Ukraine Begins Digging Border TRENCHES for War with Russia

Ukraine Begins Digging Border TRENCHES for War with Russia

The government of Ukraine has begun digging trenches along its border with Russia, expecting World War 1 style TRENCH WARFARE between Ukraine and Russia.  Some folks astonishgly say "It's the 1930's all over again."


# RE: Ukraine Begins Digging Border TRENCHES for War with RussiaCanis Major 2021-12-23 15:35
More media-hype on false intel or truth??
You be the judge
+1 # Bottom Line!StormClouds 2021-12-23 14:01
They want this war - it's been orchestrated by the globalists to take out America -- the last bastion of freedom, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. This war (plus Taiwan-China, Iran-Israel) looks to drawing many nations - they will be stirred up and the 4 beasts of Daniel will arise.

They need this to kick off the NWO/OWG. Once that's in place the next dancer in the show ... the Antichrist and False Prophet.
# Second WitnessWes Texas 2022-02-17 11:25
I have been voicing identical concerns on each of your issues for well over a year. The Bible speaks to the sequential & concurrent riders of the four horsemen within the Book of Revelation. The White Horseman, who continues to ride is Covid-19. He is pictured wearing a crown (corona). With his bow, he dispatches arrows (jabs). The Red Horseman, second in line, is saddled & about to ride. Obviously, he represents war (WWIII) as you described.
# RE: Ukraine Begins Digging Border TRENCHES for War with RussiaCanis Major 2021-12-23 10:50
This is ridiculous...trench war fare??....ahhahahaha
# EU energy costs.Rod Stirling 2021-12-23 07:56
As can be plainly seen, this destruction of western civilization is policy, and nothing to do with Russia and some mythical Russian invasion of the Ukraine.......
# The backdowns by the US and NATO continue.Rod Stirling 2021-12-23 03:46
I again note that the purpose of Karen Donefried as a negotiator for the US is to stall.........

The US and Nato have very weak hands going into these negotiations.

Do not be surprised to see the Ukrainian Military do its own regime change in Kiev. Russia may well be waving all sorts of carrots across the border into Ukraine.
+2 # Time warpBpritch654 2021-12-22 22:51
Did we do a back Ward jump ? Mlrs systems, aircraft cluster bombs or one simple neutron low yeild and the trenches bury waste. No need for invasion or that house to house crap.
Someone thinks this is the 1914 scenario replay is valid ?what's next mounted calvery ? Idjits.
+1 # Thats awesomeTheBove 2021-12-22 22:41
Reminds me f Kramer on Seinfeld, "Levels". Trenches? is this 1916 or whenever WW1 happened? This will be brief. God Help us all. Merry Christmas
+4 # I don't get it:Pierre Derelicto 2021-12-22 21:08
Russia has already demonstrated its hypersonic missile. What's Ukraine's strategy: gather up a bunch of troops in one location for the next demonstration?

Maybe these people in the Ukraine who keep trying to rev up the situation haven't realized it, but they're the WW3 sacrificial lamb in this scenario. Are they really that stupid not to realize it?

How many assets does anyone think NATO will throw onto the bonfire, once the Ukrainians or their NATO prodders make one stupid move too many for President Putin's liking?

There have been a lot of moronic wars fought within the limits of my time here on earth. Perhaps this one will be marked by the unprecedented level of idiocy, incompetence and apparent delusion on the part of NATO.

Stoltenberg speaks for NO CITIZEN of any NATO-affiliated country. We've been pushed to the middle of the table by a buffoon who's already shown his cards.
+2 # Ounce or twoSrmay72 2021-12-22 20:51
I carry a 1 ounce silver coin everywhere. Most of the time I know it will get me a tank of fuel. Ain't rich enough to pack a 1 ounce gold bar. Cash may be useful for a day or two, but after they see its TP. BIBLE FIRST, WISKEY, TOBACCO, FOOD , BULLETS,
+5 # U.S. Mercenaries Preparing Donbass 'Provocation' — Russian Defense ChiefPalehorse 2021-12-22 20:16

Dec. 21, 2021

Russian Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu claimed
on Tuesday that U.S. private military companies
have stationed troops in the Donetsk region of
eastern Ukraine and are preparing a “provocation
using unknown chemical components.”

