European Parliament President David Sassoli hospitalized since Dec.26 in Italy due to abnormal functioning of his immune system, has DIED. 


# Life Insurance May Deny PayoutDaphne 2022-01-13 14:12
Interesting turn of events . . .I am sure people are now realizing they can't blame it on the vax because the life insurance may not payout. Life insurance policies "fine print" about experimental treatment. I agree with Kali K in the comments below: We tried to tell you!
+2 # Where's Herman Van Rumpuey ?Mein.Dingus 2022-01-11 13:14
is that joker still feasting on human blood and 'have 'the charisma of a wet dish rag, and an appearance of a low level bank clerk ? ' (Nigel Farage)
+8 # 5 WordsKali K 2022-01-11 13:00
The 5 most used words in the coming weeks and months will be:

We tried to tell you.
# Bumper stickers and t-shirtsDaphne 2022-01-13 14:13
We tried to tell you! Kali you nailed it.
+8 # Do I feel pity for those ordering the mandates and jabs?DBBBB 2022-01-11 12:10
No absolutely not! They are all taking part in the culling of mankind. The 3 year old and 7 year old I heard of yesterday taken in for a jab 2 days before Christmas had a heart attack immediately and died, this the 3 year old and the 7 year old taken in to Doctor she was not well the Dad said. Right the doctor listened to her heart and swishing of the clot shotted blood. He asked father did she get the jab and he said Oh yes she has had 3! She is probably dead as I speak poor child. How very stupid are people to listen to the likes of these filthy leaders, so no pity for just another hellish killer!
+1 # Zero sympathy for himthulsadoom17 2022-01-11 09:03
He should've known better
+5 # Willfully taking poisonsupporttheblue 2022-01-11 08:24
usually leads to death. It's called suicide.
+1 # What about Bob Saget?Rosewood11 2022-01-11 06:50
You know all the Hollywood types have been lining up for the jab, and making PSAs for it.Clif High said Hollywood was going to be decimated. Like I said here before. Look up Carlos Marin of Il Divo, who recently died of Covid. He was 53, vaxxed by Jansenn. It was said that it attacked his lungs. The man had some powerful lungs, too. His voice was amazing. Maybe Gates and Fauci don't like music.
# RE: What about Bob Saget?RockyMountainBeerMan 2022-01-11 23:01
+1 # sysop clif highAussie for Yah 2022-01-11 07:48
When someone start taking about whites hats and mentions michael jaco name, i believe they are apart of the huge crowd of sysops happen these days to take the stream out of the Patriots, make them less likely to fight now. These people are apart of the paid stooges that have flooded the alternative news sites. The people like simon parks, charlie ward, michael jaco and the rest of the cock suckers.
-3 # trollsAussie for Yah 2022-01-11 08:55
Anyone who gives me a negative against the above comment is a troll, a stooge or just a god dam cock sucker. Maybe all the above.
+6 # RE: trollsselah 2022-01-11 15:43
how about a neg for your use of our Lords name in vain. ?
-2 # selah the paganAussie for Yah 2022-01-11 18:11
In no part of my comment did I use Yahweh name in vain. I use the common word god with a small g. God or lord should never be use to describe our Heavenly Father. It is a abomination of words from the English version and only degrades our most High. Lord is a common term for master or ruler. Its use is equated to the Hebrew word "baal"- pagan. unacceptable word to true worship and abhorred by Yahweh.
+9 # WW1 Spanish Flu was an injected Rockefeller experimental 2022-01-11 06:36
There is just nothing I can add, staggering.
The fledgling pharmaceutical industry, sponsored by the ‘Rockefeller Institute for Medical Research’, had something they never had before – a large supply of human test subjects. Supplied by the U.S. military’s first draft, the test pool of subjects ballooned to over 6 million men.
Autopsies after the war proved that the 1918 flu was NOT a “FLU” at all. It was caused by random dosages of an experimental ‘bacterial meningitis vaccine’, which to this day, mimics flu-like symptoms. The massive, multiple assaults with additional vaccines on the unprepared immune systems of soldiers and civilians created a “killing field”. Those that were not vaccinated were not affected.

1 WW1 ended sooner than expected, leaving HUGE quantities of unused experimental vaccines.
2 Fearing that soldiers coming home would spread diseases to their families, The U.S. government pushed the largest vaccine ‘fear’ campaign in history. They used the human population as a research and development lab to field test experimental vaccines.
3 Tens of millions of civilians died in the same manner as did the soldiers.
4 Instead of stopping the vaccines, doctors intensified them, calling it the great “Spanish Flu of 1918”. As a result, ONLY THE VACCINATED DIED.
WW1 U.S. soldiers were given 14 – 25 untested, experimental vaccines within days of each other, which triggered intensified cases of ALL the diseases at once. The doctors called it a new disease and proceeded to suppress the symptoms with additional drugs or vaccines.
+9 # No reallyCJ 2022-01-11 06:58
My father,who was born in 1905, survived the 1918 flu. He was NOT vaccinated for anything until much later in life. All 6 members of the household he was in were NOT vaccinated. All got the flu. 2 died.
They got the flu from a local gossip who came to the house visibly sick. Dad was a 2 war combat vet ( WW2 and Korea,) and if you really wanted to piss him off go anywhere sick.He would tell you" Keep your damn fool ass home."
But what did he know. He only LIVED THROUGH IT.
+6 # RE: No 2022-01-11 07:37
Inject someone with a vax for a deadly transmissible disease.
The dose is wrong or bad, you give them the disease.
They will then infect and kill unvaccinated others.
As with Gulf Syndrome big pharma use involuntary vaccination for experimenting with deadly diseases.
There will be no payouts for deaths.

