UH OH! Russia: "The United States has declared Economic War on Russia"

Very serious developments today in the Russia/Ukraine/NATO ongoing debacle.  KREMLIN SAYS: UNITED STATES HAS DECLARED ECONOMIC WAR ON RUSSIA.  Human history is replete with examples of economic war turning into kinetic war.  This is a MAJOR and SERIOUS development.

Mr. James Ob of "Leading Britain's Conversation (LBC)" is posing the question “Has WW3 already started?” The answer from most in Britain is "yes" but most agree our so-called "Leaders" are too scared to admit it to themselves, because THEY are the ones causing it!

The callers to LBC are almost unanimous in assessing we are already in a conventional kinetic war in Ukraine and in a major "gray zone" attack on Europe and the US.   

Strikingly, most common people also say that Putin is crushing the West financially, because the mental weakling corporate directors and Officers are doing the "woke" thing by jumping on the bandwagon to halt doing business in Russia - none of which was or is necessary.

The virtue signaling crowd is making everything worse.

Quite simply, Russia is now being intentionally destroyed by economic efforts of the West.   This destruction is real.   Anyone with even a bit of common sense would know it won't be long until Russia decides to repay some of that destruction, with ACTUAL destruction to the West.   

UPDATE 12:35 PM EST --

Russia is the world’s largest exporter of natural gas and nickel, the world’s second-largest exporter of oil, and steel, and the third-largest exporter of coal and aluminum. We can live without these things, but make no mistake, it will hurt.

What we cannot live without food. Russia is the world’s largest exporter of wheat, and it has invaded Ukraine, the world’s fifth-largest exporter.

Yesterday, Russian President Putin signed a Decree stopping ALL imports and EXPORTS of ***ALL*** products and raw materials until December 31.   That means no Wheat export.  That means trouble on a Biblical scale for many, many countries.




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