Ukrainian Official Threatens THE WEST; Ukraine Could "Switch Sides"

Ukrainian Official Threatens THE WEST; Ukraine Could "Switch Sides"



# Did The VirginForrest Mosby 2022-06-14 15:38
Predict this?
-1 # "Farts" 2022-06-12 20:53
+2 # What's in the Play Script?acturner067 2022-06-12 17:56
If you could get hold of the play script maybe you could be a prophet? The wannabe powers go about planning an operation not for one goal in mind but many. With all the false twisted truths it appears a lot like confusion to the average bystander but it isn't to the wicked chaotic Godless secret societies' of scum.
-1 # RE: What's in the Play Script?Linda Seikkula 2022-06-13 10:59
+1 # RE: What's in the Play Script?selah 2022-06-12 19:11
We in the Lord all hold fast for we know in the end JESUS wins!
+1 # Yes, Jesus and the Body of Christ Win and...Dolph 2022-06-12 21:02
...and the world is judged.
-2 # Trinity Sunday: Vivaldis's Gloria with In Terra Pax, Laudamus Te and the rest of it!Haarnaś 2022-06-12 15:15
Performed by "Barrocade: Israeli Baroque Collective

A real gem. All Jewish Assembly performing Vivaldi's entire Catholic Gloria! WOW! My kind of people!

See the report from Polish conservative/patriotic sources that confirms that Putin is not a part of the Globalist System. Well, he is still a part of the Fatime Prophecy that "Russia will spread its errors around the world", what the Queen of Peace in Anguera is calling "My Plan". The Polish article delivers additional historical facts such as that Gen. Zhukov personally shot security Chief Lavrenty Beria after the death of Stalin in 1953 plus imprisoned other Jews on the Politburo including Kaganovich (Beria himself had both Zinoviev and Kamieniev executed in 1936). Also in 1953, Gen. Kulikov liquidated two Jewish NKVD-KGB garrisons in Moscow as a part "de-Jewification" of the USSR government. Putin himself, the Polish site claims, has nothing to do with globalists or Chabad Lubavitchers. This is all very nice, but let us see if Putin is nice enough to convert Russia to became Catholic or at least Uniate, meaning they would accept the authority of the Pope in Rome while remaining Orthodox and the Patriarch of Moscow would no longer answer to the state but to the Pope. At this point as you know Putin still can tell Patriarch of Moscow Cyryl (Kiril in English) what to think!

Here’s “CONCLUSIVE PROOF” that Putin is not an NWO globalist or Zionist sympathizer or Chabad Lubavitcher.

the following post has been roughly translated from the original Polish version by Google Translate.

Is President Vladimir Putin a globalist and a puppet of the Chabad Lubavitchers?
For home-grown politicians tangled up in “conspiracy theories” and their own mental miasmas!

Propaganda and disinformation about the President of Russia, Vladimir Putin, has been staggering for at least a dozen years. He is credited with being a globalist, a Jew, a puppet of the Jewish satanic sect of Chabad- Lubavitcher, a criminal, a satrap, etc., etc., etc., as well as the greatest and most powerful opponent of the satanic New World Order. He already said publicly in 2013 (there is an article on our website) that the West is ruled by Satanists. But an objective and honest assessment about Putin can only be made as evidenced by his actions, not photos with various globalist groups.

It should be added here that the leaders of the USSR and then Russia: Mikhail Gorbachev and Boris Yeltsin, who led to the collapse of the Soviet Union and then almost Russia itself, were constantly praised by the West … for betraying their countries. It is the same in Poland: traitors are praised, and patriots who care about their own country are slandered and even killed, like Andrzej Lepper.

Vladimir Putin came to power thanks to Boris Yeltsin, who realized that during his reign he was in a snare and therefore drank himself to death. However, as the successor of the Perestroika form of rule with strong presidential power, Yeltsyn saved Russia from disintegration and division into 10 countries (the Polish Episcopate, following the Vatican’s guidelines, planned the division of Russia into dioceses and parishes after its collapse), which Colonel Słowacki made public a few years ago.

