Very First "Unconscious Pig" Episode, Translated!

Very First "Unconscious Pig" Episode, Translated!

You've got to love Russian Humor . . . 



# RE: Very First "Unconscious Pig" Episode, Translated!Linda Seikkula 2022-12-20 05:46
Sick. Putin is one of the greatest deceivers in the world. So are other world leader's.
# RE: Very First "Unconscious Pig" Episode, Translated!mjc 2022-12-19 18:09
the irony is.....who's spanking who?

russian media operates at the whim of the state.

most of them get the truth.....they're not fools.

# Next Candidate for lap-time - Activist Mega-donorplasmaglyphs 2022-12-19 09:48
The face of corruption to America's moral clarity.

Dorsey reveals - Activist Investor Paul Singer.

"Twitter founder Jack Dorsey revealed Tuesday that he gave up fighting against censorship in early 2020 after an "activist" investor -- almost certainly billionaire vulture capitalist Paul Singer -- started gobbling up Twitter shares in a bid to oust him as CEO.

Singer, the founder of Elliott Investment Management, is a pro-Israel megadonor to the GOP who funded the Steele dossier and bought off Republican representatives to get them to surrender to the LGBT agenda. "

This is the faucet that floods our society/schools/streets with confusion..

+1 # Funny StuffForrest Mosby 2022-12-18 05:07
We have zero business being involved in anything European beyond the State Dept sending envoys…keep our troops and weapons-and money-over here where we have starving veterans freezing under bridges while illegal aliens draw checks of taxpayer money…
-1 # here it comestinadetino 2022-12-18 00:14
Thanks Musk for cutting out censorship now comes the reality and thanks Hal for sharing keep it coming, like the old days of news papers, uncensored! Simple and to the point. But now comes the nukes, I stop laughing.
# If that pig is Zelensky...MissinD60s 2022-12-17 21:03
He probably likes getting spanked by a big, strong bear.
+1 # I know I shouldn't be...Bruce Mueller 2022-12-17 20:45
But I am laughing my ass off sideways!
# accurateshirley777 2022-12-17 19:29
accurate assessment
# Ha ha ha!!Gregg W 2022-12-17 18:52
That’s funny!
# OK that was goodChappyusa1 2022-12-17 18:44
Funny but true.
-15 # RE: Very First "Unconscious Pig" Episode, Translated!The Deplorable Renegade 2022-12-17 17:32
That's the BEST PIECE OF RUSSIAN PROPAGANDA I've ever seen anywhere. even better than the old SOVIET propaganda. But there's nothing humurous about the pain and suffering the Ukrainian people the Russians are inflicting on them. The only GOOD people in Russia are those who oppose Putin and are victims of his rule, even those who suffered under Soviet rule. The other Russians who support him are evil savages.
-1 # Think again..foldurrrr 2022-12-17 18:42
Actually it is you who has been swayed and bought the lies of Ukraineian propaganda. No matter. The Russian effort will pulveruze Ukraine until it lays down its arms. Dead or alive. Remember,Biden and Hillary are the partners in crime with Ukraine! must support Biden I suppose. Idea: you go fight for Ukraine too. Put your money where your mouth is....
-5 # RE: Think again..The Deplorable Renegade 2022-12-17 20:09
Foldurrrr, so you also believe in Russian propaganda without question? Russia will lose because of the Ukrainian spirit. They don't want to be under Russian domination again and I don't blame them. Your "beloved" Russians are not what they make themselves out to be.
+1 # Yeahlloydbarker 2022-12-17 17:48
Ukies wrapping Russian speaking grandmothers and children to trees with plastic wrap, beating and whipping them. Attacking the Orthodox Church. Inexcusable and unaccaptable. Nin-combatants! You can go F yourself. I am meeting with the the head of the Orthodox Church after his prayers tomorrow. I am not Christian but this has to stop because social media is galvanized, this diolague is being run by intelligence agencies , civilians and others are losing theirs lives, homes, getting wounded and displaced. Lives ruined. On behalf of political scum. I bet you are nothing more than a troll and never had a barrel to your head. Piece of shit, grow up!
-4 # RE: YeahThe Deplorable Renegade 2022-12-17 18:27
Lloyd Barker, I'll try to be calm and civil with you. Obviously, you have accepted Russian propaganda without even questioning what they say. You and the others here don't really know what's really happening inside Ukraine. There is a long history of hatred between Russians and Ukrainians going back to the days of the czars. Russians have always hated Ukrainians for very stupid reasons. They've always used them for slave labor and committed all sorts of crimes against them. Look up the Holodomor of the 1930s. That was a Soviet campaign of genocide against Ukrainians. I have some people in my family who suffered at the hands of Russians in East Europe back during the Soviet era. Russians who supported communism are not the saints you think they are. And no I don't listen to MSM; I'm just someone who lives in the real world and sees Russians for what they really are. I also know a few Ukrainians and they are NOT Nazis; just people who suffered at the hands of Russians during the Soviet era.
+2 # RE: Very First "Unconscious Pig" Episode, Translated!MSNews 2022-12-17 14:47
So funny.

