UPDATED -- Not so fast . . . U.S. SEC-DEF: "Ukraine is Losing . . ."

UPDATED -- Not so fast . . .  U.S. SEC-DEF: "Ukraine is Losing . . ."

United States Secretary of Defense, Lloyd Austin, at a Press Conference attended by Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, General Mark Milley, admitted this afternoon "Ukraine is LOSING on this battlefield."

Search Engines like Google seemed to go into instant Censorship overdrive when videos like the one below started coming out.  Clearly, Google does not want anyone knowing what Hal Turner Radio Show listeners have known for months!  Ukraine __ is __ losing.

Here's the remark made during today's press conference:

Now, THIS ought to be interesting.  I wonder how outfits like FACEBOOK, TWITTER, and especially REDDIT are going to deal with this ugly turn of reality?

I suspect almost complete censorship by these social media outlets, while they try to wrap their little left-wing brains around this fact.

Oh, and it ought to be a real eye-opener when all those morons with Ukraine flags in their profiles, start hearing about this.   I think there could literally be rivers of liberal tears !!!!!!

From the beginning of this conflict, I told everyone who reads this site, and everyone who listens to my show "Ukraine lost the moment the Russian Army crossed their border." 

The West was clearly in denial.  Still has been until . . .  today.

Now what?

UPDATE: 7:10 PM EDT --

Well, it turns out that the people who grabbed the video above, took Lloyd Austin's comments COMPLETELY out of context.   

I have now seen the ENTIRE press conference video and while Austin did utter the words, he did so as follows:

"Sometimes when we have these conversations, it seems like Ukraine is losing . . .uhhh. . .  on this battlefield.  That's NOT the case."

He then went on to explain why the US needs to keep upping the ante, and send more and more, higher level weapons to Ukraine.   

Call me dumb, but if Ukraine is winning, why do we need to keep upping the ante? 

Maybe because Ukraine is, in fact, losing?




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