Uh Oh! The Search of Al-Shifa Hospital in Gaza is Done; NO HAMAS TUNNELS or COMMAND CENTER

Israel now has a really big problem.  Their troops stormed into the Al-Shifa hospital in the Gaza Strip and searched it from top to bottom, for the alleged HAMAS Tunnels and Operations Center.  There were none.

For weeks, Israel has claimed that Hamas "uses hospitals, schools, refugee camps, for their network of tunnels to launch attacks upon Israel."  These claims arose after public outcry because Israel BOMBED hospitals, Mosques, Churches, Schools, Universities, Refugee Camps, and even a convoy of Ambulances, claiming it was all "Hamas-related."

Well, as of last night, the search of Al-Shifa hospital, by armed IDF troops is done.   What did they find?  Nothing.

No tunnels.  No operational command post.

Well, this is quite a problem!  So . . . . the lies had to start, and start fast.

Israeli News Media, reporting that no tunnels or operations center was found at or under Al-Shifa hospital, took the extraordinary step of then-claiming "Al-Shifa Hospital delayed the IDF from getting-in to search, for three days.  And during those three days, they helped Hamas "get rid of evidence" and . . . . wait for it . . . .  seal the tunnel entrances with concrete and ceramic tile!   Here. Watch them tell this tale:

 But these media reports are apparently not good enough, so the IDF has begun telling its own tales.   In the brief video below, you will see an armed IDF soldier, pointing to a paper on a wall with Arabic writing on it, and claiming: This is a list of Terrorists who guarded the (Israeli) hostages.  The names of terrorists, in Arabic writing, appears for each day.  Here, watch for a minute:

Well . . .  Internet sleuths had the image on the wall translated and, it turns out, the alleged "Terrorist names in Arabic writing" were no such thing.  The paper on the wall, was a hand made CALENDAR.   The Arabic Writing, when machine translated, came back as "Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday."

Here is the machine translation of the Arabic writing:

They lied.


. . . . . and got caught lying . . . . . again.

Earlier this week, the IDF showed images from inside Al-Shifa hospital and told the world that the photo below was "a tunnel entrance" used by Hamas.

Turned out, it was the service entry to the hospital ELEVATOR SHAFTS.   This is the entrance used to get to the hydraulic pistons beneath each elevator, that cause it to go up and down.   It also allows access to the sump pumps in the shafts, which pump out any ground water that accumulated in the shafts.

So Israel and its IDF was caught lying . . . again.







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