***URGENT*** BULLETIN**** Inbound Gamma Ray Bursts Could Cause EMP, Earthquakes, Tsunamis, Magnetic Field "Torquing" of polar areas and Possibly . . . E.L.E.

***URGENT*** BULLETIN**** Inbound Gamma Ray Bursts Could Cause EMP, Earthquakes, Tsunamis, Magnetic Field "Torquing" of polar areas and Possibly . . .    E.L.E.

Want the REAL reason governments want us locked-down at home?  It isn't COVID.   TWO YEARS AGO, they became aware of inbound Gamma Ray Bursts heading on a collision course with earth. 

On Saturday, October 17, 2020, there was a SWARM of very large and long-duration Gamma Ray Bursts detected and reported.  In fact, over the past six (6) days, there have also been four (4) back-to-back, large, Gamma Ray Bursts detected, bringing our count no EIGHT GAMMA RAY BURSTS, inbound toward Earth.   

They are inbound from the Vela Constellation (a southern hemisphere constellation) and, according to Scientists, they are usually preceded by a gravity wave.   

The amount of energy contained in a large Gamma Ray Burst is so huge, the narrow beam-like configuration of a Gamma Ray Burst contains 1/2000th of the TOTAL energy of our Sun!  Between the actual energy of the Gamma Ray Burst, and the effects of the Gravitational Wave preceding it, if/when they hit earth, could result in earthquakes, tsunamis, torquing of Earth's Magnetic Poles, and even (possibly) an Extinction Level Event.


First, Some ESSENTIAL History for Readers to Grasp this:

On December 26, 2004 a magnitude 9.3 earthquake occurred in the Indian Ocean off the coast of Sumatra in Malaysia. It caused a powerful tsunami which devastated coastal regions of many countries leaving over 240,000 people either dead or missing. It was the worst tsunami to affect this area since the 1883 explosion of Krakatao. The earthquake that produced it was so strong that it exceeded by a factor of 10 the next most powerful earthquake to occur anywhere in the past 25 years.

  • Indonesian 9.3 Richter earthquake:
    December 26, 2004 at 00 hours 58 minutes (Universal Time)

It is then with some alarm that we learned that just 44.6 hours later gamma ray telescopes orbiting the Earth picked up the arrival of the brightest gamma ray burst ever recorded!

  • Gamma ray burst arrival:
    December 27, 2004 at 21 hours 36 minutes (Universal Time)

This gamma ray blast was 100 times more intense than any burst that had been previously recorded, equaling the brightness of the full Moon, but radiating most of its energy at gamma ray wavelengths which cannot be seen by the human eye.

Gamma ray counts spiked to a maximum in 1.5 seconds and then declined over a 5 minute period with 7.57 second pulsations. The blast temporarily changed the shape of Earth's ionosphere, distorting the transmission of long-wavelength radio signals. See stories on Space.com, BBC News, NY Times.

It was determined that the burst originated from the soft gamma ray repeater star, SGR 1806-20, a neutron star 20 kilometers in diameter which rotates once every 7.5 seconds.

The outburst released more energy in a tenth of a second than our Sun emits in 100,000 years!

Other gamma ray bursts have been detected whose explosions were intrinsically more powerful than this one at the source of the explosion, but since those explosions originated in other galaxies tens of thousands of times more distant, the bursts were not nearly as bright when they reached our solar system. What makes the December 27th gamma ray burst unique is that it is the first time that a burst this bright has been observed, one that also happens to originate from within our own Galaxy.

Astronomers have theorized that gamma ray bursts might travel in association with gravity wave bursts. In the course of their flight through space, gamma rays would be deflected by gravitational fields and would be scattered by dust and cosmic ray particles they encountered, so they would be expected to travel slightly slower than their associated gravity wave burst which would pass through space unimpeded.

The 9.3 Richter earthquake near Sumatra in 2004 was ten times stronger than any other earthquake during the past 25 years, and was followed just 44.6 hours later on December 27th by a very intense gamma ray burst, which was 100 fold brighter than any other in the past 25 year history of gamma ray observation. It seems difficult to pass off the temporal proximity of these two Class I events as being just a matter of coincidence. A time period of 25 years compared to a time separation of 44.6 hours amounts to a time ratio of about 5000:1. For two such unique events to have such a close time proximity is highly improbable if they are not somehow related. But, as mentioned above, gravity waves would very likely be associated with gamma ray bursts, and they would be expected to precede them, causing massive earthquakes and Tsunamis.



In his 1983 Ph.D. dissertation, Paul LaViolette called attention to terrestrial dangers of Galactic core explosions, pointing out that the arrival of the cosmic ray superwave they produced would be signaled by a high intensity gamma ray burst which would also generate EMP effects. He also noted that a strong gravity wave might be expected to travel forward at the forefront of this superwave and might be the first indication of a superwave's arrival. He pointed out that such gravity waves could induce substantial tidal forces on the Earth during their passage which could induce earthquakes and cause polar axis torquing effects.

