VIDEO: NATO Shipping MiG-29's into Ukraine, Disassembled, by Flatbed Truck

VIDEO:  NATO Shipping MiG-29's into Ukraine, Disassembled, by Flatbed Truck

Video has emerged from inside the conflict zone showing NATO transporting MiG-29's into Ukraine by flatbed truck.  The aircraft are partially disassembled, the fuselage is covered with camouflage netting to obscure visual imagery from above (satellites) and the planes are taken over-the-road, into Ukraine.

The six-seconds of video, below, shows NATO being caught in the act:

Looks like Ukrainian MiG-29s are being transported in different parts across roads. Would be interesting if this is how "donated" MiG-29s from NATO countries are being transported into Ukraine to not lure Russian airstrikes.

There are Unconfirmed reports coming out of Russia today that the Russian Federation is preparing to Formally Declare War on Ukraine in response to the sinking of the Russian Black Sea’s Flag-Ship “Moskva.” (Story HERE) This would allow the Russian Government to begin Mass Conscription as well as Economic War Actions.

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