President Putin implemented his strategy of rebuilding Russia from economic and social ruins (in the late 1990s, 15 million Russian citizens died of starvation as a result of the failure to pay salaries, pensions and disability pensions in Russia – according to official statistics), he implemented step by step in the existing very difficult internal conditions (saturation with the fifth column of all circles of bureaucracy after Presidents Yeltsin and Gorbachev) and external conditions (domination at all levels of power, especially in Western countries, by NWO globalist and their satanic structures). Only the reconstruction of the Russian military, especially with the types of weapons that no one in the world has, allowed Russia, which has been patiently enduring all humiliations from the West for over thirty years, to show first its “lion’s claw” in Syria, and now, on a much larger scale, its “tiger fang” in Ukraine,

At the end of this article, we provide many links to articles about President Vladimir Putin and Russia herself published on our site over the course of 8 years. It is especially important to recall once again Albin Siwak’s talks with the Marshal of the USSR, Wiktor Kulikow, Commander-in-Chief of the Warsaw Pact Forces, incl. about who Vladimir Putin is, described in the book “Boiled Frog Syndrome” and told by the author who wrote this text:


(page 32) “… the same Zhukov also refuted the third myth. After the Second World War, the Jews proclaimed to the whole world that they would never give up power. I mean the NKVD authorities in Moscow. To this day, you can find descriptions of thanksgiving prayers in synagogues in the West. They thanked God that they had power in the USSR and would extend it to the whole world. When Zhukov shot Lavrentiy Beria at a meeting of the Political Bureau and Lazar Kaganovich lost power after Stalin’s death, and Kulikov killed two Moscow garrisons of the NKVD, the Jews of the world had a distirted face… ” ;

Statement by Marshal Wiktor Kulikow to Albin Siwak (pages 40-41)“… But by the way, I will tell you that I would never go to a Jew as an adviser, and a Jew would not take me for a simple reason: I would not go, because after the death of Marshal Zhukov, I became the head of a secret organization, precisely this party “Razved”. And this organization was only established to remove Jews from all their positions and functions. That is, removing them from power and the possibility of exerting any influence on the affairs of the state and the fate of people. (…) Well, when Zhukov was carrying out this purge in the Politburo, it would not have been possible if I had not liquidated both NKVD Moscow garrisons with my own (Jewish) people. After all, half an hour before the time designated for the commencement of the operation, Marshal Zhukov gathered at the Ministry of Defense those commanders of the Moscow districts who had specific tasks assigned. I was ordered to liquidate these two NKVD garrisons. And the order was as follows: > And the Jews of the world know perfectly well that I was in charge of the division whose soldiers carried out this order. To this day, it is possible to obtain figures for the liquidated two NKVD garrisons, and it is almost four thousand people. And what do you think — the marshal asked me — if Putin were a Jew, would he have accepted me as his adviser. And look at it from a different angle too. First of all, I am an officer, I became a marshal later and for the specific knowledge and trust of the highest authorities, and would I, an officer from the Zhukov school, where our honor was taught and inculcated a lot, go to the service of a Jew with my past?

So be sure that Putin is a man of Russian roots and those who proclaim his Jewish heritage know it very well. But they use a very effective weapon against Putin, because we also had people who believed this nonsense or had doubts as to whether he was a Russian. I will remind you — said the marshal — that they also proclaimed your Russian lineage. … “

The cited very credible, first-hand explanation about President Vladimir Putin, obtained from Albin Siwak, who is a friend of Marshal Viktor Kulikov, should suffice, as they have been quoted many times in Albin Siwak’s books and on our website. It should be added here that until his death at the age of 91 in 2013, Marshal Viktor Kulikov was a personal adviser to President Putin and Prime Minister Medvedev for many years.

This information was enough to limit various misinformation only for a few years on the Internet, because the main sewer is the mainstream media, there is no need to count on truth in every topic. But recently, the campaign to slander President Putin has grown to epic proportions due to the demilitarization and denazification of Ukraine by Russia, and above all, a firm stand against the mendacious, deceptive and criminal West ruled by satanic NWO globalists.

