Ukraine Given Ultimatum on Mariupol: Decide City Surrender within 5 hours

On Sunday afternoon, eastern US Time, Russia's Defense Ministry announced Ukraine " . . . has until the early hours of March 21 to give its answer on Surrendering Mariupol."


# RE: Ukraine Given Ultimatum on Mariupol: Decide City Surrender within 5 hoursPaul Kurzlee 2022-03-21 11:05
Looks like the deadline has come and gone (again). Maybe is Vladmir waiting until next thursday for the nato meeting so jens can send in so called peace keepers? The city should be under fire RIGHT NOW. By thursday nothing should be left there. Then jens can whine and complain about that at the meeting. Go Putin Go. DO NOT let up until every nazi is DEAD.
+6 # WARjroot 2022-03-21 09:53
History is replete with commanders and politicians telling the enemy to go pound sand. Some of them are understandable, however, this one is insanity. Every combatant in the Ukraine army and especially the AZOVs are now subject to execution immediately upon capture. The fact that one prominent Ukrainian is calling for the castration of every Russian prisoner does not help their case. Remember the movie "White House Down"? Actor Gerard Butler walks past a terrorist and (without looking) pops him with a shot to the brain pan and moves on as though "nothing" just happened. This is what I see coming for many Ukrainians in Mariupol. They are out manned, out gunned and likely praying for NATO to save them. Well, good luck with that.
+1 # 2 minutesRockyMountainBeerMan 2022-03-20 21:33
...until Kablooey!
+4 # RE: 2 minutesRockyMountainBeerMan 2022-03-20 21:40
Nazis going Kablooey, that is.
+6 # americaldocKevin Mills 2022-03-20 21:25
Look at these videos in this report...absolute confirmation that will bring tears to your eyes
+2 # RE: americaldocRockyMountainBeerMan 2022-03-20 21:36
Muslim Nazis???
+5 # RE: americaldocPalehorse 2022-03-20 22:06

History shows that Hitler employed two Muslim
brigades during WWII and stated that they were merciless killers without a conscious.
+9 # And...Eddamnit 2022-03-20 21:48
Don't forget. that George Soros was a Nazi Jew.
there were thousands of Nazi Jews.
+5 # George SorosLindaN3 2022-03-21 04:46
Or would it be correct to say, especially in light of his verbal support of this neo-Nazi government (Ukraine), that he STILL IS a Nazi, certainly in my opinion.
+6 # Why not?Eddamnit 2022-03-20 21:45
Joseph Goebbels was a Nazi Jews and Hitler's top man.
# RE: Why not?mjc 2022-03-22 12:21
Quoting Eddamnit:
Joseph Goebbels was a Nazi Jews and Hitler's top man.

He was catholic.
"Paul Joseph Goebbels was born on 29 October 1897 in Rheydt, an industrial town south of Mönchengladbach near Düsseldorf, Germany.[1] Both of his parents were Roman Catholics with modest family backgrounds....In the summer of 1922, he met and began a love affair with Else Janke, a schoolteacher.[22] After she revealed to him that she was half-Jewish, Goebbels stated the "enchantment [was] ruined."[23] Nevertheless, he continued to see her on and off until 1927.[24]...In 1932, Goebbels commissioned the publication of a pamphlet of his family tree to refute the rumours that his maternal grandmother was of Jewish ancestry.[4]....
+17 # Surrender!!!JohnnyinKY 2022-03-20 21:04
Just surrender for God sake!!! This Zelenski character would rather the entire earth be destroyed than him step down from power! I’m to the point where I openly HOPE they get his ass. I feel bad for all the innocent people but at this point HE is the one responsible for their deaths. I would understand the resistance if this was a war of extermination like Nazis and Soviets in WW2….BUT ITS NOT. Russia only wants a government change, not to exterminate the people. This ass hole would rather kill millions of people than give up power. Talking about how it’s WW3 if we DONT help him. What?? That’s some twisted thinking.
+11 # RE: Surrender!!!JFY 2022-03-20 22:27
Actually, it seems that the civilians in Mariupol WANT to get out as fast as possible, but the bastard ukronazis are using them as human shields.

That is the epitome of cowardice and treachery to use the women and children of your own city as a shield to hide from an attack; all the more so if it is an attack that you provoked by killing the women and children of other cities.

God help the Russians to pull this off with the absolute minimum possible carnage of the innocent.
+5 # For sureSBGlett77 2022-03-21 08:30
Amen to that prayer.
+11 # In the endEddamnit 2022-03-20 21:44
In the End Zelensky will take down the USA and NATO and few can see this coming.
+16 # It's probably not up to ZelenskiSchnauzer_World 2022-03-20 21:07
He's a puppet and is under orders.
+8 # Ukraine is Losing BadlyGaryhines 2022-03-20 20:55
Hi Hal Ukraine is being decimated and destroying and will eventually be completely annihilated.the end is near .
+7 # RE: Ukraine Given Ultimatum on Mariupol: Decide City Surrender within 5 hoursJFY 2022-03-20 20:53
Judging by what the Russian MoD told the city government and their recent answer, as soon as the maximum possible number of civilians are allowed to escape, Mariupol and its Ukronazi defenders will be given a close up demonstration of the effects of a "FOAB" Thermobaric bomb or 3.
+10 # 2022-03-20 20:23
Food for thought, what if the programming is already in operation.
+5 # RE: 2022-03-20 20:46
Good find.

