Ukraine Refugees in Ireland suffering strange new illness

Almost 30 Ukrainians at a Cork County refugee center in Ireland, many who arrived within the past 48 hours,  are being treated for a mystery illness.

The individuals - all based at a facility in north Cork - complained of feeling unwell on Saturday with several saying their symptoms worsened overnight.

The symptoms ranged from headaches, nausea, dizziness and high temperatures to coughing.

A group of 47 Ukrainian refugees had arrived over the past 36 hours at an emergency rest center at Banteer in north Cork.

All are understood to have arrived in Ireland over recent days after travelling here from Ukraine and bordering countries.

As a precautionary measure, both local GPs and paramedics attended the Banteer facility.

Assessments are now underway by the medical teams in a bid to determine the precise nature and source of the mystery illness.

While full Covid-19 precautions are being taken, coronavirus is not believed to be the primary suspect.

Cork is currently in the grip of major bouts of ordinary flu and cold outbreaks.

Cold and flu medications sales across some parts of Cork have soared by over 80pc over recent weeks.


The existence of Biolabs inside Ukraine, being run by the US Department of Defense, may be implicated in this.

The existence of these labs was exposed as Russia began demilitarizing and de-nazifying Ukraine.

If any of the pathogens inside any of those labs were loosed, then the cause of these sick Ukrainians is a massive concern.


It would not be unheard of that someone did something like this deliberately. 

Ireland is a small island which is basically Bankrupt, where they want 80% of the population dead because Brussels took all the pensions, whose population are no longer bright enough or liberty-minded enough to question or challenge what restrictions are imposed upon them, as witnesses with the COVID fraud. 

Ireland basically became a zone of locked-down mask zombies doing everything they were told, even though none of the masks or lockdowns had much effect upon the spread of COVID.

In fact, the population of Ireland is now so pathetic, that local councils ORDERED families to take in refugees . . . . into private homes . . . . and the Irish just do as they're told.  No fight-for-freedom  seems to be left in them at all.

The fact that the population there is so malleable and compliant might make the island an interesting place for a bio-weapon test.

Some of the sociopaths running various governments might have decided to loose some strange new disease on an island, where people coming and going can be tightly controlled, to sit back and watch how a potential new bioweapon spreads and kills. 


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