Unfortunately a true, horrible story.

Go Russia, grind em.
+3 # My dog was looking at meDogsncars 2022-12-17 14:17
Strange when the pig made noise. Funny one. They should do one with Biden getting spanked. That would be real funny
# Love ittamtamtx55 2022-12-17 13:58
Love it !!!
-1 # roasted pigtccon00 2022-12-17 13:45
you cant eat these pigs . they've been feeding,on uk. dead troops,left in the trenches to rot. the dogs. also.
-4 # Leviticus 11ItsMePD 2022-12-17 16:01
You cant eat any pigs. Read Leviticus 11...
+4 # PoignantSBGlett77 2022-12-17 13:38
“Many a true word hath been spoken in jest.”

Shakespeare, King Lear
-6 # RE: Very First "Unconscious Pig" Episode, Translated!Paul Kurzlee 2022-12-17 12:35
Guess that's all Russia can do. Or I stand corrected.
A nice cartoon showing everyone just how aware the Russians really are about how badly they have been getting shit on for years now and still...............DO NOTHING about it.
All we can do is laugh about it. Good saturday morning cartoon. It was funny. Kind of.
-1 # Seriously...foldurrrr 2022-12-17 18:48
Do nothing..very funny. Ukraines entire power grid is almost down...but you say nothing is done. Ha. If Russia pulverized them down to dust in short order,you woukd be the first to condemn them,Da? Strategically,Russia is meting out military domination as they desire,but no,you want it done FASTER. Too bad,there is a chance tgat Ukraine may surrender,that cooler heads will prevail.
Becpatient keyboard warrior...pffft.
+6 # Russialloydbarker 2022-12-17 12:51
Russia will avenge NAZI crimes, past and present. I remember how they slaughtered my family, no, I am not East European...we came out of Italy and France. I do not forgive or forget. Russia should do more than scold and spank the pig, but SLAUGHTER it and make a pig roast!
-3 # RE: RussiaPaul Kurzlee 2022-12-17 12:55
Quoting lloydbarker:
Russia will avenge NAZI crimes, past and present. I remember how they slaughtered my family, no, I am not East European...we came out of Italy and France. I do not forgive or forget. Russia should do more than scold and spank the pig, but SLAUGHTER it and make a pig roast!

Sounds like me and you are on the same team then. That is exactly what I wanna see. I have been saying it for years that Russia needs to do just that. Slaughter every nazi including the leadership here in this shithole usa and uk. The time for spankings is over. Russia needs to DO SOMETHING.
-4 # RE: RussiaThe Deplorable Renegade 2022-12-17 18:29
Paul and Lloyd are both misled by Russian propaganda.
# You are deludedfoldurrrr 2022-12-17 18:53
It is you that is deceived by Ukraines and NATOs propaganda. are deliberately trolling here FOR Ukraine. Wtf man...hundreds of BILLIONS of dollars in aid later....hey,you just pack your gear amd go "help them". ...Mr Keyboard Warrior.
+1 # Yeslloydbarker 2022-12-17 17:20
They've been playing Nu Pagos (cartoon) until now. The gloves must come off.
+2 # Yeah, well, Kurzlee...lloydbarker 2022-12-17 12:45
Your. Name is Ukrainishe. Don't worry. Russia is coming via multiple vectors and Lviv (where I'm guessing your origin is from) will not be spared. I know you're not there, but you should grieve at the destruction of your heritage due to modern day NAZIs.
+1 # I love itBill51 2022-12-17 12:26
I love it, made my day!


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