Original Polish text
# Harnass you and your papist wish for Catholic Russia will get flushed..DBBBB 2022-06-15 16:15
Your idiot vomit about staining Russia with the pedophile papist whorehouses is just too much to take at times Harnass. Putin is Eastern Orthodox and only fools crawl into the Papist whorehouses to be brainwashed by their idolotries. All your filthy postings simply bring everyone back to your foul call to the Papal sewers of hell. There is no intelligence there no matter what you post! Stuff it!
-4 # thanksNZ KIWI 2022-06-12 16:58
interesting read
-3 # GladDoug Brown 2022-06-12 16:12
Glad you've wised up.
-5 # You have to give it to Poles, they know their Russian neighbors very wall and have the historical perspective as well as resources to analyze facts and draw conclusions!Haarnaś 2022-06-12 16:54
The motto of the Polish Intelligentsia Club is the ancient Polish National Motto and the motto of the Polish Armed Forces inscribed on its official standard. " God-Honor-Fatherland". It follows that the Putin-white-hat-guy analysis by the club is in all likelihood correct.

Let us wait and see how all of this shakes out and what emerges from all of this! Russia, like Armenia in 301 AD, the first country in the world to do so, must declare at one point that in no longer the "Third Rome", but "One With Rome"! It will not happen until after Bergoglio, dying now of colon cancer is replaced by the real Pope during the next conclave, not an imposter and usurper like Jorge!
+1 # GREATEST THEFT IN HISTORY (off topic)Dolph 2022-06-12 14:07
At the exact moment the United States and China issued threats of war against each other at the Shangri-La Dialogue, and pointing towards Kissinger’s warning to “transcend” this crisis before the American “society collapses”, this report concludes, globally renowned New Zealand tech CEO, Kim Dotcom, did the math on the United States sovereign debt and tweeted a thread about it, saying it may be the most important thread that he may ever make, and about which it’s now being beyond shockingly reported: .

Kim explains that US spending and debt have spiraled out of control and the Government can only raise the money it needs by printing more of it, which means that hyperinflation is guaranteed.

He says this has been going on for decades and there’s no way to fix it and that the US got away with this for so long, because US dollar is the world’s reserve currency.

When the US Government prints trillions, it is thereby robbing Americans and the entire world in what he calls the biggest theft in history.

He says the total US debt is at $90 trillion, which together with $169 trillion in US unfunded liabilities totals $259 trillion, which is $778,000 per US citizen or $2,067,000 per US Taxpayer.

Now, the value of all US assets combined: every piece of land, real estate, all savings, all companies, everything that all citizens, businesses, entities and the state own is worth $193 trillion.

Our total debt, $259 trillion minus our total net worth, $193 trillion equals negative $66 trillion of debt and liabilities after every asset in the US has been sold off.

So even if the US could sell all assets at the current value, which is impossible, it would still be broke.

