U.S. Votes **AGAINST** United Nations Resolution to Combat "Glorification of Nazism"

U.S. Votes **AGAINST** United Nations Resolution to Combat "Glorification of Nazism"

The United States of America voted today AGAINST a Resolution by the United Nations General Assembly, to "Combat the glorification of Nazism . . ."  The Biden Regime now officially supports NAZI ideology.

Out of the 180 countries present for today's vote, 120 voted in FAVOR of Combatting Nazi ideology, 50 countries, including the USA, Ukraine, Poland, Finland, Germany, and Italy voted AGAINST, and ten nations abstained.

Here is the UN vote total chart:



Hal Turner Analysis and Opinion

So then, based upon the USA's official UN vote, it is now factually correct to refer to the Biden regime as "NAZI Collaborators" and to refer to the Democrat Party which controls the White House, as the "Pro-NAZI" party.

Democrats=NAZIs  Repeat this often and in public from today forward.

At Democrat Town Hall Meetings and campaign events, stand up and give them the full fledged "SIEG HEIL" with the arm raised and all.  





# RE: U.S. Votes **AGAINST** United Nations Resolution to Combat "Glorification of Nazism"mjc 2022-12-16 17:10
This resolution gets re-introduced......every year.

America has been voting against it.....every year....since 2005, on free speech grounds. The resolution calls for member states to prevent "pro-Nazi" speach and assembly. That's a non-starter in the US, due to the first amendment. The EU states abstain....every year.

"On Wednesday December 16, the United Nations General Assembly passed its annual resolution on “Combating Glorification of Nazism, neo-Nazism and other practices....The US has voted against the resolution since 2005,arguing that it hampers commitment to the First Amendment which guarantees freedom of speech and right to peaceful assembly and association. "

"At the United Nations this week, the U.S. plans to vote against a yearly resolution that condemns the glorification of Nazism, State Department officials said Wednesday. Although it may seem counterintuitive — who wouldn’t want to condemn Nazis? — officials said that free speech protections and other problems with the resolution make it impossible for America to support the document.....
The United States votes against the resolution every year, along with just a handful of others, while the European Union nations and some others typically abstain. The resolution always passes overwhelmingly, usually with little fanfare....
no, America doesn’t support pro-Nazi speech — but can’t vote for a resolution that calls for outlawing it, either
United States Mission to the United Nations -
Explanation of Vote on a Resolution on the Glorification of Nazism

....the United States must express opposition to this resolution....The United States Supreme Court has consistently affirmed the constitutional right to freedom of speech and the rights of peaceful assembly and association, including by avowed Nazis, whose hatred and xenophobia are widely scorned by the American people."
-2 # Heil HalDisstheease 2022-12-16 17:01
You can be a member of the nazi party, without actually being a nazi, just like a RINO in the Republican party.
-2 # Heil HalDisstheease 2022-12-16 17:01
You can be a member of the nazi party, without actually being a nazi, just like a RINO in the Republican party.
-2 # Sniffin JoeForrest Mosby 2022-12-16 14:56
Sends his boy to suck nazi dick for money(a LOT of money, I admit, but still..)…why would he allow an up vote on such a resolution?
-2 # A subterfuge ?SBGlett77 2022-12-16 08:21
To me, the only significance of this vote is that it's a referendum on World Economic Forum alignment, that is, who is willing to be under Klaus Schwab's and the globalists' control, and who isn't, and who might be a wannabe. Those who voted against the resolution are winking and nodding at each other that they are in the fraternity. They aren't going to vote for anything that the deplorables want, no matter how noble it might be. To them the Nazi issue is immaterial; it might as well be "do you support sliced bread ?". The WEF crowd would all vote en bloc to show their "solidarity", no matter how illegal or immoral the topic might be.

The "West" better pay heed that over 3/4 of the world's population is not playing. Right now the "West" is not ascending; they are descending, and everyone knows it except them, as they flail about. Watch this group try to desperately reassert themselves as their debt-based debauched and immoral financial system fails. The problem the rest of us have is that they have a lot of potent weapons with which they want to satanically lash out, and they are in a position to do so if they can just conjure up an "excuse".