“We have identified the presence of over 120 members
of U.S. mercenary groups in the cities of Avdiivka and
Krasny Liman to commit provocations…”
+1 # RE: Ukraine Begins Digging Border TRENCHES for War with RussiaCarla Ray 2021-12-22 18:06
Dr Robert Malone tweets WHO Tedrose
Stating using boosters to kill children
+1 # RE: Ukraine Begins Digging Border TRENCHES for War with 2021-12-22 18:42
What are the odds he will be dead within 48 hours ?
+3 # Dr Mike Yeadon's timeline to tyranny.Rod Stirling 2021-12-22 17:24
Readers would profit from reading Dr Yeadon's timeline.........

Seem familiar..... no?
+1 # Reply from aboveBruce Oxenford 2021-12-22 19:28
Thanks for the link. Appreciate it.
# Apparently they are for military purposes!Man of the Atom 2021-12-22 17:04
# This is in NE UkraineMan of the Atom 2021-12-22 17:07
It looks like it is just past the border with Belarus.

Way back when (the Cold War) I saw a store in Georgia selling farm tractors from Belarus!
+1 # americaldocKevin Mills 2021-12-22 18:49
No big deal the MTZ tractor from Belarus is sold world wide. There is a dealer 8 miles from my house here in the states. I've seen them 2 and 3 abreast clearing the snow on the roads in Belarus.
+1 # Truth is always the first casualty of war.Rod Stirling 2021-12-22 16:30
Only 'approved information' is allowed.......

Be interesting to see if NATO still has their old SW jamming equipment.
+4 # World War 1Smiley1984*! 2021-12-22 15:17
Ukraine's preparations seem to be for a repeat of World War 1. To me it indicates their unpreparedness for a modern day war.
Do they really think that if Russia attacks it will charge their trenches? I do not think so, more like a "Blitzkrieg" I would think with mechanised armour and Missiles.
First we will have the nuclear bluff and escalation of the deployment in forces. At what point will Russia say "enough is enough" and attack?
+3 # "Human Waste" 2021-12-22 14:15
You heard me right "Those Trenches Are Being Filled With Human Waste." Another word for "Shit!" We should ask Congress to "Dig A Trench Around Washington DC" where-ever that happens to be these days. Why? So, "The Old Demented Joe-Hole Biden Has No More Excuses To Unload In His Pants." Please Congress "The Smell Is Too Much!" And No "Shooting Up Our 5 Year Olds With Covid Jabs Doesn't Excuse The Old Demented Joe-Hole Biden From Taking A Shit In His Pants Again." Well maybe "If Enough 5 Year Olds Die Of Strokes And Heart Attacks" Old Joe-Hole "Taking Another Shit In His Pants Is Justified" cause "HELL IS A SCARY PLACE!"
+5 # NICE dirt .....good growingNHydg 2021-12-22 14:04
I wish I had some of THAT dirt in the back 10 .....
no wonder they were a food supplier ............
GEEZ ....not ONE rock thrown out .......mine is almost ALL rock................
I would imagine nucleated soil would be hard to grow in
# Dark deep top soilDM56 2021-12-22 17:58
I noticed that too.
+3 # Last I heard....wardoc 2021-12-22 14:01
Trenches don't defeat Nukes. Just say'in.
# "The trench broom"Man of the Atom 2021-12-22 17:00
The Thompson submachine gun in 45 ACP was so called but I hear it was introduced too late to be in WW I.

Someone further down the comment list asked my question - if these are military trenches, are they being built inside Eastern Ukraine just outside the Russian speaking Donbass region which is in revolt against the central government, or maybe up North near the border where there is a very short distance from Belarus to Kiev? They could not be constructed inside Donbass as that is held by separatists.

One other thing - I think any trench can be breached.
+2 # RE: "The trench broom"JFY 2021-12-22 17:13
In WW1 they started "sweeping" the trenches with either the earliest semi-auto shotguns or with pump action shotguns.
# Right?!Adiff5466 2021-12-22 16:27
Was thinking the same thing. Does Ukraine thinks it is above getting bombed? Do they really think this will be a hand-to-hand fight? Are they THAT out of touch with reality? Lots of questions here.
+1 # RE: Last I heard....Bruce Oxenford 2021-12-22 15:04
Trenches stop nukes the same way pawns halt queen and bishop advancement, when nukes are rendered inoperable via space weapons aka black weapons burning the missle in mid flight. Thereby troops having to fight on the ground.

Dont get ahead of yourself. Military strategy from years past still are applicable for today, depending on the scenarios encountered, which are also fluid.

