U.S. Moving Shipload(s) of Heavy Armor out of San Diego . . .

U.S. Moving Shipload(s) of Heavy Armor out of San Diego . . .

The armed forces of the Untied States have begun moving MORE THAN 45 M1 Abrams Main Battle Tanks, and MORE THAN 80 Bradley Fighting Vehicles from the port of . . .  San Diego, today.  Where in the Pacific might this armor be going????


-1 # Get It OutForrest Mosby 2022-01-31 18:01
Of a Strike Zone…. Save something at least
+1 # Shipload(s)Palehorse 2022-01-31 16:22

Once all that hardware is out to sea would
be the perfect time for a China torpedo to
sink the ship.

If such a thing happened would we ever know
about it?
-9 # "Freedom Keeper Nuclear Missiles" 2022-01-31 09:52
+1 # is thisAravinda 2022-01-31 18:45
sarc t n?
unfortunately with all the stupidity afoot
we have to make it clear when we make statements like this
+2 # Venezuela via Colombia?radioman390 2022-01-31 09:00
Venezuela has immense oil reserves but supposedly broken infrastructure, but Russia could fix that. It would keep the oil from getting to Americans. Note also that the US sent dozens of craft from East Coast ports. I don't they're for EU, but for Venezuela since it fronts on the Caribbean.
+2 # RE: Venezuela via Colombia?OnePointTwentyOne 2022-01-31 09:21
Hmm... Wonder who seizes control of the Panama canal as a strategic chokepoint as this thing takes shape?
+1 # RE: Venezuela via Colombia?RAFO 2022-01-31 14:07
Both ports of the canal, Colon (Atlantic) and Balboa (Pacific) are controlled/run by the Chinese… have been for years. Illegal treaty from Carter era gave former Canal Zone to Panama effective 12-31-99. I was there. Very sad indeed. Once we were gone, Chinese moved in and made agreement with Panama to run ports. Any question about who will choke off Canal for U.S. usage?? O’Biden would do nothing as he’s a traitor in their back pocket.
# Bidens' Mottokiltews 2022-01-31 19:56
" I'm so far up China's ass, I can see Justin Trudeaus' feet !
# RE: U.S. Moving Shipload(s) of Heavy Armor out of San Diego . . .ebelfer52 2022-01-31 08:22
Syria. through Iraq, another front for Russia
-1 # What If....torainbowsend 2022-01-31 14:56
The traitors are just moving hardware out of country (safely at sea), to be re-deployed back here.... once military targets have been who knows who.
# RE: U.S. Moving Shipload(s) of Heavy Armor out of San Diego . . .ebelfer52 2022-01-31 08:22
Syria. through Iraq, another front for Russsia
+3 # Soldier age illegalsBobbyjames1 2022-01-31 08:22
I volunteer in a homeless shelter.
The numbers have not gone up significantly in two years. My question is? Where are the millions of illiterate illegals? That have come into America in the last 30 months?? I think this is the weapon we should worry about!!!!
# # RE: Soldier Age IllegalsLassieLou 2022-01-31 14:33
I volunteer at a small local food bank (and have for 22 years) We don't get illegals around here (to cold!). Our numbers have always fluctuated at different times of the year,and some years are just less people period. This I can tell you,at the "beginning" of the "pandemic" & lock downs ,we seen our numbers shoot up & stay up, thru late summer of 2021,then a drop & now they way up again,with people asking for things like bread,oil,butter/margarine,beans,flour,coffee,meat or peanut butter.......saying,they just can't afford to pay for grocery's for the whole month.
We have always known we could be a target,since we're "out of the way" however,I'm pretty sure it'd be an "outsider" that might think they could try something......we're a pretty tight community,and that helps......
# army of illegalsjudith L 2022-01-31 12:06
my thoughts exactly. There is no one to help us when the "migrants" rise up. Except ourselves. Don't get distracted. have your head on a swivel.
# #illegalsPioneer 2022-01-31 10:41
Maybe they could be "volunteered" into service for their new country.
+2 # Protecting Stolen PropertyOnePointTwentyOne 2022-01-31 08:03
Desert camo is useless for the eastern Europe Theatre. US convoys keep getting blown up in Iraq so they need constant replacement. Stolen oil fields and US bases in Syria perceives there is an existential threat to their right of occupation of rightfully Syrian oil assets if Russia is attacked. Moreso in the knowledge that since Western puppet state Israel is been prevented from successfully attacking Iranian military and intelligence assets in Syria without reciprocal consequence because they are now heing protected by Russia, the US is reinforcing the gains of its ilkegal occupation.
+2 # ON US SoilWill2livefree 2022-01-31 07:56
For the last two years we have seen as noted here the disregard and leaving behind of so much military hardware. China is already sitting on the south side of Cuba. It already has deals with many carribean islands and their ports. They are have been practicing military drills on Canadian soil for about 6 years now and disclosed by Canada in 2020. Military has been purged and the military whisleblower trials on vaccine bioweapin used on our forces are about to begin. In 10 months there are over 22 million diseases reporting in the military. Increase of 20 million and it is shocking! THIS WAS JUST DISCLOSED. SEE SEN RON JOHNSON 2ND OPINION.

