UPDATED 6:23 PM EDT -- Things are going very, VERY, wrong; Netanyahu Tells Israelis to "Leave Egypt"

Things in the Hamas-Israel fight are going very much wrong for Israel.  This afternoon, The US ordered the USS Gerald R. Ford Aircraft Carrier Strike Group to move into the eastern Mediterranean Sea to be closer to Israel. This signals ALL the players that the US is moving-in to get involved militarily.  The Players are NOT backing away.

Hamas: Moving the American aircraft carrier does not scare us, and the American administration must realize the consequences of this step.

Meanwhile, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's office calls on Israelis to leave Egypt 'as soon as possible.'  This is a HUGE . . . no . . . . GIGANTIC . . . flashing RED sign.

Egypt was the first Arab nation to make peace with Israel, and depending upon what course Israel pursues in Gaza (i.e. possible Ground Invasion) that peace with Egypt may now be in very real jeopardy.

The Palestinian President Mohammed Abbas, who was safely away in Jordan, is now leaving Jordan and heading into Syria.

In earlier reporting, I mentioned Intelligence info that Palestinians in Israel got word to their allies elsewhere to be ready to turn up the heat on Europe if Israel engages in a ground war.   Now, we see they also got word to their pals in New York City, where, this afternoon, supporters of the Palestinians and supporters of Israel faced each other in Times Square.   Chanting . . . for now . . . .

The Pro-Palestinian Side:

The Pro-Israel side:

 The Palestinians also apparently reached out to their friends in CHIACGO.   Here is a pro-Palestinian march in Chicago:



This afternoon, through trusted Egyptian Negotiators with whom both Israel and the Palestinians have negotiated successfully before, US Secretary of State Antony Blinken offered HAMAS a cease-fire IN EXCHANGE FOR "wounded and captured Israeli Officers."  HAMAS REFUSED the Cease-fire offer and told Blinken (here's the icing on the cake) . . . . 


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As you might guess, this is a shocking development and things are __still__ very much going downhill and badly for Israel.

More if I get it.


MORE:  5:05 PM EDT --

I can now positively __confirm__: 

At least Four (4) American citizens were killed yesterday in the HAMAS-Israel fighting.

Moreover, here we are more than 36 hours after the initial Palestinian surprise attack,
the IDF is still un-successful in clearing Israeli settlements of Palestinian fighters.

It's getting worse for Americans, too. 

Senator "Lady G"    ehhhhhh    Lindsay Graham     said today "If Hezbollah intervenes in the fighting - we must respond against Iran."

Meanwhile Iranian militias in Iraq vow to attack all U.S. military bases stationed in the region if American military gets involved in the Palestine-Israel conflict.

To understand exactly what this means, the Iran-backed PMU (Hashd ash-Shaibi) and Kataib Hezbollah, have about 250,000 fighters.

 Finally (for now) the Israeli Permanent Representative to the UN, Gilad Aidan, threw gasoline on the fire today when he said:

"Israel has no intention of discussing peace with Hamas. The task is to destroy this movement.  The conversation with these savages is over. It is time to destroy the terrorist infrastructure of Hamas, completely wipe it out, so that such atrocities do not happen again.“

Referring to the Palestinians as "these Savages" was all the parties to the conflict needed to hear.   

Peace is now nowhere in sight.



In Paris, France, tonight, the French Government is rubbing salt in the wounds of Arab migrants in that city.  Look at the Eifel Tower lighting tonight:


It probably won't take long for supporters of Palestine to send a message of their own, back to Paris.


MORE:  5:24 PM EDT --

The UN Security Council in New York City has begun a closed meeting on the escalation of the situation around the Gaza Strip.



The Raduan forces, Hezbollah's elite special forces, have been deployed to the border with Israel in the Metula area. The unit consists of up to 1,000 fighters. They are armed with ATGMs, 100s of kamikaze drones, as well as the ORSIS T-5000 sniper rifles.    METULA, ISRAEL IS SHOWN ON THE SCALABLE MAP BELOW:



A 747 Airlift Parade into/out of Tel Aviv has begun. Two Aircraft marked "Hungarian Air Force" just departed TLV for Kecskemet Airbase in Hungary, as well as some private jets like Globals.

You have to assume that the Elites are getting the hell out of dodge now.  They would be the ones in-the-know, and THEY are getting out now.



“Palestine is not Ukraine. If America intervenes directly, all American locations in the region will become legitimate targets of the resistance axis and will face our attacks. And on this day there will be no red line left"



The masses - who are asses -- will be getting their latest marching orders shortly.  Watch for it so you know who the actual idiots are:






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