Good article and commentary Hal.
+2 # RE: Last I heard....JFY 2021-12-22 17:16
The Russians not only have thermobaric bombs, but they also have thermobaric cannon shells.

Even without tactical nukes those trenches would be cleaned out inside of a day.
+3 # In addition to cash, have some...wardoc 2021-12-22 13:54
Silver coins, in 1 oz, 1/2 and 1/4 oz. Initially, the US$ in cash will be useful, as HT says. BUT, as dollars continue to pour back into the US from former SWAP countries, who are now plugging into the new Russia/China currency system, the dollar's worth will drop along with its desirability. Also the govmint will continue to print increasingly worthless USDs, and even more so if a war erupts. Silver will be good for trading and paying bills and its value is far more stable than scheiss dollars. Think Weimar.
+1 # RE: Ukraine Begins Digging Border TRENCHES for War with RussiaBruce Oxenford 2021-12-22 13:42
Maybe something will be placed in those trenches and then covered back up.

Also, if black technology is used to render modern equipment partially inadequate, then trenches would slow the migration of foot soldiers or calvary depending on weather conditions.

Just theorizing.
# Off topic - covid 2021-12-22 13:15
The Great Gatesby Scamdemic" is working.
US life expectancy in 2020 has suffered an almost two-year drop, with the pandemic being one of the main drivers of excess death, newly released official data has shown.

“Life expectancy for the US population in 2020 was 77.0 years, a decrease of 1.8 years from 2019,” reads the report from US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s National Center for Health Statistics."
+7 # RE: Off topic - covid statisticJFY 2021-12-22 14:06
A two year drop? Wait til April or so...
# 2year drop?daniel_martin 2021-12-22 17:44
Wait untill Uncle Putin push the button
+3 # Rt 2021-12-22 13:11
I seen a video Monday on rt with reporters walking in the trenches but said we're built years ago
+3 # President ZelenskyVercinge 2021-12-22 12:58
Only a former Jewish comedian, like Zelensky, a political character created and piloted by the very kind Jewish lady, State Department official, Victoria Nuland, could think of digging trenches like in the First World War, when Russia first brought the USA/NATO to its knees, by forcing, without moving a finger, the Ukrainian President to go to Moscow to ask for mercy from Putin, who will respond with a kick in the ass that will make him return at the speed of light to playing the role that suits him best: the clown.
+1 # I suspect that....wardoc 2021-12-22 13:57
Victoria Nuland is the real president of the US Corporation.
-1 # Looks familiar ..Lexie 2021-12-22 12:53
Almost reminiscent of last two wars perhaps the jokers at the top are thinking about a little bit of fun with troops before the bombs drop?
-3 # Msg to YouTube WarriorsKevin 2021-12-22 12:29
YT warriors don't believe anything without a twitter or YT video. So, *you* go to Ukraine and send us the vids.

It's like when Hal shows pictures of plains, aircraft carriers, tanks, etc. Do you think he took those pics on his iPhone - just for the story? LOL.
# ...ChristianProChrist 2021-12-22 16:19
+4 # State Border Service of 2021-12-22 13:06
They call them anti transport ditches.
+5 # RE: State Border Service of UkraineGunner 2021-12-22 16:08
To try to slow down equipment, tanks, etc, etc. It will be an absolute blood bath my friends.
+3 # Talk about digging your own grave!Kevin 2021-12-22 12:23
Looks that way to me.

Charlie Foxtrot
-4 # RE: Ukraine Begins Digging Border TRENCHES for War with Russiamistersir 2021-12-22 11:59
This proves nothing. They could be putting in pipelines for all we know. It could be in any country for that matter
+1 # Technically trueKarl P. 2021-12-22 12:35
We really don't know where this video was taken or when, for that matter. There is clearly a drainage ditch already existing. We could be seeing a drainage machine in operation. We could also be seeing a Nation prepare for war.
-2 # RE: Ukraine Begins Digging Border TRENCHES for War with Russiamistersir 2021-12-22 11:58
This proves nothing. The could be putting in pipelines for all we know. It could be in any country for that matter
+3 # LOOKS LIKE:Dudimus Maximus 2021-12-22 11:54
THE TRENCH IS ALREADY THERE they may be re-cutting/restoring them, probably have been there for some time- not a new idea, to to OPEN FOR BUSINESS? per the vid, a trench is there full of snow and perhaps filled in with soil/material being removed...
+6 # RE: Ukraine Begins Digging Border TRENCHES for War with RussiaJFY 2021-12-22 11:47
I'm guessing that in this day and age no one really digs trenches to use them as a linear parapet for their troops to defend against other ground troops.

