UK Banks Changing Account Terms; Can Limit Withdrawals

UK Banks Changing Account Terms; Can Limit Withdrawals

Banks in the United Kingdom have begun changing the terms of Bank Accounts to LIMIT or REFUSE withdrawals that "may affect their financial stability."

Account holders at Yorkshire Bank, for instance, received notification that the Bank changed account terms to say "We have the right to restrict transactions where we reasonably believe our financial stability may be at risk, such as actual or potential abnormal levels of withdrawals."

Put simply, if a whole slew of depositors start losing faith in the bank, and start taking THEIR money out, then the bank gives itself the right to prevent YOU from taking YOUR money out.

Changes like this don't happen by chance or for no reason.  It seems logical to many account holders that the reason the banks are doing this is that they fear something in the future will cause people to come withdraw their money.   

Bank account holders in the UK should look carefully at their account terms to see what rights the banks give themselves.  It may actually be safer for people to keep a significant portion of money OUT of banks.   This way, YOU can get to it no matter what happens to THEM.


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