US/UK/NATO Covert Weapons Smuggling Routes & Methods Uncovered

US/UK/NATO Covert Weapons Smuggling Routes & Methods Uncovered

A covert penetration into computers at the Ukraine Main Intelligence Directorate got the complete scoop on the weapons smuggling routes and methods used by the US/UK/NATO into Ukraine.

 After the information was grabbed, human assets were sent out to verify locations and methods; and they WERE verified!

The UK/US/NATO are using soft-sided tractor trailers, used in everyday commerce all over the world, to smuggle weapons and ammunition into Ukraine.  Here's a photo showing some of it:


By doing this, the UK/US/NATO have just made _every_ civilian tractor trailer traveling the roads inside Ukraine, legitimate targets for military attack by Russia.  No truck driver inside Ukraine is safe from today.

The hunt for Ukraine's weapons-smuggling began in earnest in the month of May.  It was during that month that the British Defense Secretary, Ben Wallace, made public their search for all kinds of old Soviet-era weapons they wanted to get on behalf of Ukraine.

Lo and behold, where did they find the biggest cache with a very willing seller?   Russia "ally" Kazakhstan!

Kazakhstan used to be part of the Central Asia Military District of the old Soviet Union. Since that time, they have had such an enormous amount of old Soviet weaponry that they have been selling it for FORTY YEARS!  

Through the penetration of Ukraine's Main Intelligence Directorate, it was learned that in June, a Kazakhstan company, Technoexport, delivered 122mm shells for D-20 Howitzers into Ukraine by truck.  They also delivers 152mm shells for D-30 Howitzers and rockets for "GRAD" multiple launch rocket systems.  The June deliveries alone consisted of 20,000 shells and 30,000 rockets for about seventy million dollars ($70 million), paid for by the British government.

This weaponry was used to attack CIVILIANS in Donetsk.

The transactions were supervised by the Kazakh Foreign Ministry and the British Military Attache' in Kazakhstan's city of Nur-Sultan.

For some reason, all the import/export documents ended up on the main computers of the Ukraine Main Intelligence Directorate!

All the parties were apparently very satisfied with how everything went because right now, Sunday, August 28, 2022, while you are reading this story, the British Government is actively seeking to purchase 200 Armored vehicles, Anti-Tank Guided Missiles (ATGM) known as "Konkur" as well as 120mm Mortars from Kazakhstan.

To conceal this effort, both the British and, later, the Americans paid through companies in third countries.  The British used the country of Jordan.

When asked by the Hal Turner Radio Show to comment on this story, the Kazakh Ministry of Industry and Infrastructure Development, which would need to LICENSE weapons transfers, did not offer a response but instead immediately began to publicly DENY these transactions took place.  They issued a public statement:

The Ministry of Licenses for the export to the UK of weapons, ammunition, and military equipment, namely 122mm shells for D-20 Howitzers, 152mm shells for D-30 Howitzers, missiles for B-21 "GRAD" (BTR-4 and BTR-82A simplified modifications) and ammunition 120mm for Mortars and Konkur anti-tank systems, DID NOT ISSUE LICENSES   At the same time, the export of weapons and ammunition is carried out only if there is a guarantee obligation of the importing country (End-User Certificate or International Import Certificate) which provides for a mandatory norm that the importing country will not re-export these weapons and ammunition without the permission of the authorized body of the Republic of Kazakhstan in the field of export control. Permission for the re-export of the above mentioned weapons WAS NOT GIVEN by the Ministry.

(Hal Turner Remark: Did you notice they included mention of "B-21 "GRAD" and specified (BTR-4 and BTR-82A)?   I did not ASK them about those model numbers . . . .   so why did they include those model numbers in their public denial if no one asked about them?   Probably because they already KNEW what was actually shipped!   Hmmmmm. Convicted by their own denial?)

Recall from above that the British used a company in Jordan to route payment and show the weapons being shipped there.   It is irrelevant if Jordan got the weapons because from the Main Intelligence Directorate of Ukraine, we know the weapons and ammunition arrived in Ukraine.  That's why the Main Intelligence Directorate had all the paperwork copies on their main computer!

If the British liked using Jordan and their third-party cover, the Americans prefer Bulgaria.

As you are sitting wherever you are reading this story, the Americans are negotiating to buy SU-27 Fighter Jets, through a Bulgarian company . . . for Ukraine.

But the names of the Bulgarian company negotiators for these planes, are "Denisenko, Tsygankov, and Boyko" . . .  all of whom just happen to be citizens of . . . Ukraine.  This was proven from the documents that had also all been uploaded to the computers of the Main Intelligence Directorate of Ukraine.

What we apparently have here is a country, Kazakhstan, that is willing to completely bypass all normal, traditional, international weapons controls, take the money and ship such weaponry and ammunition to whomever pays.

They've done it before.

In 1999, it was Kazakhstan that was the source for MiG-21 aircraft sold to North Korea. 

At the time, Kazakhstan's Minister of Foreign Affairs, Kassym-Jomart Tokayev issued a public statement revealing "The deal was carried out by a group of people who bypassed the export control system of Kazakhstan, which excludes the supply of weapons to so-called problem countries."