That was to be expected. For many months now, the shots have been shown to have and/or create self assembling nanocircuits and structures that appear to be antennas.

It sounds like sci-fi but the "vaxxed" may now apparently be a mix between remotely influenced "zombies" and "biobots" for lack of a better word (Golems?), and it will be near to impossible to get to them with any reasonable argument; a situation which will only get progressively worse as the circuits expand and take hold. My guess is that if this really is happening, the only way to temporarily get to them will be to lead them into a type of Faraday cage structure where the wireless control signals cannot reach them. And as soon as they leave, it will be back to being remote controlled.

And again, if this is what's really happening, just wait until they get the order to totally chimp out and come after all of the "unvaxxed". Then, regardless of who they were before the shots, there will be only one way to stop them...
-1 # thanks jfyAravinda 2022-03-21 17:50
you are right, and there is plenty of facts and evidence everywhere to back up what you say.

The masses already gave their consent to be controlled a long time ago. the technology to do so is a result of that consent.

This is not the first time this has been done. It will be the last.

This nano tech has been dropped from the sky thru geo engineering, it is in our foods, it is everywhere. the jabs are just another step to own these useful idiots. The nano establishes itself under the radar and no one will know, its so stealth. That is the frightening thing. We must seek God's protection and always be mindful of our thoughts and feelings....

Remember gmo 's are patent able, therefore own able, what God created is not.

those who worship government as god will spend eternity with their false god. do not know how or if a rescue mission is possible for them. The borg assimilates. only God can help them.

house is such an obvious bot/shill/whore who is mentally disturbed, or it would not spend so much time around people it despises. It never has any facts or evidence, just opinions and feelings.
-9 # Are you for real?John Jones 2022-03-20 22:10
You can't be for real, must be a troll with this utter nonesense.
+6 # UghSBGlett77 2022-03-20 21:01
It sounds wild, but these are wild times.

If the multiple Dr. Evils working in bio-labs around the world discovered a mechanism such as you described, they would use it. They are, after all, part of the group of Sorcery ( pharmakaea ) practitioners mentioned in Rev. 21:8. To watch Bill Gates give a vaccine presentation, one sees he gets almost giddy at the "magic" his scientists can perform.

And if this IS something that is really happening ( and the correlation between vaxxed and war zombies really tells us something profound, I think ), then your conclusion is more than plausible.
+9 # RE: UghJFY 2022-03-20 22:18
Unfortunately, it sounds wild but it's documented. Those nanocircuits have been seen in micrographs, etc.

Remember the magnetic injection sites on peoples' arms? It seems that the shots were pilfering the iron from the red blood cells to have the materials to start building the self-assembling circuits and antennas.

This explains the globalists' uber cynical slogan "You will own nothing and you will be happy." Well yeah, if they're beaming "comply and be happy", the vaxxed will be happy.

If any of this is true, then the expected mass die-off is the best we can hope for.
# Puzzle piecesSBGlett77 2022-03-21 07:50
You've put together some astoundingly related puzzle pieces that had been lost in the recent confusion. The more I mentally critique what you have observed in the light of the bigger picture of all the other factors at play, the more compelling this scenario becomes.

Something stunk about the whole "vaccine" idea this time as soon as Bill Gates was describing his RNA invasion using his tiny little models to show, AND CLAIM ( I still have the video ) they would change our DNA for the better. It doesn't take much background in RF and fields to see how the new 5G systems and their complete dominance of the shortest wavelengths could play into these micro-bio-structures.

So if any of this is true, the expected mass die-off is also the most merciful outcome the victims can hope for, too.
+5 # YesSchnauzer_World 2022-03-20 20:48
this vax in addition to traditional and relentless propaganda, it's almost total control.
+7 # BREAKINGBeenThere 2022-03-20 20:13
Ukraine has now officially refused Russian demands.
+5 # ClearlyDoug Brown 2022-03-20 21:08
Clearly this is st Bidens instigation.
+6 # UkraineLoki 2022-03-20 20:44
Most of Ukraine would surrender immediately, but the zio-puppet Mossad controlled dual-passport holding (Ukraine/Israel) Zelensky is willing to fight to the death of the last white, Euro-Ukrainian.
# americaldocKevin Mills 2022-03-20 21:00
Now you are on target except this antichrist dog
will not lay down his life.....only what They call goyim, but are the true Israelites, are the target.
+5 # The latest video from Russell BentleySchnauzer_World 2022-03-20 19:38
It appears the Ukrainian "army" is still attacking civilian targets.
+11 # RE: Ukraine Given Ultimatum on Mariupol: Decide City Surrender within 5 hoursLambs Servant 2022-03-20 19:27
Russia will destroy the place if they do not surrender. Hope that you are feeling well Mr. Turner. Was looking for new articles from you earlier today.
+4 # He's in the countryRockyMountainBeerMan 2022-03-20 19:57
So of course he's feeling well. :-)

5 bucks says he moves there permanently.
+2 # Probably would be smartSchnauzer_World 2022-03-20 21:29
Hal can probably cash out of his place in New York and build a nice survival fortress in Pennsylvania.


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