US embassy warns American citizens inside Israel of probable missile/rocket attacks!


Iran is 7.5 Hours AHEAD of US east coast time.  That means at the publication of this story (11:54 am), it is 8;24 PM in Iran . . .  less than four hours from Tuesday.

Slain Iranian General Soleimani will be buried in his home town of Kerman, Iran, Tuesday.  Once he's in the ground, Iran retaliation is expected to commence in earnest.

Iran has over two-hundred-thousand (200,000) missiles.  Most short range, some intermediate range, few long range.

They have already taken 16,000 of those missiles out of storage and are preparing them.

There are about 30 American military bases in the Middle East, within range of Iranian missiles.  

Do the math: 16,000 missiles divided by about 30 bases is 500+ missiles per base.

The Iranians know the US has advanced missile defenses.  But those defenses CANNOT defend against five hundred missiles inbound at a single target.

American military forces will very likely be killed if any mass launches take place.

While the Iranian government calls the United States "the great Satan" their hatred for Israel is comparable in scale.  They call Israel "little Satan."

Therefore, it is likely that Israel will be struck by Iranian missiles as well.  As such, the US Embassy in Jerusalem has issued an ALERT to Americans in Israel about potential missile attacks:



Security Alert: U.S. Embassy Jerusalem (January 6, 2020)


Location:  Israel, Jerusalem, the West Bank and Gaza

Event:  Heightened Middle East Tensions

Heightened tension in the Middle East may result in security risks to U.S. citizens abroad.

Out of an abundance of caution, the Embassy strongly encourages U.S. citizens to remain vigilant and take appropriate steps to increase their security awareness, as security incidents, including rocket fire, often take place without warning.

In the event of mortar or rocket fire, a red alert siren may be activated.  Treat all such alerts as real; follow the instructions from local authorities and seek shelter immediately.  Know the location of your closest shelter or protected space.  U.S. government personnel and their family members may be restricted from traveling to areas affected by rocket activity, sirens, or the opening of bomb shelters.  For additional information on appropriate action to take upon hearing a siren or explosion, see the Israel Defense Forces Home Front Command website (link only available on devices within Israel) or view the Preparedness Information PDF.  U.S. citizens may also wish to download the free Israel Defense Forces Home Front Command application on Android or Apple devices to receive real-time security and safety alerts.  Free commercial applications, such as Red Alert: Israel, are also available.

The Embassy will continue to review the security situation and will provide additional information as needed.

Actions to Take:


  • U.S. Embassy Jerusalem
    14 David Flusser St.
    Telephone: +972-2-630-4000
    E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
  • U.S. Embassy Branch Office Tel Aviv
    71 HaYarkon St.
    Tel Aviv
    Telephone: +972-3-519-7575
    E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
  • State Department – Consular Affairs
    888-407-4747or 202-501-4444
  •  Israel, West Bank, and Gaza Country Information
  • Israel, West Bank, and Gaza Travel Advisory
  • Enroll in the Smart Traveler Enrollment Program (STEP) to receive security updates
  • Follow us on Facebook and Twitter


A travel warning to Israel, following Soleimani’s assassination; including possibility of rocket fire that might take place without warning.

Also, Yesterday, US Embassy in Saudi Arabia issued a security alert for US citizens for "Heightened Risk of Missile and Drone attacks"


The US is presently moving an enormous number of troops into the Middle East; far more than publicly announced.

Flights that move troops are called CAMBER flights because that's their call sign.  Below shows a small inkling of CAMBER flights this morning:



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  • This commment is unpublished.
    Karen · 3 months ago
    Suleimani’s burial has been postponed after crowds stampeded, killing 50.

