USS Carl Vinson Carrier and Strike Group Ordered to Middle East

USS Carl Vinson Carrier and Strike Group Ordered to Middle East

The United States is sending yet another Aircraft Carrier Strike Group to the Middle East.   The USS Carl Vinson has been ordered to set sail from Singapore and head to the area of the Middle East near Yemen.

It will take some time for the carrier and its group to transit the 6,250 kilometers from Singapore to Yemen.

This latest aircraft carrier deployment comes after the ship left its mission in the Philippines prematurely.

If a war escalates between the US and the Houthis in Yemen, the Suez Canal will likely be completely closed and all Commercial Merchant ships will be forced to go around all of Africa to reach Europe, causing the price of goods to rise.

From a military point of view, the US risks losing some of its carriers and warships, knowing what weapons the Houthis have at their disposal.

The US sends warships to protect ships going to Israel, but they can only make the situation worse, so that not only Israel -- but also all of Europe -- suffers economically.


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