This is where the ‘Great Reset’ comes in and he asks, “Is it a controlled demolition of the global markets, economies and the world as we know it? A shift into a new dystopian future where the elites are the masters of the slaves without the cosmetics of democracy?” (Sorcha Faal)
-1 # You do knowSrmay72 2022-06-12 20:21
Man puts dollar value on items. We owe nothing. The only thing truely worth money is food. Bodies need food and water now wars been fought for land to grow food to feed their people but in the end satan tells you cars and vehicles you need to speed you up to race you to the end. He tells you you need boxes to worship hip every day when you get up and last thing you do at the end of the day is stare at him. So many get caught up putting satan in a human form while for a hundred years we've been worshipping him as we are entertained by him mind gaming us to our own deaths. I don't own a home, refuse to pay taxes to borrow a home from the government and we say we are not communist. China at least leases it to you for x years same here. I don't own a car or anything of value oh they know I don't. I send my w2s to them in April along with 1099s they send me a bill but know on paper I own nothing they can sieze. This is why a reset is needed to force you to give them what's never theirs .
Some days I beg God to show me why, why the evil, why he's given us 7 years , why Satan hasn't been destroyed before now. Why ? With a wave of his hand he can destroy all the evil and to stop the hate. Yet we wake up daily God's grace is slow to anger yet many that have been called yet refuse to answer. God gives us time tick took yet instead of checking God's clock they argue about who's right who's wrong. Why do we allow them to tell us we need steak when Ramen and rice make the same . Why do Christians specially, fall into the 1500 sqr foot house when in reality we live in less then 150 Sq ft. Why do we allow them to make us believe every x amount of years we need a new car. For almost 7000 Bibical years a horse was fine a boar was fine then 150 years ago WE enter the end of it all. GOD SAYS TIMES UP AND WARNED US TO NOT LEARN HIS WORD FROM MAN YET LINK AFTER LINK OF "MANS" INTERPRETATIONS OF GODS WORD. 90% ARE FOOLED OF A CHIP MARK YET THE VACCINE FOOLED MOST. STILL TELLING OTHERS WHAT WE OWE YET WE BORROWED NOTHING. FOLKS YOUR IN THE FINAL DAYS YET 85% OF THE REMAINING OF GODS ELECT ARE FALLING DAILY.
3 WEEKS AGO THE HOLY SPIRIT SHOWED ME HOW LITTLE THE DOLLAR MEANS IT HIT ME IN LINE AT KROGERS AS THEY HANDED ME BACK MY CHANGE IT MADE ME LAUGH I LOOKED AT THE BAG GIRL AS I GRABBED MY BAGS I SAID HERE MY TOILET PAPER WILL SOON BE WORTH MORE THEN THESE. YESTERDAY I DID THE SAME I JUST PRAY ANYONE THAT SEES OR HEARS ME STOPS AND THINKS ABOUT WHY I GIVE IT AWAY . HOW MUCH WORTHLESS TOILET PAPER, AKA $s DO YOU STILL HAVE HIDDEN AWAY LIKE NEXT WEEK WE WILL WAKE UP AND SAY IT WAS JUST A NIGHTMARE. ? FOLKS EVEN IF THIS IS THE ONLY TIME YOU HEAR THIS. GIVE IT TO THOSE THAT DONT HAVE ANYTHING. Today I took some very good steaks to a wonderful lady that monthly switches from food or her meds because she's on ssi the smiles she had when she put hundreds of dollars of tones in her freezer. God says to store our treasures in Heaven not earth yet daily I watch those with money, get mad at those without counting change for gas. There's days I watch the clock , visit cemeteries, think about how so very soon God's going to say TIMES UP. ARE YOU READY , IF YOU DIE BEFORE THIS ENDS WHAT WILL JESUS SAY TO YOU? DUST OFF GODS INSTRUCTIONS AND READ
-4 # buy some goldNZ KIWI 2022-06-12 17:05
and a little silver too , kim is probably correct but i dont trust him , hes a SCORPION ,AND THE WORLD IS HIS FROG
-1 # Also on Zero HedgeSBGlett77 2022-06-12 16:15
For those justifiably skeptical of Sorcha, note that this article was also posted on ZeroHedge.

It isn't really very far off-topic, Dolph - the perpetuation of the West's monetary Ponzi scheme and avoidance of its consequences is the main reason we are so intent on mendacious disruption and disaster and war worldwide.

After being led down a street of lies by NATO, and now left hung out to dry when Biden started disavowing support, maybe the more pragmatic, opportunistic people who may exist in Ukraine are starting to reassess whose star they are going to hitch their wagon to.