They are probably anti-tank barriers. The tanks go up the pile of dirt on the outside, and when they come down towards the trench they might be at a disadvantageous angle to clear its width adequately most of the time.

The trenches would also probably stop armored personnel carriers to some degree.

They would also serve to funnel vehicles and troops to a kill zone where the trenches have not been placed so that the Ukrainians can maximize their weapons and fire along a potentially very long front.

Just a guess though.

No one could be over a century behind military thought, all the more so when to clear a trench all the Russians would need is to detonate a few thermobaric bombs every half mile or so along its length and end of problem.
-1 # "Mass Graves" 2021-12-22 11:41
The Green New Deal "Expects Soldiers To Clean Up After Playing Their Games." This Requires "Burying Their Dead." And to Show the Love "AMERICA, RUSSIA, N.A.T.O., CHINA, ISRAEL, THE UKRAINE, THE IRANIANS, TURKEY, INDIA, NORTH KOREA, SOUTH KOREA," as well "EVERYBODY CAN BE BURIED ON THE BEAUTIFUL UKRAINE 'FRONTGATE BURIAL SITE' SELECTED BY FOLKS HAVING YOU IN MIND." Folks just say Thank You "Where We Go One We Go All."
# Preparation of the BattlefieldRBI 2021-12-22 11:38
So many Monday Morning Quarterbacks! Prepping is the right idea, as many of the pre combat moves will involve EMP and Grid Down type of Computer Attacks. Stuxnet events on our infrastructure and things like that. But War does NOT start on short notice or out of the blue. Events going on now such as cutting off Europe's Natural Gas? That implies war about the middle of April. For now, just a lot of saber rattling and smaller military operations such as assassination or infiltration and sabotage. It could include a "Lights Out" scenario that lasts for 3-4 months, and prevents anyone from preparing for war. On an individual all the way through a national level. So Prep now for a DARK WINTER. Then be ready for War by the end of April.
+5 # not neccessarilyRoberto 2021-12-22 13:04
Not everyone is working from the same rule book on how war is supposed to start. All's fair in love and war and strategic surprise is a thing.
+3 # AlthoughBushDid911 2021-12-22 11:34
I completely agree with Hal over this issue .
Although this story is MEANINGLESS .
is it a trench ,when was it dug ?where? What for ?
Anyone can say anything .
No facts here at all .
So the tension with Russia YES .
this particular story NO .
+1 # Bait?MANYROUNDS 2021-12-22 11:31
Putin is fishing and about to catch a whopper
+8 # Trump for President in 2024Haarnaś 2021-12-22 11:13
Please note you ye Trumpistas that Mike Adams observes that Drumpfff is now indistinguishable from FAUCI on the subject of the Covid Vaccines!
+8 # Oh yes.Gregg W 2021-12-22 13:53
Trump was good at pushing back at the media and won favor for that. As soon as he started pushing a rushed vaccine, it was obvious. He’s not on the side of the American people.

These people are good at playing roles and lying to the country. Pretty damn pathetic.
+12 # What He Did...Doug Brown 2021-12-22 11:34
I heard Trump with Pastor Robert Jeffress.
I almost vomited.
Jeffress is a Pastor of a mega-church in Dallas Texas.
Like your best friend telling you your wife was the best fuck he ever had. Unbearable.
Some time ago Pastor Robert Jeffress spoke about the Vaccine. I didn't believe my ears. It was prior to last Christmas, Pastor Jeffress said the Vaccine was "A Gift From Jesus Christ for all of Humanity."
That was it.
That's when I knew there was a leak.
A breech.
That the spirit world had been breeched, and that demons were now co-mingling with humans.
+2 # "Amen" 2021-12-22 13:59
You Woke and I mean WOKE not woke but "WOKE UP AMEN BROTHER!!"
+6 # RE: Ukraine Begins Digging Border TRENCHES for War with Russiaebelfer52 2021-12-22 11:05
looks like they are reworking an old trench. looks wide enough to stop a tank if not for troop positioning.
+3 # Propagandaskyward21 2021-12-22 11:03
Trench warfare is long over! This is just for media hype. The weapons of today would wipe out entrenched crews instantly.
+4 # The powers that be are playing the game Monopoly.White Lightning aka Raptor 2021-12-22 10:50
All the players are Free Masons. The players are all the world's leaders and they are all in secret fraternity organizations like the Free Masons. We the populace are their enemy's, and it only seems like countries are opposing each other. Have you ever heard of the Hegelian dialectic? Basically it is Good cop and Bad cop acting. Pres Trump and Pres Putin and Pres Xi and all the other leaders are all Free Masons and they only act as if they have alliances and enemies, cause they are all alliances of each other and we are the enemies. I repeating it over again and you should know their plan of a NWO is coming together very nicely.
-5 # Proof?jroot 2021-12-22 11:19
Where is your proof that Trump, Putin and Xi are Free Masons? I can go on many websites and spout nonsense without any liability or anyone holding me to account. How do you think the lamestream media gets away with lying to the American people every day? The "Pundits" on these news organizations are doing exactly what they are told by their owners. Governments do not interfere simply because they get huge donations to keep their mouths shut. (Provable!)
+5 # RE: Proof?JFY 2021-12-22 12:12
Do your own research.

