Uh Oh! Netherlands Brags 90% Vax Rate; Now Super-Strain of . . . HIV . . . found in . . . Netherlands

Looking into this farther, but here are the basics:


-1 # Recourse against Government Tyrantsplasmaglyphs 2022-02-08 03:20
(WATCH) What are Surety Bonds? Is THIS the Blueprint to Finally Defeat Corrupt School
Boards & Other Tyrants,, who are doing harm to kids (by complying with CDC) to receive federal funds (bribes)
source: t=11:30
-1 # You no like???plasmaglyphs 2022-02-08 17:14
I'm shock by the down vote,,, must be a public official marginalizing the key to accountability,, pocket-book & property...

Maybe some more info will help..
Most hourly people might never hear about the most common application of surety bonds,, contracts and such..
It never crossed my desk,, until yesterday.

Many public official are required to provide & maintain performance bonds...
And you can be darn sure officials don't want the public to know about this so they won't know how to hold them accountable...

+2 # I just want to knowUasns1 2022-02-07 18:44
Why are the triple vax'd the most featful of Covid?
Yet another of my tripled friends confirmed their fears. And young construction workers tripled, scared out of their minds of Covid. I don't get.
+2 # Just a thoughtkiltews 2022-02-07 19:16
Maybe you should ask the vaxed that question.
+1 # Vaccinated False Positive HIV Tests, Maybe Not so FalseFaith11 2022-02-07 17:12
Recall those false positive HIV results from the vaccinated? Queensland University stated,
"They were not infected with HIV, nor did the vaccine, contain the entire HIV virus" So, if it does not contain the entire virus, does that mean the vaccine contained some of the HIV virus?
# RE: Vaccinated False Positive HIV Tests, Maybe Not so Falsetoromaki 2022-02-08 12:14
it was used in the creation of covid to make it more human communicable
+1 # Yeah, But, SeeForrest Mosby 2022-02-07 16:18
Nobody here gets out alive -Jim Morrison
He was a terrible cynic so Im sure he included the stupid in his thoughts.
-2 # Run!cathbad 2022-02-07 16:18
It's the Teenage Ninja Mutant Turtle strain! Run for the hills!!
+2 # RE: Uh Oh! Netherlands Brags 90% Vax Rate; Now Super-Strain of . . . HIV . . . found in . . . Netherlandsselah 2022-02-07 16:01
this is true. my unvaxed friend was just murdered. went to hospital with breathing issuses. put him on a ventilator. a few days later doctors said "he's brain dead now. somewhere along the line he lost oxygen to his brain. " FLAT OUT MURDER!
# Medical MurderMrsBlake 2022-02-07 22:08
It's called organ harvesting. Everyone who has donated their organs/body to medical science at death is at high risk of 'dying' if they should go to a hospital.
Was your friend an organ donor?
+1 # Taking the vaxpaulattahoe 2022-02-07 13:56
out of fear is like having sex outside of marriage. One is out of fear and the other is out of pleasure, but both are mistakes.
+2 # RE: Uh Oh! Netherlands Brags 90% Vax Rate; Now Super-Strain of . . . HIV . . . found in . . . Netherlandsclove 2022-02-07 13:04
Next headline...Lots of inexpensive homes for sale in the Netherlands right now. Real Estate agents stating it's a good time to buy.
# RE: Uh Oh! Netherlands Brags 90% Vax Rate; Now Super-Strain of . . . HIV . . . found in . . . NetherlandsTexasWolf 2022-02-07 19:30
Not a joke. If you can't afford a home now...just wait. Sadly, there will be many openings soon enough.
+11 # Herr Fauci?Lexie 2022-02-07 07:49
Please do not forget Fauci's heavy involvement in the Aids outbreak and now his involvement in everything sars cov 2 . This seems beyond coincidental to me . That fascist should be swing from a tree.
+7 # IndeedPierre Derelicto 2022-02-07 11:37
... he should've hung, decades ago.
+7 # AloneWernerH75 2022-02-07 04:23
If i wasnt living in the Netherlands
i would think its funny.