Right now, prayer from the salt of the earth asking to keep He who restrains continuing to do so until He is removed, is the only countering force.
-2 # He who restrainsBoss 2022-12-16 11:48
is the Holy Spirit embedded in every true Christian believer and in the Holy Church created by Jesus the Christ, the King of Kings, the Lord of Lord, the Only Begotten Son of the Father, and the Holy Word of God. Tribulation is coming down the pike; but, the Church and all true Believers will have to exit, taking the Holy Spirit with them. That makes me lean strongly toward the Rapture. Furthermore, the burning up of the earth happens at the end of the Tribulation period. So, I think it is logical to not expect the nuclear destruction just yet......And Matthew 24 says says that the end will come after everyone has heard the Word of God. We still have preaching to do. God bless you and yours. Disagree with me if you wish but kindly do not use profane language.
# Good perspectiveSBGlett77 2022-12-16 12:28
I like your explanation, myself ! I would only add that until then, we are commanded by Jesus to pray, and also it is possible God may deal with Babylon the Great's destruction ( Rev. 18 ) before the rapture, as one of the things most agree on is that The Revelation is not in chronological order. In fact, since the entire Bible is in fact The Revelation of Jesus Christ, taking the entire Bible text in chrono order would be a mistake, too. But regardless of the order, it all has either already come to pass, or will soon.
-1 # Boss replies to SBGlett77Boss 2022-12-16 14:59
Thank you for your comments. I have read that some commentators on Revelation indicate that some events will happen at the same time. Makes sense. God bless you and yours.
-2 # Intel Slava was rescuedSrmay72 2022-12-16 08:19 being hit several places the rails been reenergized power facilities also
-2 # For What They Did To JoanDoug Brown 2022-12-16 07:28
Thinking about rupturing Great Britain?
For what they did to Joan?
For the horrendous way they treated Joan.
Yes, give them a good bump.

Joan of Arc? Never addressed.
Due punishment never allotted.
-1 # Jean D'Arc1of7 2022-12-16 08:52
Some punishments are slow coming. Why? The true and epic battles at Armageddon will determine the eternal fate for the lot of them.

Then, everlasting justice shall be served without temerity. But with fire, and brimstone, into an eternity.

So we approach judgment day. I'm reminded to always hold my way.

For The Great Divide is finally, long on its way, finally finds its day.

Who among us thought the old wives tale about a Bright and Morning Star upon His shiney white horse arriving to save the day, is just a folklore myth anyway?

Send forth thine sacred Army, Our King of All Kings and Prince Of All Peace; come hither to save the day.

All things shall, and finally, be rendered. Each judged according to our lot. Will you make the slay? Or rue the day?

Due punishment equivalent?

Just eternal damnation and for other, our salvation. Ergo, it's vitally important each is given their own attempt to avoid the Le Lac De Fuer. For the consequences are, indeed, forevermore.

Have always so respected, Dr. Brown and now it's known to me why, the many reasons which I see.

I do look forward to making your acquaintance, Sir. On the other side of Armageddon. And enjoying our everlasting God sent glee.


Love Always,

Lquote name="Doug Brown"]Thinking about rupturing Great Britain?
For what they did to Joan?
For the horrendous way they treated Joan.
Yes, give them a good bump.

Joan of Arc? Never addressed.
Due punishment never allotted.
-1 # Burning A Teenag to death?Doug Brown 2022-12-16 07:33
England never paid for its sin.
Maybe in the annauls of eternal justice
Russia anger toward the UK can cover this?
# RE: Burning A Teenag to death?1of7 2022-12-16 08:57
Forged through fire. Yes, it's truly unimaginable the level of evil and filth among us.

The same whom approve themselves as God's among men. Whom send an Army to slay a little girl, or an old lady who is, seemingly, nothing to no one and no one with nothing.

