USS Abraham Lincoln and its Strike Group Successfully Transits Suez Canal

USS Abraham Lincoln and its Strike Group Successfully Transits Suez Canal

The United States Navy Aircraft Carrier USS Abraham Lincoln and its Strike Group have successfully completed transit of the Suez Canal.

My contacts aboard the carrier have sent video of the final leg of the journey, taken in the southern portion of the Canal, before arriving at the Red Sea.

The mighty warship and her gallant crew are en-route to the Persian Gulf area to make certain global shipping can safely transit the Persian Gulf, especially at its narrow entrance through the Strait of Hormuz.

Over the past week, Iran has begun moving very significant military assets, including land-based hyper-sonic missiles, to within striking distance of ships transiting the Strait.  

The United States Navy makes certain that no entity can undertake actions to endanger or to halt the free navigation of this vital waterway, through which 25% of the world's oil, travels.

Iran is taking steps that appear to be preparations to intentionally HALT shipping into and out of the Persian Gulf, as retaliation for economic sanctions imposed on that country, over the so-called "Iran nuclear deal."  Any such effort will be met with military force.

The Iran nuclear deal was negotiated under the regime of former US President Barack Obama.  Sadly, in their zeal to show how "tolerant and diverse" they can be, Americans elected Obama, a negro community organizer, to the most powerful office in the land. 

Needless to say when issues became thorny, he botched it up because his intellect was inadequate to the advanced civilizational needs he found himself overseeing once elected President. (Most American blacks have an IQ of about 84, only slightly above the "Retarded" level of 80)

Obama's incompetence allowed a sub-standard deal to be agreed to; thus imperiling the world with a bad deal, which was worse than no deal at all.

When the American people replaced Barack Obama with Donald Trump, one of the first orders of business for the new President was to make corrections and improvements to the Iran deal;  but the Iranians flatly refused to re-negotiate, causing the re-imposition of economic sanctions, which their nation is now finding tough to live with.

The situation is dangerous in that one miscalculation by the Iranians or by their Proxies, will (absolutely will) result in hot warfare. 

Rather than come to the negotiating table to make sensible new negotiations, Iran seems to think they can simply ignore the concerns of the USA or put forth the Iran military to prevent changes.


The USA being the single most militarily powerful nation on earth is not something that __anyone__ can ignore.  Deploying the Iran military as some sort of show of force, is a laughable gesture in the face of American firepower.

Thus, the world waits to see how the Iran nuclear situation is worked out.   If cooler heads prevail in Iran, they will call President Trump, agree to sit down and talk -- and work this out peacefully.

If, however, hot heads in Iran prevail, their nation will join countless others on the ash heap of history for daring to face-off with the United States Military.