Whatever Ukraine does, the game is over for both them AND NATO. As Kim Dotcom said in the full ZH article, the U.S. is "beyond bankrupt". Way beyond. The only way out is exponentially-increasing money creation. Total asset confiscation won't even get close to covering it. Get ready for your savings and pensions to go to near-zero value, and shortages to appear everywhere.
+2 # Why do you supposeJessiebeaner 2022-06-12 17:35
“They” have been so hell bent on getting everyone jabbed? Those kill shots, if given to enough people, relieve the state of much of its u funded obligation burden and pension burden. The focus was HEAVILY on getting all people older than 60 jabbed and now double boosted. If 90% of that group took the recommended jabs they will not be here in two years. Imagine the savings in Medicare and medicaid and pensions. HUGE! Then add to that the increased all cause mortality rate in gov. employees in Indiana……and assume that in many homes both people got jabbed! More huge savings within two years. Add to that the horrific decrease in births among the jabbed…….much lowered cost for all things associated with school aged kids……
-1 # Bastards indeedSBGlett77 2022-06-12 22:01
And also in the Hebrews 12:8 sense ( KJV ). Their eternity is going to be unpleasant.
-1 # Greatest Theft, con'tDolph 2022-06-12 14:22
N.Z. Tech C.E.O. Kim Dotcom was quoted above.

He notes how the world has changed so much in recent years and how nothing seems to make sense anymore.

He sees the blatant corruption and the obvious gaslighting propaganda media and the erosion of our rights but he doesn’t know where it’s all going and he finishes the thread asking, “What’s the end game?”

As Harrison Smith from the American Journal says, “It’s a pyramid scheme. The people perpetrating the pyramid scheme are in charge of everything…they’re going to sacrifice humanity in order to maintain their system. The world economy is being collapsed, the food supply system is being destroyed, the energy that we rely on to maintain civilization is being curtailed and eliminated and we’ll be forced into the Great Reset where we will own nothing.”
+1 # RE: GREATEST THEFT IN HISTORY (off topic)Eddamnit 2022-06-12 14:17
How much do the non-taxpayers owe?
-1 # Reign of Terror Moment?Dolph 2022-06-12 15:03
The French Revolution ended with a reign of terror, a time when government politicians were marched to the guillotine. In America that could be stringing them all up on D.C.'s lampposts or firing squads. There are many Christian prophecies speaking of martial law coming to our federal government with the military emptying WH, Capital and SC buildings of hand cuffed politicians and boxes and boxes of documents and holding military tribunals. The crowds celebrating on the streets of Washington were so thick one could hardly move. This happens just before the nuclear attack spoken of by Duduman.
-1 # RE: Reign of Terror Moment?selah 2022-06-12 19:18
But, there is no reason to nuke us if dc is put in cuffs and executed.
-1 # Am PRETTY sure ....Ya DON'T TRUST a SNAKE.NHydg 2022-06-12 14:04
Like someone said in a post ........tha Cocaine must be so freely distributed that all these Ukie soldiers are high above the ground ............... A little packet of Coke in every MRE ration ...............
# Was that the plan? 2022-06-12 13:51
Maybe that was the plan all along? At this point nothing would surprise me.
-1 # RE: Ukrainian Official Threatens THE WEST; Ukraine Could "Switch Sides"mjc 2022-06-12 13:10
He's (correctly) pointing out that as a former Russian client state.....Ukraine's army (and government....and industry) served at the whim of Moscow.

If Ukraine is defeated and again becomes a Russian client state.....their army will serve at the whim of Moscow.
+4 # Was it the plan all along?Adiff5466 2022-06-12 13:02
Was this some kind of plan from the beginning to drain us of our fighting resources only for them to ultimately be used against us? I have no idea. Just throwing it out there.
# RE: Was it the plan all along?mjc 2022-06-12 14:21
Quoting Adiff5466:
Was this some kind of plan from the beginning to drain us of our fighting resources only for them to ultimately be used against us? I have no idea. Just throwing it out there.

Well, if American policy is to deplete the Russian military, what is the better choice:
a) American troops being killed while fighting Russian with American equipment
b) Ukrainian troops being killed while fighting Russians with American equipment

Are we expending US equipment? Yes.
Are we expending US lives? No.

Seems like the deal of the century for the US.