The forgings will ensure. How exactly do you think they will do?

Forged through fire, for me, and for you. Let's see who makes it through...

Love Always,

quote name="Doug Brown"]England never paid for its sin.
Maybe in the annauls of eternal justice
Russia anger toward the UK can cover this?
-1 # Your Gov is being Run by Nazis.Garyhines 2022-12-16 06:49
Biden and his administration are worthless piles of Dog Shit. Any gov that supports this horse shit ideology has completely lost their minds. This Needs to be exposed out in the open .Biden needs to be exposed as a pile of dog shit .worthless.Biden needs to hung with razor wire wrapped around his neck. .then use him for target practice. 50 cal 700 gr armour Piercing rounds . Biden is now a War Criminal.wanted if you see ignorant Bastards arrest him no matter what. Wanted Dead or Alive . He looks good as a Dead Man
+1 # RE: Your Gov is being Run by Nazis.Snowbear 2022-12-16 11:54
Your comment gives me immediate reaction is YEAH!....but on further review, I think we need to treat the traitor with due process. Then hang him. We don't want to become as bad as they are.
-1 # RE: Your Gov is being Run by Nazis.Snowbear 2022-12-16 11:54
Your comment gives me immediate reaction is YEAH!....but on further review, I think we need to treat the traitor with due process. Then hang him. We don't want to become as bad as they are.
+1 # Russian are not Hurtingplasmaglyphs 2022-12-16 06:29

On Tucker Carlson tonight a story was done, by a news traveler, about Russia's grocery stores and prices... It is a great segment... T=16min t=16min

This is the type of report which if used smartly could bring the American people to their senses, over the provocation of Russia and the foolishness of America's NATO policy...

The US is trying to cause escalation and i hope Putin doesn't bite at that taunt... I'd suspect he is smarter than that,, but we know how low the U.S. government will go to get into war... Pearl Harbor,,, JFK,, Gulf of Tonkin,,, Gulf War 1 and then 9/11...
Their pattern of behavior is well recorded, and many people are waking up...

The American people need to grow in resolve about the usage of False Flags to start wars...

Any government that uses that tactic is an illegitimate government... End of story..

Hitler was trying to negotiate peace with Europe but Winston Churchill would not agree to de-escalation... In Denise Wise's documentary Hitler: The Greatest Story Never Told, he talks deeply about the desire for peace.. Hitler regarded the Europeans and kin-folk,, of the same heritage..

Russia has tried to negotiate peace with the west,, even asking to join NATO,, but the US needs an enemy which is not in bed with it economically,, as china is...
Pol_Pot-us iO'ebidEn has long expressed the intent to take down Russia...

Putin needs to let the West keep making mistakes and exposing itself warmongers / provocateurs.

It is the Beast which drew the comment,, "Who is like the Beast? Who is able to make war with him?" Rev. 13:4

BidEn is a Jesuit,, the War Monger side of the Catholic church.. A person could easily trace their activity as a fulfilment of Rev. 12's dragon,, going out to make war with the remnant......

This is a spiritual battle,, and discernment
needs to be restored in America's population.. The people coming into the US from South America know all too well the handiwork of the Dragon that took down their Empire in the 14 & 1500's.
Jesuits set up one of the first concentration camp in south America somewhere.. I think it is mentioned in this video.

Secret Treaty of Verona 1825

+1 # To give them the full fledged "ZEIG HEIL" with the arm raisedSmiley1984*! 2022-12-16 04:32
To give them the full fledged "ZEIG HEIL" with the arm raised, may give the wrong message!

I understand the sentiment; BUT the meaning of the words is "Hail to Victory" which was obligatory in Hitlers rein.

So would you be saying hail to the victory of the Democrats and also to the victory of Ukraine?