[Please note, the gravity potential gradient associated with a stellar explosion or core explosion would drop off in intensity inversely with distance traveled (according to 1/r), and would not drop off as the inverse cube of distance as some have claimed on the internet. That is, it does not have a force-distance dependence similar to the lunar tidal force. So the impact would be quite significant.

In his book Earth Under Fire (as well as in his dissertation), LaViolette presents evidence showing that the superwave that passed through the solar system around 14,200 years ago had triggered supernova explosions as it swept through the Galaxy. Among these were the Vela and Crab supernova explosions whose explosion dates align with this superwave event horizon. He points out that these explosions could be explained if a gravity wave accompanied this superwave, it could have produced tidal forces which could have triggered unstable stars to explode as it passed through.

He wrote at a time when gamma ray bursts had just begun to be discovered, and when no one was concerned with them as potential terrestrial hazards. In recent years scientific opinion has come around to adopt LaViolette's concern, as can be seen in news articles discussing the SGR 1806-20 gamma ray outburst, e.g., see Space.com news story. They note that if this gamma ray burst had been as close as 10 light years it would have completely destroyed the ozone layer. (Article continues beneath Ad)


By comparison, the Galactic superwaves LaViolette has postulated to have been generated as a result of an outburst of our Galaxy's core and to have impacted the Solar system during the last ice age would have impacted the solar system with a cosmic ray electron volley having an energy intensity 100 times greater than this hypothetical 10 light year distant stellar gamma ray burst. In comparision, SGR 1806-20 has been estimated to have a stellar progenitor mass of 150 solar masses, whereas our Galactic core has a mass of 2.6 million solar masses. In its present active phase, SGR 1806-20 is estimated to have a luminosity 40 million times that of the Sun, whereas during its active phase the Galactic center could reach luminosities of 400 trillion times that of the Sun.   Any living creature hit with that would instantly be wiped out.  So it is understandable that if the Galactic center were to erupt, it would produce a gamma ray burst and a gravity wave far more intense than the outburst from this star.

Scientists now agree:  If anything, the December 27, 2004 gamma ray burst shows us that we do not live in a peaceful celestial environment. And if the December 26th Sumatra earthquake was in fact part of this same celestial event, we see that this stellar eruption has claimed many lives (240,000 from Tsunami, in ONE DAY). For this reason, it is important that we prepare for the possibility of even stronger events in the future, the arrival of superwaves issuing from the core of our Galaxy. Like the December 26th earthquake and the December 27th gamma ray burst, the next superwave will arrive unexpectedly. It will take us by surprise.


Satellites detecting Gamma Ray Bursts headed in OUR direction

Here is what NASA's Satellites are now detecting:



So we now have CONFIRMATION that Gamma Ray Bursts are, in fact, headed . . . . NEAR . . . . us.



Three years ago, in October, 2017, scientists were able to actually OBSERVE the collision of two neutron stars.   

(Artist's Rendition)


For the first time, scientists caught two neutron stars in the act of colliding, revealing that these strange smashups are the source of heavy elements such as gold and platinum.

The discovery, announced a news conference and in scientific reports written by some 3,500 researchers, solved a long-standing mystery about the origin of these heavy elements — which are found in everything from wedding rings to cellphones to nuclear weapons.

It's also a dramatic demonstration of how astrophysics is being transformed by humanity's newfound ability to detect gravitational waves, ripples in the fabric of space-time that are created when massive objects spin around each other and finally collide.

"It's so beautiful. It's so beautiful it makes me want to cry. It's the fulfillment of dozens, hundreds, thousands of people's efforts, but it's also the fulfillment of an idea suddenly becoming real," says Peter Saulson of Syracuse University, who has spent more than three decades working on the detection of gravitational waves.

Albert Einstein predicted the existence of these ripples more than a century ago, but scientists didn't manage to detect them until 2015. Until now, they'd made only four such detections, and each time the distortions in space-time were caused by the collision of two black holes.

That bizarre phenomenon, however, can't normally be seen by telescopes that look for light. Neutron stars, by contrast, spew out visible cosmic fireworks when they come together. These incredibly dense stars are as small as cities like New York and yet have more mass than our sun.

In this case, what scientists managed to spot was a pair of neutron stars that likely spent more than 11 billion years circling each other more and more closely before finally slamming together about 130 million years ago.



Gravitational wave astronomers then did it again, adding to the detection collection a new collision between two neutron stars.

On 25 April 2019, the LIGO interferometer detected two neutron stars around 520 million light-years away coming together and merging into a single object.

Why is this important?  It has to do with what happens when Neutron Stars collide:  THEY CAUSE GAMMA RAY BURSTS!