So now peice it together?
+2 # RE: ON US SoilWill2livefree 2022-01-31 07:57
Also only males between ages of 20 to 30 being brought into us borders for a while now. Afgan inclided.
+2 # RE: U.S. Moving Shipload(s) of Heavy Armor out of San Diego . . .Stefan123 2022-01-31 07:48
Whatever is happening around the globe we are only seeing maybe 5% of it. We dont know what is EXACTLY going on here. We are going to see something big happening this year. I am certainly sure the world we live in today will not exist in 2023. If we survive this year. Is it the middle east? Is it Europe? Is it Asia? The US soil? We will see..
# RE : U.S. Moving Shipload(s) of Heavy Armor out of San DiegoRedlist Renegade 2022-01-31 11:36
WHAT is it ? Probably Everything you mentioned and Then Some !!! One thing seems to be Certain , the powers that be Sure seem to want to get Rid of a Whole Lot of people Everywhere Very Quickly and they're bound and determined to DO it come Hell or high water !!!
+11 # Disarm USA 2022-01-31 05:09
I get the feeling that all of this armament movement overseas is just a ruse to disarm the continental USA military.
+1 # Maybe?Bobbyjames1 2022-01-31 07:01
I think you have a valid concern! I’m expecting an EMP to drive Americans to submission!
# EMPME 2022-01-31 23:39
-3 # The USA 2022-01-31 06:37
to get brother to fight brother. Like North and South Korea. Like Iran and Iraq.
Now they want Slavs of Ukraine and Russia to fight using the weapons they are supplying.
Then the USA can get Chinese in Taiwan and China fighting.
+2 # It all makes sense nowSmiley1984*! 2022-01-31 04:00
It all makes sense now; the build up of NATO and gradual transfer of arms to Europe, the pivot to Asia and NATO offering to supply forces there, and now the confrontation with Iran, Russia and China.

This was all planned and predicted a century ago, see:Albert Pike Letter to Mazzini
The Illuminati Plan for 3 World Wars, August 15, 1871


We are rapidly moving towards "The final battle for Humanity"

Einstein said that " I know not what weapons will be used in the next WAR, but the one after that will be fought with STICKS & STONES". He knew that he had unleashed unimaginable NUCLEAR POWER with his E=MC squared theory.

Russia knowing that a final confrontation with NATO would come, has been reservedly building up its military capabilities in readiness.

See this on NATO past and present:

I think that WORLD WAR III is coming soon!
+1 # Pacific armor from San Diegochip 2022-01-31 02:25
One poster said South Korea,, one said
Australia,,one said Tawaiin. All sound
logical to me. Let me add one more,,
Eastern Russia. These delusional basket
cases running this country might think
That was Russia moving all their armaments
To the West they might be defenseless
In the east. The way these people think
I believe they would be stupid enough to think
That they could try and invade from the east
+6 # RE: U.S. Moving Shipload(s) of Heavy Armor out of San Diego . . .RockyMountainBeerMan 2022-01-31 01:04
All painted in desert camo???
+8 # Ulterior motivesBuffalolips 2022-01-31 00:35
With ginormous armament shipments, first to Europe and now into the Pacific region (or wherever the destination), are we not foolishly disarming mainland USA? Intentionally?
+1 # Guess Who's coming to Dinner?supporttheblue 2022-01-31 06:00
+1 # Take your pickHuskerMike 2022-01-31 00:34
Okinawa, Japan, Philippines, Hawaii, or any other US territory or military bases that would be critical to the US in support of a war with China and find itself on China’s wish list.
-1 # China Joelumpy 2022-01-31 07:15
We got so much debt to China. China probably demanded the tanks as payment. We'll never have war with China, and if we do, they will kick our butts.

Probably some super secret Pfizer Chinese base in the Pacific
# MDLMarkdleague 2022-01-31 00:09
Panama Canal to Mediterranean?
+3 # RORO vesselJohn Finch 2022-01-30 23:31
+24 # What's left?Palehorse 2022-01-30 23:23

The United States is being drained of it's ability
to defend itself on it's own soil.

And remember that there are extensive underground
tunnel networks honeycombed across the
continent connecting major cities and strategic
positions above ground. Many of which are
military installations.