Unfortunately it is a signal used by "White supremacists": do you want to give them an excuse to prosecutor and jail you. Think about it!
-1 # LifeWoulf 2022-12-16 04:27
5:47 / 5:47
The HU - Shireg shireg English lyrics and transliteration
The HU - Wolf Totem (Official Music Video)
+1 # Slovak Republicsa1phx 2022-12-16 03:21
Hello from Slovak Republic, small west neighboor of Ukraine. Yesterday our pro-usa deep state government has fallen It is big surprise for slovak nation!
# RE: Slovak RepublicWoulf 2022-12-16 03:58
Maybe a "good thing"?. Now ask what "your people" think.
# RE: Slovak Republicsa1phx 2022-12-16 04:41
Počet obyvatel Slovenska je 5,5 milionu. Asi 3,2 milionu je hloupých, protože nosili masky a účastnili se globálního "testu" národa, když se na stejném místě v zimě shromáždily miliony lidí. A zbytek slovenského národa bojuje proti covid nacismu a nemůže se nechat zmanipulovat mainstreamovými médii, protože nevlastní televizi ani jiný nástroj na vymývání mozků. Takže patřím do druhé skupiny a slavíme konec této teroristické vlády.

Quoting Woulf:
Maybe a "good thing". Now ask what "your people" think.
-1 # WoulfesWoulf 2022-12-16 02:40
Time to "howl", "almost". Time "to feed", nibble "a little".
The Score - Born For This (Official Audio)
Protect "the pups" not the "degenerates".
Creedence Clearwater Revival: Bad Moon Rising
Hidden Citizens

They have "no idea", "YET."
-1 # HmmWoulf 2022-12-16 01:54
A "commie" or a" nazi"? (lower case "intentional") We seem to be the "best of both" these days. Sometimes you just have to ask. "End of days" or the "end of ways"?
teach your children- csny (on-screen lyrics)
"The end" is sometimes "better" than "the beginning".
Maybe they "will learn". Just saying.
If you have ever "been a father", you now know what the "FATHER" wants.
+6 # RE: U.S. Votes **AGAINST** United Nations Resolution to Combat "Glorification of Nazism"RockyMountainBeerMan 2022-12-15 22:53
Why is anybody here surprised?
+3 # RE: U.S. Votes **AGAINST** United Nations Resolution to Combat "Glorification of Nazism"LilBirdie 2022-12-16 00:49
Quoting RockyMountainBeerMan:
Why is anybody here surprised?

Surprised -No
+6 # Democrats=NAZIsChappyusa1 2022-12-15 21:58
OK I will this day moving forward
Democrats =NAZIs where ever I go.

You can put a dress on a pig, but it's still a pig. Nazis in this country can't hide their true colors, they are still Nazis
+3 # Hardly suprising!Smiley1984*! 2022-12-15 21:25
It is hardly surprising which countries voted against the " Combating the glorification of Nazism etc": they are the NATO and 5 eye's countries that have given their full support to Ukraine.

We can see that most Western Governments are Nazi Sympathizes and align themselves with a Nazi dominated Ukraine!

We here in the West; have Governments that NOW support the ideology that we went to WAR against in 1939-1945.

What an absolute disgrace; what a total betrayal of those that died in that WAR fighting Nazism!

We are facing "The Scourge of the Swastika". The most EVIL philosophy on EARTH!
-1 # Let's hear from the other sidestandingwave 2022-12-15 21:24
From what I have been able to find, this has come up every year since 2005, and every year the US votes against it.

Here is the US response from 2019.

Note that the response includes:
"The United States, which together with our democratic Allies, made decisive contributions to the victory over Nazi Germany in 1945, condemns the glorification of Nazism and all modern forms of racism, xenophobia, discrimination, and related intolerance. We do so while maintaining our steadfast commitment to freedom of expression. In fighting against the murderous tyranny of Nazism, the United States also fought for the freedom and human rights of all – including the right to freedoms of expression, association and peaceful assembly."

