UK politician admits on live television that the more COVID vaccines people have had, the MORE likely they are to get and transmit COVID

UK politician admits on live television that the more COVID vaccines people have had, the MORE likely they are to get and transmit COVID

A politician in the United Kingdom has admitted on television that people who have received the COVID "jab" actually CARRY and SPREAD Coronavirus to others!


# Spanish flu epidemic induced by vaccinesCynthia Lee 2021-07-15 09:55

This is the assertion of consumer activist Ida Honorof
+1 # Hmm ... I wonder if he will be fired or arrested too.Man of the Atom 2021-07-14 01:21
+2 # Bill GatesChristianProChrist 2021-07-13 15:51
The same man who spoke with Military Brass at a Pentagon meeting in 2005 about a virus that will remove the God gene from "religious fanatics" developed the "vaccine" for coronavirus. In this death juice is the "tech" he alongside the Military have developed with the sole purpose of destroying God's creation for the sake of mankind.

All nations forcing rich and poor, men and women of all ages to get this death juice. If you don't get it you won't have a job, can't shop for food, can't travel, can't get medical treatment, etc.

This is the Biblical Mark of the Beast.
+6 # What every doesn't kill you only makes you strongerLilBirdie 2021-07-13 10:08
Seems to apply to viruses as well as bacteria.
Weak antibiotics make bacteria stronger.
Weak vaccines make viruses stronger.
Not that this is a vaccine.
+3 # RE: What every doesn't kill you only makes you strongerJFY 2021-07-13 12:41
And weak resistance makes the NWO stronger.
+2 # Well said!!LilBirdie 2021-07-13 19:45
I'd have hit the thumbs up multiple times if it would let me!
+2 # chikquitachikquita 2021-07-13 10:04
Best one yet! Well worth the watch.
+1 # Chikquita-Lexie 2021-07-14 09:34
Thankyou for share .I watched the whole report . You are correct its the best one yet .
+1 # WOW ....EVERYONE NEEDS TO SEE THIS VIDEO ! !NHydg 2021-07-13 13:02
+3 # The "science" behind "Variants"Pierre Derelicto 2021-07-13 09:49
... there is none.

I've been saying since the first variant proclamation that not only was there no science behind it, but it would be their "scientific"/"medical" diversionary explanation for the massive jab fatalities (current and impending/near future).

My reasoning was that there are no medical labs, scientists, doctors or virologists who have presented an example of the virus, taken and isolated from human tissue. Obviously, if they haven't presented solid proof that CV-19 even exists through imperial evidence, then any talk about 'variants' is SIMPLY TALK ... CONJECTURE ... at best: a weak 'theory.'

... and, at worst: a preconceived excuse for premeditated mass murder.
# #RE: The 'science' behind "Variants"JohnAdamsCameHome 2021-07-13 16:12
@ Pierre Derelicto:

Good show, Derelicto! Glad to see your post. Felt inspired to add additional supportive info.

Agreed: The 'variant' story -- and that's what it is, even if the likes of Luc Montagnier says different (Nobel Laureates are not necessarily as pure as the new-driven snow) -- provides cover for what's really going on, including (1) people getting nervous about taking the [sic] 'vaccine', necessitating the injection of more fear; and (2) people having serious injuries and dying from the ‘vaccine’, i.e. the real designated kill shot.

"But, but -- It's the new variant!!" insist 'the experts'.

It cannot be emphasized enough that two clarion voices of great integrity need to be heard now right, and the information they bring to the table fully digested: (1) David Martin and what he reveals in his interview with Reiner Fuellmich (July 9, 2021), from his decades'-long deep dive into relevant patents and the history surrounding them; (2) Dr. Lee Merritt, with her background in the military world and her voracious research into the medical literature and the backgrounds of key actors in this drama. These two don't cover the *whole* territory, which is vast, but they go a long way toward connecting many of the dots surrounding the [sic] 'novel virus' and the [sic] ‘safe and effective’ 'vaccines'.

For (1) go to BitChute or Odysee and search for 'Martin + Reiner'. There's another slightly different version at the Spacebusters' channel on BitChute, where other great material can be found.
For (2) go to 'The Medical Rebel' (, where you'll find several of her latest interviews (more under 'Media'). The 'Sons of Liberty’ one (top center) is fabulous (June 11, 2021). I'm currently listening to Merritt's conversation with Dr. Dave Janda. Also see here, another wonderful one:

Unsurprisingly, there's much misinfo/disinfo floating about, often hard to spot (the 'variants' claim being one example). Even if you're more or less in the right ballpark, muddled thinking is still a problem because of corrupted 'science' and deeply-embedded false assumptions.
+1 # RE: The "science" behind "Variants"JFY 2021-07-13 12:39
There is a leaked internal NWO document floating around in several places including on the comments of other articles on this website that states that in the UK they will be attributing the symptoms of seasonal hay fever to newer, more deadly variants so that the criminals can force more inoculations on the people.

This is slated to happen in at most a month from now.
+2 # Is it a myth?Lexie 2021-07-13 09:27
What if covid 19 is not real? What if its the same seasonal viruses we have contended with forever and lets face it we keep hearing they can't yet identify covid on a petrie dish. So they artfully invent the idea of covid in all our minds and produce the 'cure' hey presto they have a convinced public file in for the vaccine which is all it was ever about ...a vaccine full of 'Gates like' nefarious shite....but its not killing enough so booster after booster they go for it. Possible nah probable.
+13 # The bigger problem is...JoelTexan 2021-07-13 09:10
The bigger problem than these facts is that it seems that the recipients of the injections have cognitive dissonance and will not admit they made a mistake because the remorse would be too painful for them to cope with. Therefore, they will continue to advocate for the jabs and even sign up for additional boosters.
# RE: The bigger problem is...JFY 2021-07-13 12:30
You're absolutely right. They will never be able to admit that they essentially committed suicide out of sheer stupidity.

They would have to admit that:

1) They are going to die.
2) It was their fault.
3) It happened because they're stupid.

What self-centered, materialistic, narcissistic demonrat could accept something as sobering as that?


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