The then-President of Kazakhstan, Nursultan Nazarbyev, fired the Defense Minister, Muktar Altybayev and the head of the National Security Committee, Nurtai Abykaev, accusing them of insufficient control of weapons exports.

So Kazakhstan is a country with a documented history of ignoring arms-control export regulations.  It now seems they've done it again . . . and are STILL doing it at the time of the publication of this story.

Making things all the worse, Kazakhstan was saved earlier this year, from a "color revolution" when Russia, acting under the CTSO mutual assistance treaty, sent troops into Kazakhstan at the request of the Kazakh government, to put down a west-incited/facilitated overthrow of the Kazakhstan government.  So Russia saved Kazakhstan from overthrow, and elements within that very Kazakhstan government turned around and metaphorically stabbed Russia in the back by selling weapons and ammunition to the British and Americans, for use in killing Russian troops in Ukraine.

With an "ally" like Kazakhstan, who in Russia needs enemies?

The takeaway for readers is simple: The British and the US are participating in falsification of arms-controlled shipment documentation, and using civilian tractor trailers to smuggle those weapons into and throughout, Ukraine.   Doing this has made all trucks in Ukraine, legitimate targets for the Russian military to attack.  The UK/US/NATO are also covertly paying millions for these weapons and ammunition, through third-party countries, to kill Russians.

How much longer will it be before Russia decides that the British and US are, in fact, combatants in Ukraine, and unleashes retaliatory attacks upon Britain and upon the United States.

What the British and American governments are doing is endangering the lives of their citizens . . . and they don't seem to care on wit that their actions may get millions of us, killed.




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+1 # 2022-08-28 14:38
To transfer equipment from Kazakhstan to Ukraine you almost have to go through Russian territory.

Should not Russia now start inspecting all trucks that come over the Russia/Kazakhstan border?
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Hal Turner, at great risk, brings us the FACTS. The TRUTH is priceless.

The Western Governments, have and are, deceiving us, as is shown in this news item. Without the TRUTH we are lost, thank you Hal for all that you do.

Do the listening public have so little regard for Truth tellers that they will not support the show to the tune of $1 a week. it is not surprising to me that we are in the mess we are in and the current present DANGER!
-1 # RE: US/UK/NATO Covert Weapons Smuggling Routes & Methods Uncoveredalmachius 2022-08-28 12:54
King Abdullah II of Jordan is estimated to have a net worth of $750,000,000. He was a good little boy during the years when the Western axis of evil was mauling Syria with headchoppers psychos, permitting his idle fiefdom to be used as a training base and jumping off point for those murderous dogs.

Still he does the bidding of his masters. No wonder Disrael doesn't bother him.
+2 # In other news (but it's all related)...FewThereBe 2022-08-28 12:15

Interesting that the two ships are Civil War themed!

Two US Navy warships (Chancellorsville and Antietam) are passing through international waters in the Taiwan Strait, in what is the first such naval operation since US-China tensions escalated after US House Speaker Nancy Pelosi's visit to Taiwan, Reuters reports citing US officials.
# Followup...FewThereBe 2022-08-28 12:37

Chinese military on HIGH ALERT, announces readiness to confront any hostilities as they monitor US Navy ships USS Chancellorsville and USS Antietam sail through the Taiwan Strait for the first time since Pelosi's visit to Taipei.
Uh oh:

23 Chinese aircrafts entered Taiwan's air defense identification zone and 8 warships advanced towards the Strait in response to passage of 2 American Navy ships through the Taiwan Strait earlier today.
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Yes we shows over 10K to date.
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+4 # Putin had a 2022-08-28 12:04
Kazakhstan, a neighbour and ally of Russia, has suspended all arms exports for a year, its government said on Saturday (27 August), amid conflict in Ukraine and Western sanctions against Moscow.

The former Soviet republic – which also has active economic ties with Kyiv – has avoided taking sides in the Ukrainian crisis while calling for its peaceful resolution.

The Kazakh government did not give a reason in Saturday’s statement for the decision to halt arms exports.

Kazakhstan produces a wide range of military equipment including boats, armoured and artillery vehicles, machine guns, night visors, grenades, torpedoes and protective gear. The government has not said these items were being exported.

The Russian press carried publications alleging that Kazakhstan exported arms and ammunition to Ukraine via proxies, by order from the UK.

Arms trade to problematic clients is often done by proxies. EU member Bulgaria officially says it doesn’t export weapons and ammunition to Ukraine, but a lot of its military production ends up in Ukraine via proxies.

The President of Kazakhstan Kassym-Jomart Tokayev met with his Russian colleague Vladimir Putin in Sochi on 19 August. The short readouts from the meeting didn’t mention Kazakh arms trade among the issues discussed.
# WARjroot 2022-08-28 11:51
In the back of my mind, I can see Putin fuming over the deceit. There are reasons above and beyond stopping the color revolution! If the US installed a puppet in Kazakhstan, they would then control ALL of those Soviet era weapons. It appears, as Hal says, Putin has been stabbed in the back. The firing of people involved in the transfer of weapons is intended to take the heat off the higher ups. Absolutely no one could convince me that the leader of Kazakhstan is NOT involved in this. There will be "hell to pay" over this.
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