This gives the US vote some context which seems to be missing herein.
+2 # Nopegjones7777 2022-12-15 21:37
We don't need "context" for ANY decision to glorify, defend, or ever allow nazism. Nazis are pure evil...PERIOD!
-1 # We alwaysDaddy 2022-12-16 01:26
We ALWAYS need context.if it is true,then what is being pushed here, that the democrats are the Nazis is WRONG.
It would mean BOTH parties have voted against this bill .
Making AMERICA the Nazis sympathising country.
Context allows us to figure the truth out .
-1 # gjones, did you actually read the US response?standingwave 2022-12-15 21:48
"The United States, which together with our democratic Allies, made decisive contributions to the victory over Nazi Germany in 1945, condemns the glorification of Nazism and all modern forms of racism, xenophobia, discrimination, and related intolerance."
+1 # RE: Let's hear from the other sidestandingwave 2022-12-15 21:31
I am reluctant to jump to the conclusion that the UN really has condemnation of despotism as a primary goal. I do not rule out the possibility that the UN creates these resolutions because the UN does not want competition for despotic rule.
-1 # UNWoulf 2022-12-16 05:12
Whom was it in the 70's that signed a document at the UN for the "culling of their people"?( mass murder?) What 160 countries "signed off" on this?" How many others have signed since then? Better yet "whom" signed for "us"? Can you spell "Treason"?
I may be "old" but I never "forget or forgive".
The One to Survive
Hidden Citizens
HELL hath no fury as a "Woulf bitten".
# RE: Let's hear from the other 2022-12-15 22:17
What does passing this resolution invoke?
Is this the “crest” of a slippery slope?
Who stands to lose down this slope in the future?

Not easy questions/answers.
An easy search reveals the US was not in compliance with the verbiage of this resolution….too vague, too open for interpretation.
+6 # RE: U.S. Votes **AGAINST** United Nations Resolution to Combat "Glorification of Nazism"FewThereBe 2022-12-15 21:17

Republicans are no better. They are supporting the ukro-nazis also. Uni-party.
+4 # RE: U.S. Votes **AGAINST** United Nations Resolution to Combat "Glorification of Nazism"Mpinnt 2022-12-15 21:11
So where were republicans in all this? Any outrage shown by anyone but us?
+5 # LOOK IN THE MIRROR 2022-12-15 21:05
We are surrounded by Nazi'ism in this country!
Look around you.....

Police enforce the Unconstitutional 1968 gun control act that was lifted word for word from Nazi German Law!

(FWIW--- New Jersey makes Nazi Germany look like a gun haven in many respects.)

The CIA is filled with Operation Paperclip Nazi's and has filled Americans with their world view.

Our schools teach "outcome based education" right out of Nazi Germany.

There is not much if any important difference between Nazism and Communism.

YET we have implemented ALL 10 planks of the Communist Manifesto HERE Hal!

We have a graduated income tax.
We have a National Bank.
We have a property tax.
We have free government schools.

Go read the document yourself folks:
+8 # History is written by the Victors...Jonesy042 2022-12-15 20:58
The truth about WW2 is that a group of nazis went to Antarctica. Russia acquired some and so did the US. Operation Paperxlip. Warner Von Braun, former SS became the director of nasa(Not A Space Agency). This isn't a conspiracy theory but conspiracy FACTS. Admiral Richard Byrd was sent on amission there to clean up that base down there. We were defeated and returned early from OPHighjump. Folks, the narrative isn't what it seems. Those who have researched deeply down the rabbit hole know what I'm saying is true.
# RE: History is written by the Victors...oldschool 2022-12-18 21:39
Your right Jonesy.

(Empire Beneath the Ice
How the Nazis won World War II )
Stephen Quayle
# YesDaddy 2022-12-16 01:28
And they live inside the earth with aliens and on the moon too , don't they ?
# RE: U.S. Votes **AGAINST** United Nations Resolution to Combat "Glorification of Nazism"Igorbzo 2022-12-15 20:31

Soooo! I was right when I called Nazis lovers WTH is going on in this land of the "free"
+8 # RE: U.S. Votes **AGAINST** United Nations Resolution to Combat "Glorification of Nazism"Gunner 2022-12-15 20:09
My God seriously - WTF has happened to the once great United States? The U.S. Govt is so damn disgusting, immoral, screwed up beyond belief and shitty!! Nothing but crazed, wicked criminals.
+2 # WWIIIVercinge 2022-12-15 20:01
The rise of Hitler as well as Bolshevik revolution, according with Antony Sutton, have been both funded by Jewish Wall Street banksters. Most of former German nazis, beginning with NASA founder Werner von Braun, have been hired by US Zionist Governement soon after the end of WWII.

