Ukraine Massing Troops on Border of Russia-Favoring Breakaway Provinces; Diplomat Says "War"

Reports are coming in this morning of "hundreds" of Ukrainian Army troops being massed in the town of Avdiivka, Ukraine, after trainloads of tanks and self-propelled artillery were moved into the area last week.  It appears Ukraine is going to (try to) take on Russia.

It won't, however, be Ukraine alone.  A few days ago, members of the British military special forces were spotted on the territory of Donbass, a short distance from the border of the Donetsk and Luhansk People's (breakaway) republics.

MORE . . . A U.S. Air Force "Rivet Joint" Signals Intelligence spy plane, was also airborne over Ukraine as seen on the image map below:

The presence of British Special Forces troops makes clear that any Ukrainian military effort in this area will also involve other nations of the West.  One Diplomat, speaking on condition of anonymity said "the West is making a military move against Russia."   

That same Diplomat told the Hal Turner Radio Show "This is one of the worst decisions the West has ever made and WILL result in direct war with Russia."  

Below is a scalable map showing the area involved, with an anchor on the precise town when you zoom-in:

Previous news stories on this site have shown trainloads of tanks and heavy armor being transported to the region over the past week, as the brief video below shows:


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