    The leadership had stated reprisals would occur after he is buried.
  • This commment is unpublished.
    Thomas N. Kuss II · 3 months ago
    Folks the Public is at DEFCON 3 (Meaning The U.S. Military is at DEFCON 2)… “NUCLEAR WAR COULD ENSUE AT ANY MOMENT!” REPEAT: ”NUCLEAR WAR COULD ENSUE AT ANY MOMENT!” “I stated in Other Articles Iran has 250 Kiloton Nuclear Weapons… One 250 Kiloton Missile Hitting Saudi Arabia Oil Fields shall Wipe Out Their Oil Production for 50,000 Years (for Radiation to Dissappear).” Iran has already stated, “They (Iran) shall Strike Saudi Oil Fields.” This Action would Instantly Collapse The U.S. Banking System (Based on Petro-Dollar). “This would Force Congress to Declare War to Effect Our Defense Agreements with NATO, Israel, and Other Allies.” “Iranian Planning Knows this and is ‘Forcing this to Happen to Effect’ Their (Iran) Defense Agreements with Russia, China, India, North Korea, and Others.”
    “Armageddon has Arrived!” The only Bomb Shelter Provided for everyday Americans like You and I is, “Salvation by and through Jesus Christ (Messiah Yeshua).” “Take this Moment to go into Your Nuclear Bomb Shelter by Repenting of Your Sins, and Accepting Jesus Christ (Messiah Yeshua) into Your Life.” Also Secure Bottle Water and Can Food Immediately… Water Systems shall be Poisoned By Iranian Sleeper Cells brought in by the Anti Christ Obama. Worse: “Nuclear Explosions shall Disrupt Food Deliveries and Contaminate Water Supplies.”
    “Folks I have tried to Warn You,” which is, “Why I was Banned (5000 limit plus 6 million Group Friends) for Life from Face Book (an arm of the Department of Defense and CIA).” I still state the “Actual Great Tribulation (Wrath of God) starts May 19, 2021.” Why? President Trump (Daniel 9:27) Confirmed The Covenant (The Jerusalem Embassy Act of 1995 giving Jerusalem back to Israel after 2000 years) on December 6, 2017. Hence, “You add 1260 Days to December 6, 2017 takes You to May 19, 2021.” This is when and where Obama the Anti Christ shall come back to Power (Secretary General U.N.) in Kenya (Charged with Treason in U.S.) over the United Nations using the U.N. Facility Built there (Kenya) in 1996. At that Time Obama shall impose under International Law His (Obama) Created (on December 23, 2016) U.N. Resolution 2334 giving Jerusalem back to Muslims. He (Obama) shall use the 10 U.N. Divisions (Revelation 17:10-18) to Attack and Destroy the United States of America and Over-run Israel. Obama as the Anti Christ Over the World shall have Power Exactly 42 months (Revelation 13:5). Then, “The Second Coming of Jesus Christ (Messiah Yeshua) Occurs.” “The Rapture Occurs sometime between Now through May 18, 2021,” because Elaha (God Almighty) stated, “His (Elaha) People do not go through His Wrath,” being, “The Wrath of God,” which is, “The Other Name of The Great Tribulation.”
    “May Our Father (Elaha) and His Son Messiah Yeshua (Jesus Christ) be with All of us through this Time of Trouble.”
  • This commment is unpublished.
    Jared Passenger · 3 months ago
    It wold not surprise me to see that NO huge barrage of rockets hits Israel. Why would Iran announce its intentions? First, terror can be implemented by inference and threat without doing anything. Second, announcing a threat keeps you looking in that direction while you plot and execute the real attack in some other area. Remember, you are dealing with people who invented the game of chess. (or so I think) So the "attacks" will probably come at a time you don't expect and in an area you are not expecting. Just my take.
  • This commment is unpublished.
    Jason Thickett · 3 months ago
    Yes Hamas soon realized exactly this with the last big skirmish they had with IDF. They saturated IDF Iron Dome with various types of short range rockets as well as various types of mortars. So for brief moments it overwhelmed the IDF defence systems and numerous got through. Now increase that hundreds of times with more sophisticated missiles and rockets and sadly there is going to be destruction and death on the receiving end of the missiles, with sheer numbers its unfortunately a given.