The USA have been founded by the Jewish free mason George Washington and since 1776 are under full control of the Jews. The Holocaust is a "phenomenal lie", according with French professor Robert Faurisson's expression, upon which lies the gigantic and disproportionate power of the Jewish upon the western world via USA.

It would have been surprising if the US had voted the resolution in favor of the condamnation of Nazism that the masonic UN has theatrically submitted to the Assembly.

The world history, in particular of the last 250 years, is a piece of theatre almost always tragic and bloody for the Goym, whose director is Zionism. The final act of this horrific comedy, will be the approaching WWIII, which however will also result to be a huge boomerang for its directors themselves.
-1 # 2022-12-15 19:52
This was a vote by the General Assembly, not the Security Council. The vote was overwhelmingly in support of the resolution.
Why did the USA delegate feel it was necessary to vote against vs abstaining since our vote was not a deciding vote? What exactly is the message being established here?? On previous resolutions re :Nazism, the USA has voted no with respect to our 1st Amendment stance. With all that is going on here in America regarding shadow banning, blocking social media accounts, etc. you would think our delegate would abstain…
+1 # Robert Dziokrddziok 2022-12-15 19:59
The answer is simple and Hal gave it to us in his article: Democrats=NAZIs!
# RE: Robert 2022-12-15 22:10
Actually, not that simple. An easy search reveals
George W Bush voted no…
Obummer voted no…
D J Trump voted no…
Now Biden votes no…
+3 # Old newsjrg 2022-12-15 19:33
No vote was by Trump. Get your news right. Gees.
+2 # RE: Old 2022-12-15 20:01
This is a reoccurring resolution brought before the General Assembly. Obummer & Bush II voted against it, too. Get the news-all the news- right.
# RE: U.S. Votes **AGAINST** United Nations Resolution to Combat "Glorification of Naziism"standingwave 2022-12-15 19:31
What was the complete text of the resolution?
+2 # NATO and UN Nazi voteJack Finch 2022-12-15 19:08
A quick scan of the votes of the 180 countries shows that all of NATO voted AGAINST this
UN resolution. Somebody sending a message?
+2 # SameSrmay72 2022-12-15 19:05
I've said many times I come from one of the evilest families there is. KKK and Nazis are exactly the same just different names. My great grandpa would tell you the Riech will rise in the end, as short as time that's left evil will triumph for a season till God's wrath comes.
# moutsappergregctg 2022-12-15 19:04
so for a whole year and 2+billion in damage done by democrats in democrat cities looking for those elusive Nazis they nagged incessantly were everywhere, but they couldn't find a 1 (unless Christian straight and conservative and have differing views than regime is new def of a nazi) that wasn't in ukraine or dc.
the pentagon democrat groups corporations banks had hissy fits purging our military of so-called new nazis they defined as patriotic, Christians, and God. those with morals and strength who would stand in their way by doing what's right follow the constitution and the UCMJ and law. NOW the same democrats don't wanna look for any or fight Nazism anywhere? could that be cause the us govt are the nazi party/ could it be that dc is financing and our military is arming training and helping actual midget homo hitler mass murderer and develop biological weapons and start a nuclear war?

stay unmasked unvaxxxed and uncooperative and vertical. be prepared food water ammo comms and train and stay the F away from cryto scam crap so you can resist whatever comes down the pike.
+3 # Herr Brandon....WilliamtheResolute 2022-12-15 18:51
The sad part is that the UN actually did something I approve of on its surface...and our deep state neo-cons voted against it...huge surprise./s


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