This convinces me WW3 is imminent.
+1 # 2022-01-11 07:44
It seems the vaxx kills like AIDS.
And like AIDS you can only get it by bodily fluid transmission - I have happily shook the hand of a friend who had the vax and recovered from covid19.
+5 # P.s.CJ 2022-01-11 06:59
P.S. for the record he didn't believe in being a human Guinea pig either.
+3 # RE: 2022-01-11 08:01
My mothers sister Aunty Nora got old. Her son Paul made an audio recording of her life history and got it printed. I scanned my brothers copy. She mentions as a small girl "La Grippe". Her mother, born in Kiev, Russia then lived in Samaden, Switzerland.
She gave the children a bath of disinfectant each morning. The disease(s) were transmissible.
And yet people can't stop getting in line fast enough...Damn Dummies.
+1 # That’s the beauty of it.Gregg W 2022-01-11 18:59
The damn thing can kill quickly or slowly depending on several variables. Since it t as Les so long, most people believe it’s safe.

I’ve got a whole bunch of family that might die in the near months or year. If they can get a war going, no one will care how people died.

Pure evil.
+4 # "Death" 2022-01-11 03:38
Is "No Respecter Of Persons." Take the Real Jab "Expect Too Die!" There is "No Different Result." I'm just surprized "He Was Given The Real Vaccine" as "Most Political Leadership Is Exempt" like "The Supreme Court Justices, Congressional Members, The President With Staff And Illegal Immigrants."
+2 # Will this be a wake up call?Smiley1984*! 2022-01-11 02:28
Will this be a wake up call: or just be buried?
Europe was warned by eminent scientist's of vaccine dangers but did nothing!
Now it is one of their "top" men perhaps they will take note, what do you think.
All we have seen to date is a doubling down, with threats and mandates!
+3 # #dead manPioneer 2022-01-11 10:43
Like they say about movies-he was an expendable extra.
+3 # Just like nameless security officersGregg W 2022-01-11 19:03
Ha ha! That reminds me of the original Star Trek series. I used to watch that with my dad and siblings while mom got dinner ready (Saturday evenings).
You got so that if there was a guy or woman in a red ‘security’ uniform who was not a regular, you knew they would be killed.
# "If he's red, he's dead"Man of the Atom 2022-01-17 03:19
I only saw a few of the broadcast episodes but saw many more years later in syndication. One of the all time great quotes seen in TV or movies was at the end of one of the original 79 episodes. Captain Kirk is amazed that the creature they killed "thrived on death"

Mr Spock: "In the strictest sense of that word Captain, we all thrive on death, even vegetarians."

Of course religious people will point out some peculiarities - the pointed ears and the split finger salute - like the Devil card in the Tarot card pack! It makes you wonder.
+1 # Wake up, 2022-01-11 18:13
Right…like wearing a red shirt in a Star Trek episode; or falling in love with one of the Cartwright sons on Bonanza —- guaranteed you are toast by the end of the episode. LOL
When they find out what has been done to them, the lawlessness you have been seeing will go through the roof. They will know they have but as short time.
# That is the main reasons they did not want a control groupMan of the Atom 2022-01-17 03:31
They wanted everyone in the experimental group so there would be no basis for comparison. However, there is a huge group of refuseniks. If this was a depopulation plan more than just a big money grab, some of the instigators will have to flee the country - but who would take them?

Even the ChiComs caught wind of this in 2003 or earlier - please read the 8th paragraph from the bottom in this Chinese general's secret speech that was uncovered by the Epoch Times - you will see the names Gates and Soros mentioned there too!
+11 # Ebola-like hemorrhagic fever virus in ChinaWhite Lightning aka Raptor 2022-01-11 00:13
Malone thinks it is from vaccination mutation. I believe the ebola/marburg virus is in the vaccine. 5G can kill you let alone the effect it has on graphene oxide which accumulates in brain stem and the brain. Luciferase verification light for successful gene modification assigns barcode ID number. DARPA hydrogel bonds to central nervous system connecting to AI. MRNA vaccine allows them to genetically modify you making you no longer human. Enables the ability to control how you die and when you die.
+2 # Ebola like in ChinaCarla Ray 2022-01-11 02:14
Ebola like hemorrhagic fever virus
Short clip of Dr Malone on Bannon War room

Olympics in China Feb 4th - 20th
+2 # SymptomsWoulf 2022-01-11 01:18
They said it was bleeding from the eyes and a high fever. Ever cooked something in the microwave?
+4 # The mindlessly compliant were warnedplasmaglyphs 2022-01-10 23:52
9 months ago or longer the warning started starting with Dr. Francis Boyle and Judy and then other inluding:

Dr. Stephanie Seneff on Covid-19 Vaccines & Neurodegenerative Disease
"This analysis should serve as an urgent warning to those mindlessly following advice of politicians & public health officials regarding COVID immunization"

+7 # I still would like to knowCloudNebula 2022-01-10 23:51
what really happend to Gavin Newsom.
+1 # Gavin NJane C 2022-01-11 06:44
Check out a site called 'Real Raw News' - military tribunal.
+4 # "Real" -- nopeAlcoluJohn 2022-01-11 08:33
You've been duped.
What a shame it wasn't that masonic MF "snake eyes" mario draghi.

He alone has killed more Italians this year through forced inoculation than probably died in both world wars combined, both civilian and military.

Most of them are still alive, but they are marked and the time bomb is inexorably ticking inside their bodies just as with the man who is the topic of this article, European Parliament President David Sassoli.

What a shame, the brilliant Italian culture, one of the jewels of human achievement, snuffed out in the blink of an eye by a tiny cadre of satanic, subhuman monsters.
Those who are following satans orders will be forever serving him. I pray all will see the light for your salvation lasts forever.
All those who serve the beast are eventually consumed by it.

It is their just reward.


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