Ukraine Given Ultimatum on Mariupol: Decide City Surrender within 5 hours

On Sunday afternoon, eastern US Time, Russia's Defense Ministry announced Ukraine " . . . has until the early hours of March 21 to give its answer on Surrendering Mariupol."

789 Mariupol citizens earlier evacuated to Berdyansk, evacuated to Zaporizhzhia by 11 buses - Mariupol City Council

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Russian MoD told Mariupol local authorities. "You have the right to make a historic choice - either you side with your people or you side with bandits, otherwise the military tribunal that awaits you is only a little of what you already deserve."

'What I saw, I hope no one will ever see' says Greek diplomat returning from Mariupol. "Mariupol will become part of a list of cities that were completely destroyed by war; I don’t need to name them - they are Guernica, Coventry, Aleppo, Grozny, Leningrad."

Russia has given Ukraine until 5:00 AM local Time to surrender Mariupol,  after which time it says it' will only let the 130,000 remaining civilians leave. The language it uses for Kyiv's forces in Mariupol – "nationalists," "foreign mercenaries," "bandits" – leaves little doubt about what Russia has in store for them.

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Azov regiment (Ukraine's official NAZI Regiment) says four large Russian landing ships were pounding Mariupol today alongside artillery and tanks.



Russian ministry of defence briefing in the morning: During the night,
►operational-tactical and army aviation of the Russian Federation hit 62 military facilities of Ukraine;
►Russian air defense systems shot down one Ukrainian Mi-8 helicopter, six unmanned aerial vehicles, including one Bayraktar TB-2;
►Caliber missiles launched from the Black Sea hit the workshops of the Nizhyn repair plant, where Ukrainian equipment was being repaired;
►Russian air defense system shot down a Ukrainian tactical missile "Tochka-U" at night near the city of Izyum, Kharkiv region;
►Russian Armed Forces destroyed six Ukrainian mobile electronic warfare systems "Bukovel" with artillery fire;
►Caliber missiles launched from the Caspian Sea and Kinzhal missiles hit a large fuel storage base in the Nikolaev region;

In total, since the beginning of the special operation in Ukraine,
207 drones,
1,467 tanks,
148 multiple rocket launchers have been destroyed.



Ukraine says no to Russia demands of laying down arms in Mariupol.

"There can be no talk of any surrenders, laying down of arms. We have already informed the Russian side about this," says Dep PM Iryna Vereshchuk. "Instead of wasting time on 8 pages of letters, just open a [humanitarian] corridor."


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