It's a known fact that Trump is a freemason. It's out there if you look well enough.

The chicoms have always been a rockefeller construct. Mao studied in a missionary school that was set up by the rockefellers in the second half of the 19th century.

Just because you haven't heard of these facts, doesn't mean they aren't so.

Do your research. Most of us here have.
+3 # How do we know..kdkeller0815 2021-12-22 10:45
... that this is a battle trench? Could be for drainage, a water line, or other things. There is no Indicator of the purpose, date or place. Maybe it's to divert the tsunami from La Palma volcano ;^)>
+1 # anti-transport 2021-12-22 13:01
+1 # Thankskdkeller0815 2021-12-22 17:20
That is much more informative.
+3 # Lucifer was a murderer from the beginning, and does not stand in the truth because there is no truth in him.White Lightning aka Raptor 2021-12-22 10:44
A handful of subhuman globalist psychopaths have hijacked our planet and bent on killing virtually all life have seemingly halted human evolution and progress on this precious globe of ours. We know that the current totalitarian system has zero tolerance for truth and will continue living the lie right to its bitter violent end. But in the unfolding chaos and destruction ultimately the truth will prevail and set us all free. There are counterbalancing forces opposing the evil destruction of our planet that are invested in life preservation. We are not dead yet, the dark forces have not won yet and through committed activism and moral courage we citizens of the world can collectively make a difference perhaps between life and death on this planet.
+8 # RE: Ukraine Begins Digging Border TRENCHES for War with RussiaAvanarts 2021-12-22 10:39
It's a bit difficult to determine the size of the machine digging the trench, but it appears to be pretty big.

It makes me think that the trench is being dug more to slow the advance or heavy armor and other heavy vehicles than for soldiers to fight in.
+3 # Are You Listening America?White Lightning aka Raptor 2021-12-22 10:38
Don’t you understand what I’m trying to say?
And can’t you feel the fears I’m feeling today?
If the button is pushed, there’s no running away,
There’ll be no one to save with the world in a grave,
Take a look around you, boy, it’s bound to scare you, boy,
And you tell me over and over and over again my friend,
Ah, you don’t believe we’re on the eve of destruction.
—Barry McGuire, “Eve of Destruction,” 1965
+7 # Trenches? Lol!Burnit 2021-12-22 10:20
Iraq dug trenches. Stormin' Norman just went over them with D9 dozers, burying the soldiers alive. Ukraine is run by idiot western politicians.
+2 # RE: Ukraine Begins Digging Border TRENCHES for War with RussiaGunner 2021-12-22 10:03
Well we will know in 2 days or so if things are going to pop for Christmas Eve or 3 days for Christmas. Not good @ all my friends.
+6 # QuestionSBGlett77 2021-12-22 09:38
Serious question, though ... are they doing this on the Donbass border with Russia, the only place it could have any effectiveness whatsoever, or are they doing it at the Eastern edge of their border with the Donbass ?

In any case, trench warfare these days is only a very efficient troop burial system, IMO.
+1 # WowSBGlett77 2021-12-22 09:34
This is over the top...
( history buffs will get the pun )
+7 # Trenches being dugchip 2021-12-22 09:17
On the abstract it seems like something
out of a Monty Python show in the 70 s,,
Sad thing it's 2021 reality. I'm at a loss
for words. PRAY for your own spiritual
readiness for what's coming on the earth.


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