reality that suits them and the Zionist occupation in the Gaza Strip are completely rejected, and our Palestinian people will confront them with all force.

The decision to arrange the Palestinian situation is the decision of the Palestinian people, and they alone are able to determine their fate, future and interests.

These malicious American statements and plans are pipe dreams in their minds. Our great Palestinian people and their valiant resistance will prevail over this fascist occupation, and our people will impose their will and seize their rights by force to establish their independent Palestinian state with Jerusalem as its capital.

Islamic Resistance Movement - Hamas'


Negotiations between many countries are ongoing and one of the most informed and influential Israeli observers, Yoni Ben Menachem, confirmed that there was indeed information about a potential plan for Hamas leaders traveling abroad in exchange for the release of kidnapped Israelis.

According to the observer, we are talking about the so-called “Beirut model.” Israel is exploring the possibility that the leaders of the military wing of Hamas will leave the strip in exchange for their safety, the creation of another government in the strip and the release of all hostages.

Meanwhile, in Turkiye' Iran’s Foreign Minister Hossein Amir Abdollahian has said that Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan has agreed with an idea proposed by his Iranian counterpart Ebrahim Raisi that heads of states of the Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) meet on Gaza.

More Jabber-Jawing.


As the world is keenly aware, Israel told civilians in Gaza to move to the south of the Gaza Strip and is actively bombing the north of the strip.   Over 1 Million civilians are said to have moved south, fleeing for their lives as Israel bombs dropped in the north.

But this morning, a very worrisome development took place: Israel began fighting IN THE SOUTH!

The maps below show the location of the new outbreak:

Why would Israel demand all Gazans move to the south of the strip "for their own safety" and then commence military battle in the south?   

This development lends credence to the claims, made by many early-on, that the actual goal of Israel is to ethnically-cleanse the entire Gaza strip and forcibly displace all 2.3 million Palestinians!  Why else would Israel commence battle in the south?

 In addition to what's going on with Israel in the southern Gaza Strip, IDF Spokesperson revealed this morning that Iranian militia is fighting alongside Hezbollah on Lebanon border in Israel's north.

An Iranian militia arrived in southern Lebanon and is assisting Hezbollah in fighting against Israel, according to IDF Arabic spokesman Lt. Col. Avihai Adrai on Thursday.

According to the announcement, the Imam Hussein militia was assigned to assist in Syria in recent years, but now it is "Involved in friction with the IDF on the Lebanese border in recent weeks and takes part in offensive activity into Israeli territory."


Regardless of what they are all talking about, the clock is still ticking toward Friday at 3:00 PM local time in Beirut/Tel Aviv, when the head of Hezbollah is scheduled to make a televised speech about the ongoing hostilities between Israel and Hamas.

Word came out yesterday that both Hezbollah and Iran allegedly told Israel and the United States that unless Israeli hostilities HALT by sunrise tomorrow, it will be all-out war by tomorrow afternoon.

The clock is still ticking.

If open war is declared during the Hezbollah speech, it would take place at 3:00 PM local time in Beirut/Tel Aviv, which translates to 9:00 AM on the US East Coast.

We could all wake up tomorrow morning to a world on fire.



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