 A simple Query to Google is all it takes to show "What Causes Gamma Ray Bursts?"

Google returns the following:

One explanation proposes that they are the result of colliding neutron stars -- corpses of massive stars (5 to 10 times the mass of our Sun) that have blown up as supernova. A second theory proposes that gamma-ray bursts are the result of a merging between a neutron star and a black hole or between two black holes.

And what happened here on Earth after these collisions were reported?   ALL OBSERVATORIES WORLDWIDE WERE ORDERED SHUT DOWN.

At the time, no one knew -- or rather no one WOULD SAY -- why.



Put two and two together!

1) Scientists reported two separate collisions of a total of four separate Neutron Stars.

2) Scientists say such collisions cause massive Gamma Ray Bursts.

3) Scientists also know, from the Sumatra Earthquake in 2004, that certain telescopes here on earth COULD determine if a Gravity Wave preceded the Sumatra earthquake, but for one small problem: They were all ALLEGEDLY shut down at the time. . . . or were they?

It would have been possible to determine whether a Galactic gravity wave had indeed immediately preceded the December 26th Sumatra earthquake by examining data from gravity wave telescopes. Since seismic waves from the Indonesian earthquake would have taken some time to propagate through the Earth to these gravity wave antenna, their signature could be distinguished from the gravity wave coming from SGR 1806-20. However, the major gravity wave telescopes were unfortunately not on line at that time. LIGO (Laser Interferometer Gravity Wave Observatory), which consists of two correlated telescopes, one in Washington state and one in Louisiana, each having a four kilometer long laser interferometer beam path, was in the process of being made operational and unfortunately was not collecting data at that time. We sent an email to the staff of the TAMA gravity wave antenna in Japan. Dr. Takahashi, who is responsible for the detector, replied that their telescope ALSO was (unfortunately) not operating during that week.

Gee, how convenient.

What if those claims are deliberate lies?  What if the telescopes not only WERE online, but did, in fact, detect a Gravity wave?

That would PROVE the Hypothesis about such waves preceding Gamma Ray Bursts, and verify the danger to planets being hit with such gravity waves and gamma ray bursts.

What if they kept it all secret because they were already tracking inbound Gamma Ray Bursts and realized one or more of them were on course to hit earth?  Even a near-hit would result in a planetary disaster of unimaginable proportion!

Now, continue putting two and two together:

4) If Scientists already were tracking inbound Gamma Ray Bursts TOWARD earth, then their observatories being SHUT DOWN would prevent leakage of such information.  Keeping it quiet is paramount.

Why? Because if the public found out that a potential Extinction Level Event was actually heading our way, a lot of the public would absolutely freak.   People would stop paying their bills.  They would stop working.  They would start demanding protection so they might survive such an event. 

Well, you can't have people stop paying their bills.

You can't protect the entire human race from something like this. 

And of course, if this is a southern hemisphere impact event, how long would it take for some folks to start screaming about how "racist" this gamma ray burst must be, affecting minorities so disproportionately?   

Can you imagine the southern hemisphere all demanding free shelter and help from the northern hemisphere?  It would be chaos.

And you don't want anarchy, mayhem, and chaos all over the place.

Logic, then, would dictate keeping such information very tightly controlled, while taking steps for certain people to survive.

Put simply, say nothing -- because they can't do anything to stop it anyway, and let it happen.  One day, earthlings wake up to . . . . SURPRISE!  KABOOM!

Not to put too fine a point on it, but do we really need 9 Billion people surviving?  I mean, 3/4 of them produce almost nothing.  They make no contribution to the betterment of humanity.  At all.

They do, however, TAKE.  From those of us who DO produce.  Welfare, food stamps, healthcare, and so much more.  Why would we want THEM to survive?

And here in the USA, there's . . . . how can I say this gently . . . . ahhh yes, Democrats.   People who are so utterly stupid, so devoid of common sense, so lacking in personal integrity, they not only voted for Hillary, they plan to vote for Dementia Joe Biden!  No need for any of them to survive, that's for sure.

In fact, if I'm right about this, President Trump should simply not pick up any Democrats for transport to government shelters.  Let them be on the surface when this thing hits.  It would be a public service to wipe those shitbags out!

But enough of my commentary, back to the article . . .



For months now, the world has watched with awe as governments all over the planet have blown right through their budgets buying all sorts of gizmos, gadgets, and . . . military gear.

Here in the USA, our President (rightly) blamed the former Administration for gutting our military, and said it needed to be rebuilt.   The Two-TRILLION we spent on rebuilding was quite a price tag.

But the spending spree was accompanied by other things.

In the USA, citizens have been mystified at the recall of ONE MILLION military reservists starting in March, 2020.  At the time, the President told the American people the troops would be needed for the COVID-19 scam; but a MILLION TROOPS?????? On its face, it was an absurd number.

