VIDEO: Nurse Kristi Simmonds - Agonizing Pain, Neurological Issues, Spasms from COVID Vaccine

VIDEO: Nurse Kristi Simmonds - Agonizing Pain, Neurological Issues, Spasms from COVID Vaccine

Nurse Kristi Simmonds received the COVID-19 vaccine on January 19.   Within minutes, the frontline nurse of 17 years, collapsed and had to receive emergency treatment.


+1 # This is a very concerning report but gives "the lay of the land"Man of the Atom 2021-02-22 03:25

Maybe not all who take these messenger RNA vaccines (Pfizer, Moderna) will come to grief, not yet anyway, but what % of them will? This is an urgent question that must be answered.
-6 # Kristi SimmondsBruce058 2021-02-21 16:49
I dont feel sorry for anyone Dumb enough to take this vaccine voluntarily.
+8 # Oh GodtrustintheLord 2021-02-21 15:57
Dear God, please help this woman.
+3 # RE: VIDEO: Nurse Kristi Simmonds - Agonizing Pain, Neurological Issues, Spasms from COVID Vaccinebperkins68 2021-02-21 15:50
Even when I tell people that this vaccine is not even approved by the FDA, they still chose to rush out and get it. I urge nurses to say NO to the vaccine and wait for the "storm" to pass. Take a year off from your nursing career, let them lay your off or fire you, and start back up again elsewhere when this stuff has blown over.
+3 # MSM Flamed the Mass Hysteria and FearFaith11 2021-02-21 13:52
People really are so brainwashed by MSM that have fanned the flames of mass hysteria and fear for a fake pandemic. Many people only point of reference, is what the tv tells them. My nephew was so obsessed with getting his shot that he and his friend drove five hours away to get it, and then joked about hoping they don't become "sterile" so he knows the dangerous , but took it anyway. Many people are too far gone into the matrix to even comprehend valid information that someone may provide that is outside their belief system.
+3 # Doesn't make senceDoug Brown 2021-02-21 10:34
The push for universal DNA alteration does not make sense.
The talking heads are not idiots.
The warnings are not being hidden.
Dr. Lee Merritt and Dr. Sherri Tenpenny. And many others with top credentials
are surely heard
Something extremely sinister is going on.
A stolen election. What?
A HAARP manufactured Storm in Texas
A manufactured pandemic?
And Biden announcing we must wear masks forever, who himself is being black mailed by the CCP, why? The billions recieved and the photos of Hunter abuse of small Chinese girls.
And we exchanged the best President this country has ever had for a lunatic monster and the media drools.
Now. Former CIA Brennan seriously wants to round up all Trump supporters.
Couple this with the rise of fascism
Democratic erratic fascism
Coupled with death dealing VAXX
and what do you have?
+2 # Tennessee nursephylliskatrina 2021-02-21 09:55
Please research to see if that nurse who fainted on national tv is still alive. Rumor has it that her facebook page is silent and that no one has seen her. Would be an interesting article if they covered up her death!
+1 # Tennessee Nurse..mbellm 2021-02-21 16:21
She has died. She did NOT survive.
# RE: Tennessee Nurse..Snowqueen 2021-02-21 21:30
Quoting mbellm:
She has died. She did NOT survive.

Can you give us any documentation that she died?
+5 # RE nurse Kristichip 2021-02-21 08:43
So sorry that lady took the shot
Trying to tell people about the
dangers of it is like banging
your head against a wall. It
seems hopeless. I've been told
" You can't believe everything
you hear or read" or " better
safe than sorry" or " I don't
want to take any chances" .
Why don't they apply all
these cliches to not taking
a shot. You would think 70
and 80 year old people would
have more wisdom.
I often wondered how the
German people were so
brainwashed by the Nazis.
I know now how by looking
at the majority of Americans.
+1 # RE: RE nurse KristiAngelaM 2021-02-21 13:48
sheeple are bragging about taking it. even showing their vaccine passports and negative tests o line. the ones who dont have side wffects probably got the placebo as these caccines are still in trial phase. but why play russian roulette?
+1 # They are treating us like a weedacturner067 2021-02-20 22:50
FDA HIDES DOCUMENTS ABOUT WEED KILLER IN VACCINES plus Texas snow that does not melt and throws sparks in microwave oven. I pray this woman and many like her can get help but the word is that it will not be easy.
+6 # RE: VIDEO: Nurse Kristi Simmonds - Agonizing Pain, Neurological Issues, Spasms from COVID VaccineThe Deplorable Renegade 2021-02-20 22:46
Anyone who comes toward me with a needle will get lead poisoning. This alleged vaccine beats anything I have ever seen in my whole life.
+1 # RE: VIDEO: Nurse Kristi Simmonds - Agonizing Pain, Neurological Issues, Spasms from COVID VaccineRealityCheck101 2021-02-20 21:34


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