On Friday night, the People's Republic of China (PRC) was seen moving nuclear missiles out in the open, toward their eastern coastline. 

These are medium range nuclear missiles/"Carrier Killers."  They are designed to destroy Aircraft Carrier Strike Groups, and their range makes it possible for them to hit anywhere in the country of Japan as well.  Video below.

The file photo above shows the missiles on their vehicles in daylight at some point in the past and are NOT related to the rest of this story, below.

The video below as taken last night.

Seen in the video above are China's DF-26 missiles on Transporter/Erector/Launcher (TEL) trucks.   They are seen traveling the public streets in Fujian Province, eastern China.

China is not going to nuke Taiwan, they WANT Taiwan.   But as they move to physically TAKE Taiwan, they are making certain that the United States knows to stay out of it.   

With these missiles, China can attack and destroy ALL the US aircraft carrier strike groups, AND destroy any naval force sent by Japan. 

The missiles are also fully capable of reaching anywhere inside Japan to destroy that country as well.

Here is a chart with a map showing the ranges of China's missiles:


Hal Turner Analysis

What no one has been telling Americans is that Taiwan has a very serious history to it.   In World War 2, Japan invaded China.  Japan conquered a huge amount of Chinese territory.

That invasion took place from . . . . the island we now call Taiwan.    Back then, the island was named Formosa.

So China, as a matter of its own security, cannot and will not allow that island to become a sort of Garrison island for some foreign force.  Because anything on that island __could__ be used as the basis for another actual invasion of China.

That's the national security concern for China, when it comes to Taiwan.

The other reasons China wants firm and unquestioned control of Taiwan are: Money and Power.

The economy of Taiwan is built of semiconductors; computer chips.  Whoever controls that, is automatically a major world economic power.  After all, nothing in the world these days operates without computer chips.  So whoever controls the manufacture of most computer chips, also controls a lot of other things worldwide.

As for Money, well, Taiwan has a robust economy because of its work ethic and its modern manufacturing of a very-needed product (Computer chips).   So money is another big factor in what China is doing over Taiwan.

The recent visit by US Speaker of the House, Nancy Pelosi, strikes China on all these issues.  Her visit, and the US military aid to Taiwan, makes it LOOK like the island is becoming a garrison for US military interests.  Control of computer chip manufacturing, and the money that generates, is also at risk if Taiwan is alienated from China.

So Pelosi's visit struck at China's national security, computer chip manufacturing control, and money.   Of course China is pushing back ---- hard.

History records that Helen-of-Troy had "a face that launched a thousand ships."  History may also record that Nancy Pelosi had "the face that started World War 3."




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