NORAD went into "Continuity of Government" mode back in March.   Their complex in Cheyenne Mountain outside of Colorado Springs is locked up tight and ready for Armageddon.  For COVID?   Naaah.   For an Extinction Level Event?  Uhhhhh, yep; that'd do it.

In addition, President Trump made clear as recently as last week during an ABC News interview, he's bringing all our troops home because "they'll be needed here."

For what?

5) If they know a Gamma Ray Burst is going to come near Earth, or strike a glancing blow, or maybe even a direct hit, then humanity will face a potential Extinction Level Event.  There will be earthquakes, Tsunamis, destruction and . . . . EMP's.

6) For over a week, reports have been filtering our from Industry claiming the US federal Government is urgently warning large corporations and manufacturers to "plan for a "Grid Down Scenario" and specifically, a "Communications Grid Down."   (Stories HERE and HERE) Why?

7) For the first time ever, the US Dept. of Defense (DoD) tested their MASS ALERT SYSTEM for key persons and contractors.  (Story HERE)  Why?

What if they KNOW that an EMP from a Gamma Ray Burst is about to hit Earth . . . or the southern hemisphere of earth,  and wipe out our Grids?

If so, then everything we're seeing . . . "fits."

Locking down the public, making people buy and store large quantities of food and medicine . . . and stay home.

Calling-up gigantic numbers of Reserve military members.

Deploying large amounts of military gear all over the nation.

Spending like there's no tomorrow - even giving every taxpayer $1200 as a so-called "Stimulus."

The Shutting down of Observatories (Perhaps to conceal the inbound danger)

. . . . it all fits for a massive disaster that we MAY face . . . but that governments worldwide are keeping secret.

They don't want bills to go unpaid, work to stop, or anarchy and chaos to break out.

And if you look back at the past couple years, OTHER THINGS fit too.

Why was America bringing in a slew of people from the southern hemisphere and from Africa?  Well, if they knew the southern hemisphere was going to be smashed with a gamma ray burst, maybe they decided to turn the US and Europe into some sort of Noah's Ark.  Preserve the  gene pool?

And why, just this week, have repeated stories come out from large Corporations claiming they've been told by government to prepare for a Grid Down scenario?  And they should prepare "immediately?"

To me, all of these disparate facts meld together perfectly if, in reality, a cosmic disaster is heading our way.

You know, in the Bible, the Book of Revelation, it talks about a "star coming from the Heavens" and wiping out 1/3rd of all humans.  Wormwood.

Well, might a Gamma Ray Burst hitting our atmosphere make it appear luminescent?  Like a "star?" 

If the Book of Revelation is referring to an event like this - and I am NOT certain it is -- then one third of all mankind will be dead very soon. Weeks?

Now, you have to decide if two plus two equals four given the facts reported above.

I've decided.  That's why this story is now published.

If this is true, then we cannot escape it and many of us will not survive it. 

I personally believe people should know.  We should have a chance to forgive those who have wronged us, and seek forgiveness FROM those we have wronged. 

I think they should have a motivation and a chance to bend a knee and pray to Almighty God, thanking Him for the life he gave us and asking forgiveness of our sins. 

I think they should have time to get with old family and long lost friends to enjoy again, albeit briefly. 

If we're going to be taken out, with no way to avoid it, at least we can go out with class; with honor, with dignity, and with faith.  

. . . and whatever comes, we will All go down, together . . .


A few months ago, when China was in the news over their development of EMP Weapons, I decided to equip my home and vehicles with EMP SHIELD, in the hopes of being one of the few who survive.  If a gamma Ray Burst causes EMP effects planet wide, maybe these will help protect me.   Maybe they would help you too?  

EMP Shield is a device installed at the main electric panel where your circuit breakers are.   

EMP Shield will protect all the electronics and equipment connected to your electrical system.

This is accomplished by shunting (shorting) the over voltage coming in from the grid and the voltage surges that are collected within your home.

Whether the source of electrons are from within your home or coming into your electrical system from outside the home (the grid), the Shield will see the surge and protect your electrical system. The technology reacts in less than 1 billionth of a second. Since the shunting is completed incredibly fast, the over voltage is drained away from the equipment before the voltage can rise high enough to damage any equipment

All those tens-of-thousands of volts go harmlessly into the ground.  Your devices are thereby protected from being fried.

This two minute video shows how it's installed in your home


For vehicles, Same protection, super-easy install.  Here's a video:



As shown in the second video above, GOVERNMENT is preparing. They're even putting these gizmos in their police cars.  THEY want THEIR stuff to work.  Do YOU want YOUR stuff to work as well?

It's up to you if you want to prepare for this.  Given the state of the world right now, it seems prudent to take what steps we can to prepare.

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