VIDEO: Prisoners of War MACHINE-GUNNED to Death by Muslim Azerbaijan

VIDEO: Prisoners of War MACHINE-GUNNED to Death by Muslim Azerbaijan

About a week ago, the Hal Turner Radio Show audience heard the horrifying report that in the ongoing Armenia-Azerbaijan war, neither side had Prisoners of War (POW's); they're killing everyone.  Now, we have video proof.

Below are two Christian Armenian soldiers taken captive by Muslim Azerbaijan.  The unarmed, helpless, men are MACHINE-GUNNED to death on video.

This is the level of ferociousness taking place.  It is NOT being reported by the legacy mass-media because it does NOT fit their "narrative" of "Peaceful Islam."

What is taking place in the Armenia-Azerbaijan conflict is nothing less than a resumption of the ages-old attacks by Muslims against Christians.  The same brutality that caused the Crusades, 1000 years ago.

It is acts like this that are making a large number of people around the world think to themselves "It is time to resume the Crusades and wipe-out this cancer called Islam."





The mass-media is NOT showing this.  We are, because it is essential that the world know what's REALLY going on.

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Azerbaijan Muslim Soldiers are now DECAPITATING Armenia soldeirs.


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