US Attacks Syrian Arab Army Checkpoint

US Attacks Syrian Arab Army Checkpoint

The armed forces of the United States have directly attacked a Checkpoint of the Syrian Arab Army (SAA), near the Iraq border.

The Americans claim they were going after "terrorists" but hit the regular Syria Army in error.   Few believe this explanation; least of whom is Russia.

The Russian army has told the American army "Do not make an error like this again because if you do, we will not make any "error" when we defend Syria from such attacks."

The American strike took place at a checkpoint near Abu Kamal, by the Syria border with Iraq as shown on the map below:

There has been greatly stepped-up military activity in this area of Syria recently.

For years, both the US and Turkey have asked that Dier Ezor and Idlib be spared from Russian attacks, because American and Turkish "assets" are basically trapped in that area, since Russia smashed ISIS several years ago.   Russia honored the American and Turkish requests . . .  until last week.

Suddenly, both Russia and Syria began pounding Dier Exor and the Idlib area in particular.  Very many foreign "fighters" have been killed by the Russian strikes, to the chagrin of the US and Turkey.

It is clear that Russia did these strikes because it is in (and from) this region that ongoing troubles for the legitimate Syrian government, are being fomented, planned, and carried out.  Syria is tired of it and so are the Russians, who came to Syria's rescue several years ago.

The Ukraine situation is also related to the latest strikes by Russia inside Syria.

The US and its NATO vassals have been making life miserable for Russia inside Ukraine; now Russia is making US/NATO life miserable inside Syria.



Friday-night into Saturday, the Hal Turner Radio Show came into possession of information about a very sudden, and significant deployment of US military aircraft mechanics to Iraq.   THe first batch of Helicopter mechanics will deploy within the next two weeks, and a VERY large number of additional aircraft mechanics will follow later in September.

Clearly the US is upping its presence in Iraq, near Syria, and many observers are wondering if the US and Russia will face-off inside Syria soon?

Syria has repeatedly told the US to remove its forces, and the US refuses.   The US does not have permission from the Syrian government to be in the country, nor does the US have any mandate from the United Nations.

One allegation against the US that keeps coming up is the ongoing THEFT of Syrian Oil under the watchful eye and protection of US troops in Syria.  Syrian oil fields are under American control and at least $30 million a month in Syrian oil is being stolen, smuggled on tanker trucks into Iraq, shipped to Turkey for slight refining and repackaging, then sold on the open market.  No one knows where all the money is going but it is suggested by some that high ranking US and Turkish officials-including military bosses - are stealing that money.

At least twice,  Russia has intentionally bombed the oil storage depots where the Americans are grabbing the oil, but they rebuild those depots and resume the theft.

It seems that with Russia now pounding Dier Ezor and Idlib, things in Syria may be coming to a head.  If the Syrians and Russians want US forces out, there will be no better time to do that than in the next couple weeks.  Perhaps that is why the US is now deploying more forces and resources into Iraq?

Next battlefield: Syria?

Stay tuned.





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