Are there people wanting to live here
in the Netherlands? If this contineus i will
be all alone
# RE: AloneUasns1 2022-02-07 18:53
That is one way to become a part of the 1 % lol
+10 # VAIDS pandemicSmiley1984*! 2022-02-07 03:51
We are heading for a VAIDS pandemic, see this from UK official data:
Vaccinated Autoimmune Death Sentence I call it, caused by hi jacking the bodies cells, to produce S protein (spike), that overwhelms the bodies defence (immunity) trying to fight it.
All those inoculated will develop MINUS 100%
efficacy or worse, most already have, as shown in the video above.
They will die from cancer's, or latent diseases that were being held in check, or any infection they catch.
This is the real DEADLY PANDEMIC!
+10 # Scams that just Won't End !!!Redlist Renegade 2022-02-07 03:01
Yeah and they're going to call the New "variant" AnotherCon !!!
+8 # "Now Children" 2022-02-07 02:44
+5 # RE: Uh Oh! Netherlands Brags 90% Vax Rate; Now Super-Strain of . . . HIV . . . found in . . . NetherlandsGunner 2022-02-07 01:23
These sick, mental Fools just never stop.
+3 # Here is another report along those same linesMan of the Atom 2022-02-07 02:38

There is so many of these now that they would fill up this whole page - it is only a matter of time until the breakout into the corrupt MSM. I can only wonder how the "sheeple" will handle the shock of realization.
The Dim voters in particular may get violent.
+4 # 2022-02-07 04:18
I watched some CNBC news channel in Ottawa.
Two politicians were talking about a new leader election for the Conservatives - half an hour.
A minute before the end of the program the host said "I suppose we should mention the truckers closing down the city. ".
Neither poly had a good word to say about the freedom fighters.
The mayor said he did not have enough people to deal with them. So they are going to arrest anyone that takes food etc to them !
+2 # Don't panicnotme 2022-02-07 01:15

The researchers determined that the variant has been circulating in the Netherlands for "several years".
+1 # On the other handMan of the Atom 2022-02-07 02:02
I don't think 90% of the Dutch population are vaccinated. Israel is "only" 78%.

I wish I could say I will just stock up on popcorn and watch the vaccine death wave (if it occurs) in real time but then those are the lives of people lied to "by their television sets" but like Elvis did not shoot it - yet.
+19 # RE: Uh Oh! Netherlands Brags 90% Vax Rate; Now Super-Strain of . . . HIV . . . found in . . . NetherlandsRockyMountainBeerMan 2022-02-07 00:11
Remember that scientist a couple years ago who reported that the HIV spike protein was found amongst the other spike proteins on Covid - and got promptly silenced?

+10 # Next...Gulfcaptain 2022-02-07 00:04
Next they will claim that extra doses of the vaxx will cure HIV. Keep taking it you dumb asses.. More and more. Who ever said taking too much pharmaceutical drugs was ever harmful? Side effects don't exist right? Stupid is as stupid continues to do.
+10 # status Quokiltews 2022-02-07 00:31
keep taking injection after injection.
keep sending your children to school.
keep voting in rigged elections.
keep wearing your face diapers.
keep using facebook.
keep listening to MSM news everyday.
keep buying from Walmart.
keep buying & eating the junk they call food.
above all keep using your damn cell phone so 5G can kill you quicker.
-4 # See what happens...iCanWalk 2022-02-06 23:43
when you keep putting your fingers in the dyke.
+17 # PVADSTracy 2022-02-06 23:34
Post Vaccination Immune Deficiency Syndrome

Predicted. Each inoculation destroys a percentage of the immune response including stopping killer T cells which prevent cancerous growth. Hence AIDS along with rapid onset cancer or rapid recurring cancer.
+5 # The Governor's wifeMan of the Atom 2022-02-07 01:56
About 2 or 3 weeks ago I heard the young (she really is) wife of the Florida Governor is being Rxed for "breast cancer". Now I wonder if she got one of those experimental "vaccinations". A pathologist from Idaho trained at the Mayo Clinic said he and his colleagues are seeing more tumors and more aggressive tumors than in the past following the "vaccine" rollout. This is very worrisome - how much longer will this go on??

The "medical profession" (such as they are) are not immune - I wonder if that too is part of a "plan".
+2 # Part of their 'plan'MrsBlake 2022-02-07 22:24
The Georgia Guidestones states the ideal population goal for their Satanic utopian world is 500,000,000 people.
With all the vaxxed people becoming ill and dying off; the steady rise of miscarriages; and the increase of infertility among young men and women, it certainly appears that the vaccine is the chosen weapon of genocide on a worldwide scale.
+4 # should that bekiltews 2022-02-06 23:50
+34 # It's the shot that causes HIVkiltews 2022-02-06 23:16
The Bioweapon injection is what causes HIV.
It takes out your immune system which is what HIV is. That's why the countries with the most jabs are also going to be the countries with the most HIV cases.


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