Foreign troops can be quickly moved long distances and
"pop" up unannounced overnight.
+4 # RE: What's left?Gunner 2022-01-31 04:10
This makes perfect sense. Send all the troops and equipment all over the damn place and then leave very, very little at home. Not good. The enemy will invade from Mexico, from Canada and who knows where else. Good Lord.
+9 # That was my first thought!LilBirdie 2022-01-31 00:09
I know we were continuing to send arms in to Afghanistan into March. How much did we leave there?
How much have we left all over the world?
They're throwing our arms around like they did our money.....and there isn't any of that left either!
+4 # Wow, Excellent pointkiltews 2022-01-30 23:35
Your message changes everything in my thought process!

Thank You
+5 # I wonder....Gulfcaptain 2022-01-30 23:23
I wonder what foreign country the US is going to give this stuff to while the military runs away. Perhaps there are pallets of cash going with this equipment? Why not... perhaps the receiving country / military will use it to wipe their ass with. Thank you US taxpayers!!
+1 # Or perhaps...Gulfcaptain 2022-01-30 23:27
Perhaps they will just dump this stuff into the Pacific. Are we getting close to a new defense budget? May we have too much equipment to justify asking yet more money to burn on bloated and overpriced military equipment that we need to get rid of it? Can't seem to start a war lately so perhaps we can just dump it. Yea, sounds like a good Brandon plan.
+1 # "Untied States" maybe not a typoMan of the Atom 2022-01-30 23:22
This is so true - when WW III destroys the central USG and the continuity of government site(s) it will be every State for themselves - if their governments would even exist and in total war that too is unlikely. Let us hope this does not happen or "it will be the end of the world as we know it" and we won't feel fine - if we are still alive.
+1 # My vote is for...Loki 2022-01-30 23:11
-1 # Not a chance.Palehorse 2022-01-30 23:24
+2 # RE: U.S. Moving Shipload(s) of Heavy Armor out of San Diego . . .JFY 2022-01-30 23:09
Maybe its headed for Korea.

South Korea for the moment...
+6 # The big event is coming?Garyhines 2022-01-30 23:05
Hi Hal more than likely it's going east to start a war with China and that's bad news I doubt it's going towards Europe even if it does go towards where ever the problem is we are now on one way ticket towards total annihilation Hal you can thank Biden for all of this bullshit Hal
+3 # Ment to sayWW3kimberK 2022-01-30 22:46
# Easy 2022-01-31 05:11
one world war is much like another !
# this one will be over quickly.supporttheblue 2022-01-31 06:21
Nukes destroy everything in their path.
+6 # Tired of the Bullshit!kimberK 2022-01-30 22:44
Do not ever want War 2 happen! But this is so ridiculous! Something needs to happen! The Jobama administration needs to end now! We the People are the only ones that can end this! We run the government! They do not run us!
# Really ? 2022-01-31 05:10
From my POV you pay the government, and allow insider trading. So they are all millionaires.
In return they allow companies to write their own laws and appoint their own staff as regulators.
Who's zoomin who ?
+6 # Putin not the aggressor here it seemscowgirl 2022-01-30 22:33

Russia is not planning to use their nukes until they get fired on first. Biden and his handlers better not get trigger happy.
-1 # havent you seen the news??daniel_martin 2022-01-31 09:29
hundreds of russians died already on Syria and Ukraine, both conflites styrred by US. A very well informed RU MIL told US sunk the Kursk to hurt Putin image. Dozens of RU diplomats were assassinated by CIA including the UN and one in Turkey during a press! We are on WW3 already. Russia is just training the attack to be so swift to avoid any chance of retaliation. plus there are many prophecies of the complete desturction of US and EU
+3 # maybeLoki 2022-01-30 23:11
I wouldn't count on that.
+14 # madmanmurphymadmanmurphy 2022-01-30 22:19
Probably will arrive in Australia to the big semi-secret base in Northern Territory so Australia can get involved in Taiwan war. Our PM said just the other day Australia is going to aid Ukraine. These people are too stupid for words.
+11 # Wow ..... This is SO REVELATION...NHydg 2022-01-30 22:08
I think they are reading Revelation and then trying to follow it as a lead ..........hmmmm
+5 # RE: Wow ..... This is SO REVELATION...selah 2022-01-30 22:52
You are right. They think they are God
+13 # Here we goSawyerb56 2022-01-30 21:52
This is getting ugly
Soon it will be to late back off...
+11 # All part of a 200 year old plankiltews 2022-01-30 22:18
Backing off is not part of the 200 year old plan to start WW3. Just like WW1 & WW2 went ahead as planned so too will WW3.
+3 # Please share moreThe_4th_Turning 2022-01-30 22:31
Of this plan
+6 # RE: Please share moreJFY 2022-01-30 23:12
Look for General Pike's letter to Mazzini.
+10 # “shadow world government”kiltews 2022-01-30 22:49
People who's names we have never even heard of, have been following their plan for hundreds of years to eventually control the entire planet.
WW3 is just a small part of that plan. It will happen as they have planned it, just like WW1 & WW2. Just a matter of when they want WW3 to begin.


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