Ukraine Member of Parliament: "We Fight for the New World Order"

Ukraine Member of Parliament: "We Fight for the New World Order"

If some of you were misguided enough to think Ukraine was somehow a victim of Russia, here's all the proof you need about who are the good guys and who are the bad.  This Member of Parliament in Ukraine admits on FOX NEWS CHANNEL, "We fight for the New World Order."

Oh, and did you hear her closing remark?   "We are the shield for the . . . . EURO."   Yes, she actually said it on national television!  This is a Bankers war being waged by Western, New WOrld Order Bankers.

That is EXACTLY what they are doing. The New World Order (NWO) wanted this war, they forced it to happen, they are manipulating the "news" that is coming out for public consumption.

The problem for Putin is he refused to play ball with the NWO. Same with China.   Soooooo, they must be forced to join the junta.....there is no pain the NWO is unwilling to visit on the citizenry to make this happen.  They want absolute, total, global domination no matter how many of . . . US . . .  have to be killed to achieve it.

If the fact that George Soros came out in public support of Ukraine didn't convince you, this member of Parliament should erase all doubt: Ukraine is the bad guy in this matter and so are the people who are backing Ukraine.



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