Russia and Ukraine.....not so much.
+2 # Depleting American hardwareKad2866 2022-06-12 17:54
I do agree better to fight over there using their military.
My concern is how much of the military equipment we give ends up being sold to China, Russia, etc or just being claimed by Russia.
Did Ukraine really need 5500 javelins? Plus their getting more. Take us 3 years just to replace 5500. Russia didn't send 6000 or 7000 tanks. Yes they used javelins on other Russian equipment but was that wise?
In the end Russia will prevail regardless of what we send. It is a complicated mess with no good outcome.
Big worry is Chinese and Russian nukes flying this way, maybe even N. Korean to while Iran nukes Israel and others.
We should be building something to stop those yesterday.
-1 # Was that the plan? 2022-06-12 13:52
That was my thoughts exactly!
-2 # My first thought too.Gregg W 2022-06-12 13:33
Yep. You could be right. In a way it's funny for the Russian side to pull a sneaky double-cross against NATO and the U.S.

Yes, I know. Russia is well able to be sneaky and has been for decades.

It's just that with all the American government shenanigans and EU foolishness, this would be a huge slap in the face! Putin could turn the army around and invade and defeat Europe in short order.
# Silly little boyalmachius 2022-06-12 12:55
No wonder their country is shrinking.
+6 # LolItsMePD 2022-06-12 11:58
Sounds like the cocaine those Ukrainians do is a hallucinogenic, doesn't it?
+4 # Probably high at the time he made that statementBren1776 2022-06-12 11:38
They think they are invincible when they're high like Zelensky.
+3 # Huh?ItsMePD 2022-06-12 11:20
Is that guy really stupid enough to think Russia needs Ukrainian troops to whip the west's tuchas if they were so minded to do so? Arrogant much? Those who climb high fall hard Mr. Oleksiy Mykolaiovych Arestovych. Russia doesn't need you or your troops.
+9 # Why would Russia ever trustJessiebeaner 2022-06-12 11:42
+12 # BastardsBuffalolips 2022-06-12 12:00
Ukraine's Nazi bastards or Washington, D.C.'s?
-10 # Unfortunately PROBABLY NOTPaul Kurzlee 2022-06-12 10:43
Although this scenario would be AWESOME to see happen in most likelyhood it would never come to pass. It would be funny though to see the slavics team up and expell gringo from this part of the planet. But also no way the Putin would go for that. Simply because nobody can trust these stupid ukrainees. They will switch sides suddenly for 2 bucks. I just hope the Putin keeps pounding them with his long range artillery 24/7 until these ukrainees are ALL dead. KILL THEM ALL. Thats the best outcome. Then expell gringostain from the country.
# RE: Unfortunately PROBABLY NOTForrest Mosby 2022-06-14 15:42
Quoting Paul Kurzlee:
Although this scenario would be AWESOME to see happen in most likelyhood it would never come to pass. It would be funny though to see the slavics team up and expell gringo from this part of the planet. But also no way the Putin would go for that. Simply because nobody can trust these stupid ukrainees. They will switch sides suddenly for 2 bucks. I just hope the Putin keeps pounding them with his long range artillery 24/7 until these ukrainees are ALL dead. KILL THEM ALL. Thats the best outcome. Then expell gringostain from the country.

Yeah…better check w The Virgin on that-at least run it by her before you start pulling lanyards
+3 # You hostile bastardJessiebeaner 2022-06-12 11:44
There are MANY ELDERLY AND CHILDREN. Only a piece of shit….LIKE YOU…would suggest that all these civilians be killed.
Go hang yourself you damnable EVIL DISGUSTING SHITBAG
-9 # RE: You hostile bastardPaul Kurzlee 2022-06-12 13:09
Quoting Jessiebeaner:
There are MANY ELDERLY AND CHILDREN. Only a piece of shit….LIKE YOU…would suggest that all these civilians be killed.
Go hang yourself you damnable EVIL DISGUSTING SHITBAG

