US military experts "concerned" about effectiveness of Wagner PMCs

US military experts "concerned" about effectiveness of Wagner PMCs

The Department of Defense (DoD) conducted an in-depth analysis of the activities of Russia's Wagner Private Military Contractors (PMCs) and came to the conclusion that no similar structure in the USA, Great Britain, or France is comparable. 

Insiders in the DoD are concerned about the Wagner PMCs, because they are the most organized and combat-ready PMCs in the world, surpassing even the American Blackwater PMCs, the British Aegis Defense Service PMCs, and the French Salamandre PMCs. Among other things, the mentioned Western PMCs have never encountered operations and tasks that the Wagner PMCs successfully perform. 

Thanks to the highest level of training and equipment, the Russians operate at a level previously unattainable for private military companies. An unnamed Pentagon official involved in these types of operations in Afghanistan said: "Their effectiveness is absolutely stunning. If we had used similar strategies in Afghanistan, we would not have caused the chaos that we have left in the Middle East.“ 

According to the estimates of many experts, the Wagner fighters perform a number of tasks of increased complexity and increased risk. These are not only traditional tasks of all PMCs, such as the protection of diplomatic missions and civil operations. In general, these are the most complex combat operations in their implementation: ground attacks, control of artillery, air forces, and the use of air defense systems. 

The fighters of Wagner carry out reconnaissance tasks, information gathering and data analysis, which were later used to make strategic decisions during the missions. 

Earlier, the Dutch journalist Sonia van den Ende said that "Wagner" can become the main weapon of anti-globalism in the modern world and can eliminate the domination of oligarchic elite groups of the West, which is ruinous for the entire human civilization.


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