Update: Looming War - Ukraine-Russia

Update: Looming War - Ukraine-Russia

Seems everybody needs an update on what actually happened yesterday.

We in the USA sanctioned the hell out of Russia over issues the Democrats themselves created to smear Trump. The Democrats started believing there own bullshit. Two things happened afterwards:

1: Russia announced they were closing the Kerch Straight starting next week and lasting through October. They did not stop commercial traffic, just military movements including from Ukraine themselves. It doesn't seem too bad until you realize that if they had stopped commercial ships they would be shooting themselves in the foot with the new sanctions.

2: Russia fully withdrew any consideration from meeting with Biden for a summit.

Russia has painted invasion stripes on their vehicles to easily identify friendly units on the battlefield.

When that and the fact that they are closing the Kerch Strait finally circulated 3 things happened:

1: stores and other businesses started piling sand bags around their buildings to stop shrapnel and bullets.

2: The ones who could, started evacuating.

3: Ukrainian cities updated their maps of bomb shelters for the public.

Russia is still moving troops. Ukraine has deployed national guard and special forces regiments along with their army.

A group of military instructors from the United States arrived at the units of the Armed Forces of Ukraine (AFU) located in the Donbass, said the official representative of the defense department of the Luhansk People's Republic (LPR) on April 15.  "Instructors" is a euphemism for Special Forces who go in a week or two in advance, generally to sabotage and take out high value targets in advance of military action.  Out of one side of the U.S. mouth they call for "de-escalation" while out of the other side of the same mouth, they send in Special Forces to "soften-up" a potential battlefield.

There IS supposed to be a meeting today that may reach an agreement to drawdown, but it seems very slim. Everything is pointing to next week for this thing -War - to really get going, but it could pop off before that.

Doom is not off until both sides have withdrawn from the line of contact.

********** BULLETIN *********


Friday has seen shocking, dangerous, and enormous developments in the situation between Ukraine and Russia . . .  all of them bad.

What is now taking place AND BEING SAID, out in the open, should shock even the most jaded reader into realizing not only is a vast war being set up in eastern Europe, they are ALREADY PLANNING IT TO GO NUCLEAR!

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