I am talking about the nazis that encircled Donbass that like killing the civillians there. Those men need to be killed. Or is it elderly folks shooting at their own cities? WTF are you talking about you stupid fukur? Call me names? F YOU. At no time did I say elderly and children be killed. You stupid POS. Shut yur cheese burgur hole and get it right before you shoot you mouth off you POS. Please show everyone here where I
called for that. You can't. Because you are just a Useless dick that can not read. So go F yurself and STFU. I never said that. So prove it asshole. C'mon jerk.
-2 # Dementia?Jessiebeaner 2022-06-12 17:40
.” keeps pounding them with his long range artillery 24/7 until these ukrainees are ALL dead. KILL THEM ALL. Thats the best outcome”

-3 # RE: Ukrainian Official Threatens THE WEST; Ukraine Could "Switch Sides"The Deplorable Renegade 2022-06-12 09:59
There are no English subtitles in the video so how do we know the translation is correct?
+2 # # RE: Ukrainian Official Threatens THE WEST; Ukraine Could "Switch Sides"donfitz1611 2022-06-12 10:19
I speak Russian. It was close what was translated in to English but if you listen in Russian it is a little bit different twist that it was translated in to English.
+1 # Translation Please...ItsMePD 2022-06-12 11:15
Can you please elaborate?
+10 # UkraineJohn Jones 2022-06-12 09:50
Ukrainians are untrustworthy people.
+3 # Arthur R.afroizman01 2022-06-12 09:43
The headline is very misleading.
He pointed out the danger to the West if Putin is able to incorporate Ukraine into Russia.
He makes it clear that this is not his preferred outcome!
+5 # RE: Ukrainian Official Threatens THE WEST; Ukraine Could "Switch Sides"Beetlepumpr 2022-06-12 09:35
just trying to get more money for Swiss steak
+5 # Screw yousupporttheblue 2022-06-12 09:11
Join them. We’ll rain hell on you and your arrogant coke head leadership.
+3 # LolThe_Big_Guy ACCOUNT TERMINATED 2022-06-12 10:00
You think so huh? I think you're so delusional you can't see straight. Probably cuz you're too busy thumping blind support of the blue, like an idiot
-2 # The lil guysupporttheblue 2022-06-12 17:39
Big mouth but needs a magnifying glass and tweezers to locate his manhood
# Really?CJ 2022-06-12 09:09
There are 7 billion people on this planet. Ukraine is not necessarily needed for human survival ( as also anyone else).
This guy makes Wil Wheaton look sane.
# chinaGreg5000 2022-06-12 08:53
plus china
they have a large army... will go to EU by train.

did you think they were coming by boat to USA?
+8 # THEY LOST ALREADYWilliam 2022-06-12 08:45
This intellectually dysfunctional low grade moron don't know he has lost already. He must be related to Stoltenberg
+2 # People that have done quantityDoug Brown 2022-06-12 14:06
Coke is different. It's not like acid.
It's not like gin. If you have access to
quantity, over time
a delusional sense of realty sets in.
In the early 70's my best buddy and I
accidentally came across somebodies
stash. For 9 days we did lines morning noon
and night, and so did everybody else.
Therefore I fully understand Zelinski's
delirium, and how the coke accentuates
his mediocre acting skills.
Zelinski actually believes he is the Ukrainian
Zelinski believes he is a Statesman.
Zelinski, the fake president, talks to Biden,
another fake president.
Both pretend.
Both higher than kites.
+17 # DelusionalHOOVER 2022-06-12 08:38
"Everyone knows how we fight". Seriously? You're getting your arse kicked. But go ahead, just keep believing the lies you tell yourself.
+8 # RE:clayht 2022-06-12 08:24
Hey. Am I wrong or does this sound like Turkey?
+11 # RE: Ukrainian Official Threatens THE WEST; Ukraine Could "Switch Sides"John Galt 2022-06-12 08:18
Putin would be a fool to accept their help. Better to say, “Thanks, but no thanks.”
+3 # Arestovichchip 2022-06-12 08:18
Won't believe it until it happens


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