Ukraine Soldiers Enter Russia, Attack School Bus, Kill children. Now, Russia has Actually Said it: "We regard You as Participants"

Ukraine Soldiers Enter Russia, Attack School Bus, Kill children.  Now, Russia has Actually Said it: "We regard You as Participants"

Dmitry Medvedev, Deputy Chairman of Russia's Federation Council (Senate)  went on public record today about NATO's direct participation in the war against Russia:

Earlier today, Ukrainian forces entered Bryansk region, Russia, shot a school bus, killing the driver and a child and burned down houses.

The soldiers even took and uploaded VIDEO of themselves inside Russia!

Some of the terrorist attackers in Bryansk have been identified. 


He is Denis Nikitin, a prominent Russian-born fascist fighting for Ukraine.

The Office of Ukraine President Zelensky is claiming this is a "False Flag" by Russia.  This is NOT a false flag. It is 100% an authentic attack, orchestrated by Ukraine.
▪Neo-Nazi Denis Kupustin (pseudonym - Nikitin). Born and raised in Moscow, he is 36 years old. 
In 2001, he and his mother moved to Germany as part of a program for Jewish emigrants. Settles in Cologne. Became a member of a football fan group. Make friends with one of the neo-Nazis. According to his own information, he was a member of a skinhead gang in the early 2000s and was involved in organizing murders and beatings against migrants.
▪During the Maidan in the winter of 2014, he visited Kiev. He actively supported the Ukrainian Nazis. He has visited Ukraine several times since 2014. He has had a permanent residence there since 2017. He established connections with many local Nazi groups (including the National Corps, Carpathian Sich, Azov and others) and helped them to establish contacts with like-minded people from Europe.

Others shown below:

Elements of the Russian Federal Security Service (FSB) surrounded the Ukrainians and fought them back across the border into Ukraine, where the Russian Army unleashed what is described as a "massive artillery barrage" that allegedly flattened about 5 square kilometers of Ukraine, blowing the Nazis to pieces. 

FSB released a statement:

The attack by Ukrainian nationalists in the Klimovsky district of the Bryansk region has been stopped.

In order to avoid casualties on the part of the civilian population and damage to civilian infrastructure, the enemy was squeezed into the territory of Ukraine, where a massive artillery strike was inflicted on the Nazi terrorists.


Viktor Sobolev, a member of the Russia State Duma Defense Committee, said that Russia “absolutely” needs to end the “special operation” and start a real war:

“There are no red lines left regarding Ukraine. And we need to end the special operation and start a war.


After the attack, Dmitry Medvedev wrote:

"Western analysts have heartily admitted that when NATO specialists teach Ukranazis how to use their military equipment in combat, it can be seen as NATO's direct involvement in a military conflict on the side of the Ukrainian regime.

It has been understood since the 1920s that a country can be recognized as a participant in hostilities if, in addition to supplying weapons, it trains its personnel to use them (the Briand-Kellogg Pact of 1928, the Budapest Resolution to the Pact of 1934).

This is what is happening today: Canadian and German instructors on EU territory are already teaching Ukrainian killers how to handle leopards.

If we imagine that the NATO planes delivered in the future will be serviced by their military in the territory of some impudent Poland (the only possibility, taking into account the deplorable state of the defense industry in Malorussia (Ukraine)), it would be a direct entry of Atlantists into the war against Russia with all the ensuing consequences. And all those who make decisions on the supply (repair) of such equipment or means of destruction, along with foreign mercenaries and military instructors, will have to be regarded as legitimate military targets.

Apparently, this is the only thing that keeps the Western infantiles from handing over the planes and means of destruction of increased range to the Kiev junkies. although not for long. The temptation to crush Russia is too great.

Also, - today's events have shown who the US, NATO, and the EU really support. It's not the "freedom-loving people of Ukraine" who don't want to return to the "Muscovite sovok" They are just Nazi bastards, terrorist scum who attack civilians while waving a stinking zhovto-blakit rag. Let them now be exonerated in London, Paris, Berlin, and Washington.

They are your pacifiers, Messrs. Sunak, Macron, Scholz, and Biden! And our attitude toward you is now the same as toward them. Now your countries are participants in the terrorist acts of the Ukrainian regime, and you are direct accomplices of terrorists."


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